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We often get asked, "Does the food really taste that much better?" Our answer every time is an emphatic, "Yes".

The simple truth is that the REC TEC will make everything you cook better. This is true whether you're cooking simple hotdogs and burgers, a rack of ribs or brisket, and everything in between. The food tastes better because of three main concepts:

  1. The REC TEC maintains the proper temperature throughout the cook, so meat isn't over or undercooked;
  2. A subtle smoke flavor complements your food without overpowering the natural flavors;
  3. The wood pellets contain the perfect amount of moisture providing humidity in the cooking chamber preventing your foods from drying out.

When faced with a skeptic, we always turn to the food everyone knows best, the hamburger. Countless people have taken their first bite of a REC TEC burger and called it the "best hamburger I've ever tasted!". If the REC TEC can do that for a simple burger, just imagine how good your chicken, ribs, pork or even wood-fired pizza will be! There really isn't any food the REC TEC doesn't make better.

Chicken Wing
Burnt Ends


The goal in outdoor cooking is great flavor. It shouldn't also come with an over-complicated process. We built a grill that cooks like a wood smoker, with the convenience of your kitchen oven. To cook, you simply turn on your REC TEC and select your cooking temperature. The REC TEC will preheat itself while you get your food ready for the grill.

Let's look at a Boston Butt as an example. Today's busy lifestyle just doesn't leave people time to spend 12 hours to properly slow cook a Butt to perfection. However, REC TEC owners commonly put these on their grill at 225˚F before they go to bed, sleep all night and enjoy perfectly cooked pulled pork for lunch the next day. Ribs are so easy that anyone in the family can make a rack of ribs that will be tender, juicy, and flavorful (12 year-old Ross filmed a video to prove it). Even brisket - commonly regarded as the most difficult piece of meat to cook - can be cooked with success by following a simple set of instructions. Being the BBQ master of your cul-de-sac will be so easy, that the guys will accuse you of cheating.


Whether you want to grill, smoke, sear, or bake, the REC TEC has you covered. You never need to light charcoal or endure flavorless food from a gas grill again. All of your grilling and searing can be done on your REC TEC, with the flavor that can only come from a real wood fire. The REC TEC will expand your backyard capabilities and allow you to smoke pork, beef, ribs, & chicken like a pit master. It's as simple as setting your temperature, checking your watch and waiting for the grill to finish cooking your barbecue to perfection.

This versatility means you'll be able to prepare all of your baked dishes in the REC TEC and add the perfect amount of smoke flavor to the food. Not only will it taste better, but you can bake during the heat of the summer without lighting your oven and heating up the kitchen. 

The added bonus is being able to prepare all of your baked dishes in the REC TEC and add smoke flavor to the food. Not only does it taste better, but it allows you to bake during the heat of the summer without lighting your oven and heating up the kitchen. You will wonder how you ever managed before you owned a REC TEC!

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