Ultimate Blend Pellets

Ultimate Blend Pellets

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REC TEC Ultimate Blend (Mild Flavor)

A blend of red oak, white oak and a touch of hickory makes REC TEC Ultimate Blend a perfect combination of heat and flavor. Oak is a very popular smoking wood which produces a very recognizable mild smoke. These pellets create a beautiful mahogany color when used for low and slow cooking and have plenty of heat for grilling. Our Ultimate Blend is an excellent choice for smoking ribs, chicken, turkey and fish or grilling burgers, steaks and hotdogs.

  • Convenient 40lb. bags
  • 100% hardwood 
  • No additives or binders
  • High BTU (8500 average)
  • Low ash production (less than 1%)

112 Reviews

  • Ultimate blend pellets

    Posted by Rex Perkins on 10th Oct 2019

    High quality pellets low ash, after using 40lb already and didn't really know what to expect when i went to clean i was surprised to find very little ash probably less then a half a cup , with that said this is my first pellet smoker and wasn't really sure what I'd find under the drip pan. Great smell and flavor with this brand.

  • REC TEC ultimate blend pellets

    Posted by Big john on 3rd Oct 2019

    I’m used to using the perfect mix from cooking pellets but from now on I’m sticking with REC TEC’s they are just as good and wouldn’t know the difference! Thanks for such a great product

  • Trailblazer RT-340

    Posted by John W Santoro on 24th Sep 2019

    Exceptional construction Temperature is always right on! Pellets are clean of dust and nice mild aroma

  • Awesome Pellets

    Posted by daniel kane on 18th Sep 2019

    Great flavor and far less ash from other brands I've tried.

  • Tim Franklin

    Posted by Tim Franklin on 17th Sep 2019

    Well we know the pellets are the BEST on the market! But I wanted to comment on how impressed I was that all 50 bags were in great shape! No damage in shipping at all. I was expecting a skid of 50 bags would show some wear or possible torn bags.

  • Great Flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Sep 2019

    Gives a great smoke flavor to whatever your throw at it.

  • ultimate pellets

    Posted by Randy Serwe on 13th Sep 2019

    great product gives good flavor

  • Bulk pellets

    Posted by Rick Seal on 11th Sep 2019

    Like the flavor and the smoke.
    Great way to buy them is in bulk.

  • Best all around pellets!

    Posted by Jack Opiola on 3rd Sep 2019

    I have used these ultimate blend pellets - white oak, red oak and hickory pellets in my REC TEC 700 since I purchased it. It is a very good all-around pellet blend for a great taste and wonderful smoked flavor. Good value and you can't go wrong with this Ultimate blend.

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