RT-340 Pellet Grill

RT-340 Pellet Grill

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Whether at home or on the go, a delicious wood-fired meal is a push of a button away with the REC TEC RT-340. It features REC TEC’s Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology and two built-in meat probes that plug directly into your RT-340 for precise monitoring of each cook. 

The RT-340 has lockable folding legs and rollerblade style wheels which makes it perfect for everyday backyard use, or to take on your next road trip.

REC TEC has earned a reputation for build quality and precision engineering. This product lives up to those standards and then some, with the introduction of an all stainless cooking chamber.

No matter where your travels may take you, smoke, bake, roast, or sear from any location… Your choices are limitless with the REC TEC RT-340.





 Platinum Package includes:

RT-340 ($599) | 200 lb Ultimate Blend Pellets ($198) | Premium Custom Fit Grill Cover ($54.98) | Sear Kit ($49.98) |  Small Interior Shelf ($39.98)   | All-Weather Smoke Vents (2)($17.98) 

| Small Grill Pad ($44.98) | Rub & Sauce Bundle ($89.98) | Mesh Cooking Mats (3)($44.97)  | Nitrile Gloves (2)($44.97) 

MSRP ($1160.81) | PRICE ($999) | SAVINGS ($161.81) 


 * Accessories cannot be substituted in bundles.



 Gold Package includes:

RT-340 ($599) | 200 lb Ultimate Blend Pellets ($198) | Premium Custom Fit Grill Cover ($54.98) | Sear Kit ($49.98) |  Small Interior Shelf ($39.98)  | Rub & Sauce Bundle ($89.98)

MSRP ($1032.92) | PRICE ($899.00) | SAVINGS ($133.92) 


 * Accessories cannot be substituted in bundles.



 Silver Package includes:

RT-340 ($599) | 200 lb Ultimate Blend Pellets ($198) | Premium Custom Fit Grill Cover ($54.98) | Sear Kit ($49.98)

MSRP ($902.96) | PRICE ($799.00) | SAVINGS ($103.96) 


 * Accessories cannot be substituted in bundles.



 Bronze Package includes:

RT-340 ($599) | 80 lb Ultimate Blend Pellets ($99) | Premium Custom Fit Grill Cover ($54.98)

MSRP ($752.98) | PRICE ($699.00) | SAVINGS ($53.98) 


 * Accessories cannot be substituted in bundles.




Temperature Controls

  • Smart Grill Technology™ Controller • Proprietary PID algorithm maintains temperature precisely
  • Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology • Control and monitor your grill remotely from your wireless device
  • Automatic lighting feature • No messy charcoal or unsafe fire starters 
  • Automatic shutdown feature • Enter cool down mode with the push of a button
  • 200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments • Bake, smoke, sear, grill, broil, roast, and even dehydrate
  • Dual meat probes (Probe A, Probe B) • Monitor 2 cooks simultaneously
  • LO setting • Xtreme smoke operates under 200ºF achieving maximum smoke output
  • FULL setting • Allows you to achieve temperatures above 500ºF 


  • Stainless steel cooking chamber • Incredibly durable interior 
  • Iconic micro polished 304 stainless steel bull horn handles • Feel the trademark REC TEC quality
  • Locking stainless steel hopper lid • Holds a large platter or dish • Keeps pellets dry and from spilling
  • Stainless steel hopper lid piano hinge • Worry free operation for the lifetime of your grill
  • Stainless steel REC TEC Grills logo • Proof REC TEC Grills takes pride in even the smallest detail
  • Stainless steel fail-proof lid stops • Won't buckle, bend, or break
  • Stainless steel spill proof bucket hook • Keep grease bucket from getting knocked off
  • 3 reliable stainless steel handles • Conveniently transport while collapsed
  • High temperature powder coated lid • Heavy duty Cleans easily to maintain a vibrant, new appearance
  • Insulated Lid • Helps maintain heat, using less fuel
  • 2 smoke vent holes • Allows heat to escape evenly across cooking chamber
  • Rollerblade style wheels • Easily move your grill in place
  • Folding and locking legs • Easily store and transport
  • Stainless steel bottom shelf • Increases stability  
  • 20 pound hopper capacity • Up to 20+ hours of continuous cooking
  • Weighs 80 lbs • Perfect for tailgating



