Large Interior Shelf

Large Interior Shelf

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Large Interior Shelf for RT-700 and RT-680

Increase your internal cooking area by 352 sq in.  Simply place the shelf on top of your grates with no attachments or hardware required.  This item is compatible with: RT-700 and RT-680.

  • Heavy duty brushed stainless steel interior shelf 
  • Expanded metal grate allows air to pass through while maintaining sturdy and rigid surface
  • Foldable legs allow flat storage
  • Measures 32"L x 11"W with 4" height clearance. 


243 Reviews

  • Bull Lge Interior Shelf

    Posted by Sammy OG on 9th Aug 2019

    I haven't had to use this so much but it is worth having. The main grill of the RT-700 Bull has enough space to cook 20-30lbs of meat but the interior shelf can cook other things like vegetables without dripping on to the meat below. I would suggest to get just so you have the option of smoking corn, peppers or even more meat like sausage, etc! The convenience of being able to increase the square inch space of the grill is always handy and there will be a time when you need it.

  • Awesome!

    Posted by Gary McConnell on 4th Aug 2019

    These interior shelves are very high quality. The shelves are stainless, the corners are fully welded, ground smooth and polished. They’re as heavy duty as their grills.

  • Great Addition

    Posted by Phillip Stassen on 30th Jul 2019

    All Stainless Steel, Fit's perfect, with this on my Bull it holds 14 chicken quarters above 5 large rack of ribs.
    3/2/1 is the way to go! And thanks for making great videos!

  • Tremendously adds to cooking area

    Posted by REO on 29th Jul 2019

    Very helpful on larger cooks

  • Large interior shelf

    Posted by Andy on 24th Jul 2019

    Really gives you more surface area and is stainless. I like the folding sides for easy storage while not in use. Note that it does make it harder to put tall things in and because of the barrel shape of the grill it works best in the middle. I would keep an eye on anything on top as I believe it cooks faster than on the regular surface

  • Ultimate blend pellets are the best

    Posted by Jimel Carrpenter on 24th Jul 2019

    Smooth even smoke flavor they is not too bitter. They love cooking at 225 and seem to last a good long time. My go to pellets Great Value

  • Large interior shelf

    Posted by Anthony Christian on 19th Jul 2019

    Haven't used yet but seems to be well made

  • Shelf

    Posted by mark jenkins on 18th Jul 2019

    Good add on

  • Large Interior Shelf

    Posted by John D'Andrea on 15th Jul 2019

    Love the shelf it makes so easy to cook a lot more food for larger cooks

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