Wi-Pellet WiFi Controller with Dual Meat Probes

Wi-Pellet WiFi Controller with Dual Meat Probes

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We are excited to release the NEW Smart Grill Technology™ Controller with Wi-Pellet WiFi connectivity. Now, you can get EVEN MORE out of your REC TEC grill. Control your temperature settings and track your cook from your phone using our REC TEC GRILLS app*. 

  • Smart Grill Technology™ Controller • Proprietary PID algorithm maintains temperature precisely
  • Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology • Control and monitor your grill remotely from your wireless device
  • Automatic lighting feature • No messy charcoal or unsafe fire starters 
  • Automatic shutdown feature • Enter cool down mode with the push of a button
  • 200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments • Bake, smoke, sear, grill, broil, roast, and even dehydrate
  • LO setting • Xtreme smoke operates under 200ºF achieving maximum smoke output
  • FULL setting • Allows you to achieve temperatures above 500ºF
  • Dual meat probes included (Probe A, Probe B) • Monitor 2 cooks simultaneously • Long cord length
  • Compatible with models: RT-680 / RT-300 as an upgrade, and RT-700, RT-590, RT-340 as standard 

* Search your app provider for our REC TEC GRILLS app: 


*not compatible with all devices

**this device was designed and tested for use with REC TEC grills (models listed above). Installation and use of this device on any other models or brands is done so at your own risk and comes with no warranty, express or implied. 


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299 Reviews

  • WiFi controller

    Posted by Casey on 14th Aug 2019

    Installed on my Pellet grill not only can I change the temp, turn on and off my grill but also monitor the meats temp from anywhere. Best thing ever!!


    Posted by charles H. Rowland III on 14th Aug 2019


  • WiFi Control

    Posted by Greg Rodriguez on 13th Aug 2019

    Fantastic addition to my Gen 1 680. My original board fried up and this was a straightforward, easy replacement.

  • Love the new upgrade

    Posted by Jake Stewart on 12th Aug 2019

    Being able to turn on the grill from football practice makes cooking dinner more doable when you have a tight window. This works flawlessly.

  • Wi-Pellet WiFi Controller

    Posted by Dave Williams on 9th Aug 2019

    I replaced the stock controller on my Louisiana Grill 860 built in. Phenomenal!!!! obviously it's W-Fi and everything can be controlled through the app. instead of running out to turn on the grill to get it up to temp, just sit back, tun it on and set the temp and know when it's ready. Then it has 2 meat probes!! I Had been suing a seperate controller for my meat probes, but those probes were too big to be routed through the probe hole, but these probes fit right through the hole and when I'm not using them can put them away. and of course the meat temp is monitored through the app and graphed so you not only can monitor all temps, but estimate when to turn the meat over. Don't even think twice, upgrade and dump that archaic stock controller that comes with your LG pellet grill.

  • Awesome grill tech

    Posted by Michael Caro on 9th Aug 2019

    I can now grill from my livingroom. I use less pellets and my grill temperature swings are gone. Customer service was great for when i needed help setting it up. Let my coworkers seeking to buy a smoker to definitely look into the Rec Tec grill series.

  • Much needed upgrade

    Posted by Chris on 30th Jul 2019

    Upgraded my RT680 with this controller super easy and after a little fine tuning worked great. Staying home all day for a long cook is sometimes not an option, with this controller able to adjust temp and monitor meat temps from anywhere is simply awesome! Great product from great people that care about their customers keep it up RECTEC!


    Posted by Mike Hopkins on 26th Jul 2019

    Had my RT680 for 3 years now, been using the BBQGuru control for temp tracking during long tracks for over 6 years. Once I saw the wireless controller for the RT I wanted to get one. I no longer need the the guru, now I have all the functionality I need in the RecTec. It's easy to use and lets me monitor long cooks on the RT App.. which is great! Simple but very useful interface. The wireless controller is great, again does everything I need it to.. and I swear it brings the grill up to temp faster than the original controller...could just be my imagination =)

  • WiFi controller replacement.

    Posted by Greg Snider on 26th Jul 2019

    Excellent customer service to identify the problem and quickly get a replacement to me. The instructions were great and I was back in business.

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