Pellet Hopper

When deciding on a pellet grill,
hopper size does matter.

Pellet Hopper

Since the pellet hopper stores the pellet fuel used by your pellet grill, it is imperative that you have a hopper that:

Holds enough pellets to complete long cooks without having to refill the pellet hopper; and Is properly engineered to feed all of the pellets into the auger system.

Pellet Hopper Comparison

REC TEC Grills

40 pound capacity

Properly engineered with enough slope to feed all pellets into the auger feed system.

The Competition

12-20 pound capacity

Many pellet hoppers have a flat bottom and will let the auger "run dry" long before the hopper is empty.


The REC TEC's 40 pound hopper combined with its economical burn rate*,   eliminates any concern that you will run out of pellets during a long cook.  Life is too short to have to worry about running out of fuel.  Additionally, many REC TEC customers use the giant hopper lid as warming tray to keep food warm while that cook.

* Burn rate: With an outside temperature of 75˚F and a set point of 275˚F a REC TEC Grill will burn about 1 pound of premium hardwood pellets per hour.

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