RT-A850 WyldSide Argentina Style Grill

RT-A850 WyldSide Argentina Style Grill

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REC TEC has entered the realm of direct flame grilling with our Argentina Style Grill, the WyldSide!

The WyldSide has a 304 stainless steel cooking chamber, providing you with the high quality that you’ve come to know and love from REC TEC. Some features include a warmer box (so you can keep your food warm while waiting to eat) and a variable speed blower fan to adjust the strength of your fire. The REC TEC WyldSide comes with free shipping and a 6-year warranty.

Join the REC TEC family and unleash your WyldSide!



  • 304 stainless steel cooking chamber • Made with high quality materials
  • High temperature powder coated steel body • Durable and built to last
  • 304 stainless steel lid • Protect your grill chamber from the elements when not in use
  • Powder coated side shelf • Holds a large platter or dish • Protects critical components
  • Stainless steel REC TEC Grills logo • Proof that REC TEC Grills takes pride in even the smallest details 
  • Rollerblade style rubber wheels with 2 locking casters • Easily supports the weight of the grill and makes transporting easier
  • 7 snag-free tool hooks • Keep your tools within arm’s reach
  • 5 accessory holes • Provides storage for spit rod
  • Food warmer with adjustable stainless steel grate • Keeps food warm
  • Warmer door with pull bar handle • Opens and closes with ease
  • Warmer dial thermometer • Know your warmer temperature
  • Dual pull bar handles • Move your grill with ease
  • Large bottom shelf • Ample storage space for non-combustible items
  • Dual 20 amp 220/125 VAC outlets • Provides power for additional accessories and cooking tools
  • High temperature powder coated steel WyldSide Lift frame • Raise and lower your grates and spit
  • 15 3/4" powder coated locking crank wheel with wooden handles • Manually control the temperature of your cook
  • 304 stainless steel spit accessory brackets • Mount several accessories at once
  • Electronic rotisserie motor with 304 stainless steel spit rod • Cooks delicious food every time
  • Cooking grates made of 1/4" 304 stainless steel rods • Long lasting • Won't rust • Lasts the life of your grill
  • Steel heat plate • No need for fire bricks
  • 3 counter balance weights Stabilizes rotisserie while in use
  • 4 spit rod forks • Locks food in place while cooking
  • Variable Speed Draft System • Control the intensity of your burn with automatic airflow



  • Heavy duty welded construction • Won’t crack, break, or fall apart
  • Modular construction • Allows for individual component replacement



Power Source

  • 110 Volt AC GFCI outlet • NEC compliant safety standard 


Fuel Source

  • Hardwood, wood chunks, charcoal, and more Easily change fuel source for desired flavor

Customer Care

  • Free shipping • Ships directly to your home - The Wyldside is a very heavy grill and will require a minimum of 2 people to move / assemble once delivered
  • 6 Year Warranty • Industry leading
  • REC TEC Grills' top notch customer service • Unmatched individualized customer satisfaction
  • If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC grill, just return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.  We are confident that you will love your new REC TEC grill.

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10 Reviews

  • Wyldside grill

    Posted by Brandon on 4th Oct 2019

    This grill is Awesome!!! I’ve never had so much fun cooking on anything else. We actually invite people to come and eat just so I have a reason to fire it up! And talk about a show piece, people can’t stay away for it when it’s going!!

  • Wlydeside

    Posted by Jeff (Alamo) Romero on 17th Sep 2019

    Love this Rec Tec grill it's very easy to use with your favorite charcoal and I love the warmer underneath making it a great grill at a great price

  • Second purchase

    Posted by Tom on 24th Jul 2019

    Another awesome machine from RecTec. Lives next to my bull and they are a killer team!

  • Wyldside

    Posted by Rickbobby on 6th Jul 2019

    One word would be "Wow"!!
    Got a chance to cook on one of these at Memphis In May BBQ cooking World Championships. Let me tell you I am the pit master for the 3 Taxi Guys World Championship BBQ Competition Team and during this years event 2019 we had a chance to cook a 120 day dry aged whole ribeye on one of these wyldsides. It was out of this world good. Most definitely the best bite of ribeye steak I have ever had and I have had alot! Perhaps you have seen the video from Memphis with our friends from Boats Night Out. Way to go Rec Tec one of my favorite smoker and grill companys. Buy one today you won't be disapointed!


    Posted by JMitch on 3rd Jun 2019

    I have been a Rec Tec family member from day one and absolutely love everything they sell. I recently purchased the Wyldside and it is beyond amazing. I have cooked several whole chickens,12 steaks,baked pots,tomatoes,corn,and even fried shrimp. This is really one of the most versatile grills I have ever owned and very fun to cook on. Keep up the great work Rec Tec crew.

  • Love this Grill

    Posted by Norbert on 30th May 2019

    So I have been looking for this style BBQ for a long time and could not decide on the correct fit for me. I bought this with some doubts but after using it a few times love it. The item is build well and strong and you can see the care they have taken in constructing it. The wheels are nice and strong enough to roll this thing with no issues. The warming drawer is a great feature but you have to watch as it does get hotter than I expected and did burn some of my buns. The inner chamber is lined well with a heavy steel sheet and able to handle a large fire with no problems. It would be nice to have a way to clear the ashes easier than having to scoop them out. The fan box is built right with it providing air all the way around my wood and getting a hot flame was super easy. Did have to use an extension cord as the one provided could be a bit longer in my yard as I keep this away from everything but the outlets are attached to the house. The grates are nice easy to remove and clean. The mechanism for lifting works well but could be made to be a little tighter as the basket has swing in it and when lowering had to be guided to go down. The wheel is nice as well with a good working break mechanism. I am not sure if there is a way to reverse the way you lift and lower the basket as would be easier for a right handed person to turn clockwise for up and counter clockwise for down (but this could be just me) but this is the only way to be able to turn it and activate the break. A second shelf would also be nice on the right side instead of just a handle. A cover would also be a great option to have as you can put the cover over the bottom but cannot get the grates down to cover them and they are always exposed.
    Overall I like the grill and would recommend it to others. These guys are passionate about what they create and you can see that.

  • Awesome Grill

    Posted by Mike Wheeler on 14th May 2019

    This grill cooks excellent food and is a lot of fun to operate. It allows you to spend time cooking over an open fire. For the true love of cooking!

  • WOW!!!

    Posted by Ro on 13th May 2019

    Outstanding product!!! So happy with purchase. Very well made, only thing needed is a custom cover.

  • What a grill!!

    Posted by Rodel on 30th Apr 2019

    Just got the grill last week, first cook went amazing. Still have to work on keeping flame live. This grill is well built and well worth the price. Only thing it needs is availability of a cover. Thank you Rec Tec!!

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