RT-700 Bull Smokebox

RT-700 Bull Smokebox

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REC TEC Grills Smokebox for RT-700 (Bull) & RT-680

The REC TEC Smokebox gives you the ability to smoke fish, cheese, jerky, sauces, spices, or even condiments.  With three stainless grates inside the chamber, space is never an issue.  You can even use the Smokebox as a warming area at the end of your cook to keep the smoke rolling until it is time to eat.  The stainless drip pan in the bottom of the Smokebox flows into your existing drip bucket, making clean-up simple and easy.  It attaches to your REC TEC BULL (RT-700) or RT-680 using the existing holes ensuring a care-free installation.


  • 17.5"D x 16"W x 17.5"H
  • Three stainless steel grates (16" x 13")
  • Powder coated for long-lasting durability
  • Two door mounted thermometers
  • Simple bolt on design

103 Reviews

  • The best addition you will buy

    Posted by Neil Kempf on 14th Dec 2018

    I have had my Rec Tec smoker for several years, and finally bit the bullet and ordered the smokebox. It is the best purchase I made this year. I purchased it to cold smoke fish for smoked fish dip, it is phenomenal. In SW FL we have a mix of offshore fish varieties, and they all are perfect out of the smokebox. Smoked Ahi Tuna bites are the rage currently, smoked grouper with smoked jalapeno cream cheese bagels make a great brunch. Buy this for your Bull, you will never be disappointed.

  • Smoke Box

    Posted by Joe Bartow on 24th Nov 2018

    Another great addition to the RT-700 grill! It does look unusual considering that all you see is typical pellet grills, but having the flexibility to do some cooler smokes makes it a nice feature. It would be even cooler if it could easily be taken on and off and connected with a duct for even cooler smoke, but we'll see how it does in the cool Wyoming winters for smoking cheeses and such.

  • Cold Smoke

    Posted by Alfredo Armendariz on 9th Nov 2018

    I can’t say enough about this addition to my 680, I make chipotle using red jalapeño peppers from my garden and I’m very impressed with the results.

  • Smoke box

    Posted by jon miller on 17th Oct 2018

    Wish I bought when got bundle. Very sturdy. Great addition

  • Cold smoker box on RT700

    Posted by John W in Oregon on 8th Oct 2018

    I like it! Works good. I use it without turning on the main pellet grill with the Amazin pellet smoker in the main grill body for smoking cheese and bacon and steaks before reverse searing. Lots of smoke, no heat.
    With the main grill going, I can use it to cook or keep items warm. It’s a work in progress but so far, so good. I’m sure I’ll find lots of good applications as time goes on.
    I cure my own green hams and bacon. Not sure it’s large enough for a ham, but I might be able to do the bacon. Time will tell.
    Next time I cook brisket or pulled pork we’re going to try cooking biscuits and/or dinner rolls in the box with potatoes au gratin or mac-n-cheese etc. on the top shelf.
    We cook our meat at higher temperatures following the “Myron Mixon” methodology so we get higher temps in the smoker box.

    For fruit pies or cobbler and pizza we use the main grill body primarily however, I’ve noticed that smoker box gets hot enough to cook pizza on the top shelf when cooking at 300 degrees + in the main pellet grill. Haven’t needed to do that yet but it’s an option if the need arises.
    Cooking an entire meal simultaneously on one apparatus takes a mental adjustment. I used to cook the meat, the wife cooked the other items. By coordinating together, we can do it all on the RT700 with the smoker box. We avoid using the kitchen oven in the summertime for obvious reasons. This opens up a whole new realm of cooking opportunities in the summer usually reserved for the winter holidays.
    Thanks RecTec! Very happy with our RT700 and smoker box.

  • Great smoker box

    Posted by Greg on 7th Oct 2018

    The smoker box works great. It has different levels for the weekend reacts which is nice and 2 temp gauges so you can use the different levels for hotter or colder smokes. Adds great flavor to any meat.

  • RT 700 Smoker

    Posted by Kevin on 3rd Oct 2018

    I bought this grill about a month ago with the folding table, smoker and custom fit cover. I have put about 40 hours of cooking on it so far. It seems to be holding up good. I have loaded it up and took it dove hunting to cook, ribs, chicken, dove, gizzards, alligator, jalapeno poppers, chicken, steaks and sweetbread. It performed very well. The only complaint is it is showing a few rust spots. Well worth the money. Set it and forget it. The smoker performed very well. I have used it to make the poppers and alligator jerky. The main reason I purchased this was to keep food warm once it was done and while waiting for items on the pit to get done.

  • 700 cold smoke box

    Posted by Kenneth Shepard on 1st Oct 2018

    Haven't used it yet

  • Smoke Box

    Posted by Joshua Martin on 1st Oct 2018

    Best addition. Actually has helped the overall smoke of The Bull. Done jerky, both beef and fish. Next some soft cheese....it also does great for long cooking baked potatoes and holding the beans and sauces. Dont wait. Add it now.

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