  • 340 sq. in. cooking area • Tall enough for turkeys or large roasts • Fits 3 racks of ribs
  • 511 sq. in. cooking area with optional second shelf • Cook more food
  • 304 stainless steel cooking grates • Lasts the lifetime of your grill Easy to remove and clean 
  • 304 stainless steel fire pot • Indestructible Won't fail
  • 304 stainless steel heat deflector • Evenly distributes heat throughout cooking chamber
  • 304 stainless steel drip pan  • Funnels grease out of chamber into bucket for easy cleanup
  • HotFlash Ceramic Ignition System • State of the art •  Longest lasting ignition system on the market

Construction Features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel hardware • Won't rust, corrode, or fail
  • High temperature RTV caulk • Keeps moisture out of grilling chamber
  • Probe port hole • No pinching probe wires in your lid
  • Rubber grommets at all wire through holes • Prevents wire chafing
  • Integrated heat vents • Protects electronics from heat
  • Easy assembly • Simply attach lid and you're ready to cook
  • Modular construction • Allows for individual component replacement
  • Component access panel • Easily access components

Power Source

  • 110 Volt AC GFCI outlet • NEC compliant safety standard

Fuel Source

  • 100% natural hardwood pellets • Gives great flavor, burns cleanly, and produces little ash

Customer Service

  • Ships directly to your home • FREE shipping
  • 2 Year Warranty • Covers all components
  • Click here for product manual
  • If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC grill, just return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.  We are confident that you will love your new REC TEC grill.



* Achieving minimum and maximum temperatures can be limited by pellet selection and weather conditions.

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422 Reviews

  • Best grill ever

    Posted by Ron Howard on 18th Sep 2019

    Works perfect

  • By far the BEST grill money can buy

    Posted by Alex Trujillo on 17th Sep 2019

    I highly recommend this grill. The ease of use is incredible. I literally place my food in the grill set the temperature and forget about it. I literally cook from anywhere. I cooked steaks for my family while I was in West Virginia and they are in Florida using the RECTEC app. I'm very very happy with my RECTEC grill!

  • RT-340

    Posted by mark banfield on 13th Sep 2019

    Have used this for about a month and had no issues. Love the grill and the WiFi capability to set it and forget it. Can control it from anywhere. Smoked chicken legs, chicken wings, venison, ribeye steak everything has come out awesome.

  • Best all around travel smoker

    Posted by Robert Heckman on 13th Sep 2019

    The 340 is the. Eat, high quality and portable smoker out there. I’ve tried others, compared to my friends and this beats them all hands down. The 20# hopper, sturdy build and ease of transportation makes this the perfect tailgater and for our Travel trailer. It feeds our family of 4 without any problems. Bought the interior grill and cooled 3 racks of baby backs and sausages at the same time. THIS THING ROCKS!!!

  • Where have you been all my life?

    Posted by Jim on 12th Sep 2019

    A co-worker of mine has raved about REC TEC grills for years. I have a gas smoker and figured it wasn't worth replacing. When my traditional gas BBQ was ready to be replaced, I checked out REC TEC, did a comparison to other smokers, figured it would do fine as a BBQ at a minimum, so I decided to buy. OMG it's the best purchase I have made in years. With my old gas smoker I had to keep checking temp and water level every 20 or 30 minutes. The Trailblazer is beyond next level in comparison. It makes cooking so easy. Literally hands-off for the entire cook unless a recipe calls for it! Pork Butt, Beef brisket, Ribs - just set it and forget it. My gas smoker will never be used again.

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    Posted by RickyTut on 12th Sep 2019

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  • Best Grill Ever!

    Posted by Carl Nelson on 12th Sep 2019

    This is the easiest to use, but best quality grill I've ever had. Wi Fi compatible out of the box. 2 meat probes built in. Holds 2 full racks of ribs. Awesome!

  • The best

    Posted by Caleb Walter on 11th Sep 2019

    Did research for months on different grills before settling on Rec Tec and the choice is obvious. Rec Tec makes the best grills money can buy.

  • RT 340

    Posted by Dave on 11th Sep 2019

    I have an RT 700 at home I love it. Wanted to be able to have the same type of cooking at my campground. So I bought the RT 340 and am loving it. Was able to reach a high temperature of 655 in no time at all. Wife never wanted the first REC TEC but fell in love with the food and authorized the purchase of the RT 340 for the camper. It’s heavy, but portable,

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