HOTFLASH Ceramic Ignition System

HOTFLASH Ceramic Ignition System

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This item is compatible with all REC TEC Pellet Grills, EXCEPT for the REC TEC Matador Portable Gas Cooker.

REC TEC grills purchased AFTER March 1, 2017 will come STANDARD with this ignition system. Grills purchased PRIOR to March 1, 2017 can benefit from this as an upgrade.

Our new HOTFLASH Ceramic Ignition System is a game changer. Continuously replacing old metal ignitor rods is a thing of the past as REC TEC’s HOTFLASH Ceramic Ignition System is rated up to 100,000 cycles. This ignitor is shrouded by a stainless sleeve and rises up to 1,800 for rapid pellet ignition. The fire pot design permits the ignitor to be suspended while allowing air to flow around it, keeping it cooler after shut down. Also, the ignitor is isolated from the burn pot; therefore it will not be subject to a constant fire while the grill is in use. 


  • Rated up to 100,000 cycles
  • Up to 1,800 to create a fire within minutes
  • 10 gauge stainless steel construction firepot
  • Indestructible design
  • Integrated ignitor shroud
  • Precision engineered 
  • Includes HOTFLASH Ceramic Ignitor Rod
  • Will Fit Most Traeger Models
  • Much more reliable than outdated steel ignitor cartridges 
  • Complete system ready to install

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116 Reviews

  • RecTec products and service - incredible

    Posted by Rob Bidleman on 17th Oct 2019

    I am very impressed with RecTec Grills products and services. I am continually astounded with the level of service every single employee has provided over the last 4 years. Owning a RecTec Grill has been a awesome experience and I would buy a new one today (if I had the $$).

  • Hot flash ceramic ignition system

    Posted by Indiana john on 30th Sep 2019

    Upgraded to this unit and it works as advertised.

  • New long lasting ignitor

    Posted by Dan on 30th Sep 2019

    Great replacement so you can avoid having to buy a new ignitor rod every year or two. This ignitor pot will last longer than I will. As easy to replace as the rod and super fast shipping, thanks Rec-Tec!

  • Replacement ignition system for Trager

    Posted by Kenneth Feucht on 30th Sep 2019

    I purchased this to replace my Traeger ignitor. The Traeger ignition system needed to be replaced yearly or more frequently, it was complex to replace, and I was fed up. This unit installed quickly and easily to the Traeger, fit perfectly, and worked perfectly. Will definitely get a RecTec grill when my Traeger needs to be replaced!

  • Ignition system

    Posted by Shena A on 16th Sep 2019

    Great customer service!
    I called to my local RecTec store, spoke with an associate and told him the problem I was having with my grill. He told me what it was, & bc my grill is still under warranty, he was able to get me one for free! My daddy replaced it and my grill is back running!!

  • Ceramic igniter and fire pot

    Posted by Richard Laney on 10th Sep 2019

    Installed on a older pellet grill, works great and I shouldn't have to replace it in my lifetime!

  • Awesome Upgrade

    Posted by Luke on 7th Sep 2019

    Perfect upgrade for my RT680. Super easy install and works excellent. Amazing customer service!!!

  • This Ignitor is Fire!

    Posted by Michael Caro on 21st Aug 2019

    I get a faster ignition and can reach the higher temps for searing. One of the best things to happen to my grill!

  • Ignition system

    Posted by Pete Miller on 20th Aug 2019

    I replaced the one that came with my 680 with this one. 4 years old. Easy to do. Working flawlessly

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