Front Folding Shelf RT-700 & RT-680

Front Folding Shelf RT-700 & RT-680

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Our heavy duty Folding Front Shelf fits both RT-700 & RT-680 models. This add-on is awesome for holding any dishes you take off, in addition to adding a sleek touch to the look of your grill.

  • Shelf will be shipped with a BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL FINISH*
  • Measures: 12" x 34"
  • Mounts using your leg bolts, making installation simple.

*Brushed stainless will show some amount of tooling and is used to hide scratches that occur during use.


434 Reviews


    Posted by Marv Johnson on 15th Aug 2019

    Love it! Looks great, perfect size, and does what it was designed to do...perfectly!

  • Shelf

    Posted by James on 14th Aug 2019

    Shelf is made well, and works very well.

  • Nice Shelf, Easy to Install

    Posted by Tim Moritz on 13th Aug 2019

    I have my Bull on a competition cart and roll it in/out of my garage when use it. Since I dont' have any other table or anything else where I typically set up my smoke, this shelf comes in extremely handy. It seems sturdy and was easy to install. It does collect fingerprints and grease from the grill quite easily, so I find myself wiping it down regularly. Additionally, it does cover up the bull ring on my bull, but I'd rather have the additional functionality than the cool looks.


    Posted by Ted Sugg on 12th Aug 2019

    A great addition to the Grill. I have had grill without the front shelf and you don't realize how much you use it until its not there. I also like that you can fold it down to get it out of the way when the grill is not being used.

  • Front folding shelf

    Posted by Bill Lanham on 9th Aug 2019

    Very well made, love the well incorporated mount system using existing leg bolts. Folds down to allow cover installation and minimum footprint on deck or porch. Perfect shelf for working onto or off the cooking surface!

  • front folding shelf

    Posted by Don Cornett on 7th Aug 2019

    The front shelf is sufficient for most things one would place on it BUT, It is a little small for a platter when I do larger items on the smoker. This is mostly because of the contour of the smoker itself. Another four inches and it would be a great shelf, but it works, it just makes me nervous that my meat tray might fall off if I am not careful. It also hides/covers the bull ring that is used for a towel. I like to keep a hand towel around for whatever use I might have. Plenty of other places for the towel. I would buy the shelf anyway, knowing what I have just said about it. It is handy.

  • Folding front shelf

    Posted by Tom on 5th Aug 2019

    Folding front shelf A must have for the Rt700

  • Shelf

    Posted by Sean on 3rd Aug 2019

    This shelf is amazing! Very sturdy and stable. I love the bully in bottle openers and that it's easy to clean.

  • Front folding shelf.

    Posted by Andrew Krenitz on 3rd Aug 2019

    Great product great company

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