Dealer Information

We get a lot of inquiries about finding a dealer and becoming a dealer with REC TEC Grills.  The two main reasons we do not use dealers are so that we can maintain reasonable prices for high quality products, and that we can ensure that our customers experience world-class customer service before, during, and after the purchase of every REC TEC product.

Many dealers can and do provide world-class customer service before and during the sales process. This task becomes more difficult after the sale if something goes wrong. The reason many dealers fail after the sale is because they carry multiple brands. Having replacement parts in stock for every brand in a store is expensive, and it’s even more expensive to hire and retain people with the knowledge to solve potential problems related to multiple brands.  

At REC TEC Grills, we only have one brand of grill, so we stock every part at all times.  Additionally, every REC TEC employee owns a REC TEC grill and lives the BBQ life just like you! When you call us with a question, we will have the answer, and in the rare event that one of our professionals doesn’t have the answer, you can talk to one of the REC TEC founders and we will make it right!  This is our commitment to you as a member of the REC TEC family.


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