Wide Stance Leg Kit RT-700 & RT-680

Wide Stance Leg Kit RT-700 & RT-680

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We're making the best EVEN BETTER!

Keep your RT-700 looking badder than ever with the Wide Stance Leg Kit. This update gives your grill a whole new look with four angled legs, ready to charge.

Kit includes:

  • 4 wide stance angled legs
  • bottom shelf
  • 2 brackets
  • 2 rollerblade-style wheels
  • 2 caster wheels
  • Backup hardware

*Retrofittable for RT-700 and RT-680*

4 Reviews

  • Wide stance legs

    Posted by Bruce A Bataska on 12th Oct 2019

    Moving the grill it flipped over on my driveway because the small wheel base. Ordered upgraded wide base legs and the grill is 100% stable while moving! Much better design!!

  • Wide-Stance Leg Kit

    Posted by Michael on 11th Oct 2019

    This is the best improvement to be made to the RT-680. The original legs didn't provide adequate stability and the grill was easy to tip over. With these new legs manufactured at angles, the grill is very stable and it is almost impossible to tip over unless you are really trying to tip if over. Thanks to the RecTec team for coming up with these new legs and improving on an already awesome smoker.

  • Wide Stance Leg Kit

    Posted by Jack Opiola on 11th Oct 2019

    Great addition to any RT-700 grill. Wide stance provides a greater level of stability and the new wheels are a great improvement over the older wheels on the straight leg kit. The wide shelf also now provides that extra space I needed for my plastic holding box of extras where previously, it was tight and knuckle scraping to get at and remove. The design fits with the grill cover so no issues there. I don't move my grill often, but the wide legs helped stabilized it on my existing patio extension.

  • Legs

    Posted by Ron O'Donley on 3rd Oct 2019

    The new legs really beef up my 680….it moves around easily and not worried it will tip over.

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