Bullseye RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill

Bullseye RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill

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Everyone loves the convenience of a gas grill and the flavor of a charcoal grill, but every time you grill you have to choose between flavor and convenience. The REC TEC Bullseye makes this choice a thing of the past.  You can now flip a switch and within minutes you are grilling over a real wood fire.

The REC TEC Bullseye has turned the grilling world upside down by giving you the best of both worlds.  The Bullseye burns real hard wood pellets which gives you that great wood-fired flavor, without the extensive work required on charcoal grills. Also, it is durable, incredibly reliable, and affordable for everyone. It is so easy to operate, you will become a pitmaster the instant your Bullseye arrives.

The Bullseye also offers the superior build, quality components, and top of the line features that REC TEC customers have grown accustomed to. We did this while remaining steadfast in our belief that our grills must offer flavor, convenience, and versatility.


Hit the mark every time!


Available Accessory Bundles

Pellet Bundle Add $59.95
    • Includes 80 lbs. Assorted Pellets + T-Shirt 
Select Bundle Add $104.95
    • Includes 80 lbs. Assorted Pellets + Custom Fit Grill Cover + T-Shirt  (YOU SAVE $4.00)
Choice Bundle Add $199.95
    • Includes 80 lbs. Assorted Pellets + Custom Fit Grill Cover + T-Shirt + Rub & Sauce Bundle + Bullpen Instant Read Thermometer (YOU SAVE $50.00)
Prime Bundle Add $374.95
    • Includes 200 lbs. Assorted Pellets + Custom Fit Grill Cover + T-Shirt + Searing Kit + Rub & Sauce Bundle + Bullpen Instant Read Thermometer + Small Pad (YOU SAVE $94.00)


 * Accessories cannot be substituted in bundles.

Temperature Controls

  • Simple intuitive knob controls fuel rate & temperature •  No babysitting charcoal
  • Dome thermometer • Easy to read 
  • Heats quickly (reaches 400°F in approximately 10 minutes) • Less wait time
  • 200°F - 550°F temperature range • Perfect for "low and slow" or "hot and fast"


  • 15 lb. hopper with fail-proof latch • Provides up to 15 hours of cooking at 200°F 
  • Durable baked-on porcelain enamel finish • No cracking, fading, chipping or peeling paint
  • Bottom shelf • Provides stability and storage
  • Rubber wheels • Rolls easily over any terrain
  • 22" diameter dome lid • First wood pellet grill to offer the ability to cook with lid open
  • Weighs 55 lbs. • Easy to transport and store


  • Durable porcelain enamel coated cooking chamber • Provides durable insulation
  • HotFlash Ceramic Ignition system ensures that your grill lights every time • State of the art technology that last longer than the competition
  • 380 sq. in. of cooking surface area  • Fits up to 25 hamburgers
  • All natural wood pellet fueled • Burns cleanly and produces very little ash
  • Durable flame deflector • Evenly distributes heat throughout chamber
  • Porcelain coated cooking grate  • Gives amazing sear marks

Power Source

  • 110 Volt AC GFCI outlet • NEC compliant safety standard

Fuel Source

  • 100% natural hardwood pellets • Gives great flavor, burns cleanly, and produces little ash

Customer Care

  • Ships directly to your home • FREE shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty • Covers all components
  • Click here for product manual
  • If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC grill, just return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.  We are confident that you will love your new REC TEC grill.



* Achieving minimum and maximum temperatures can be limited by pellet selection and weather conditions.

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201 Reviews

  • Bullseye

    Posted by Steven on 14th Feb 2019

    cooked a comp on the bullseye and it worked great. amazing for chicken... very well made pellet grill....

  • Great grill

    Posted by Jeffrey R Diamond on 13th Feb 2019

    What a great grill. First thing I made was a prime rib. Followed Ray's recipe, pulled it at 125 degrees, and was perfect. Great smoky taste!


    Posted by Grant Love on 11th Feb 2019

    An incredible purchase. In the amount of time my bull takes to heat up to temperature, this little grill is already at temp and the food is almost cooked. Its perfect to use for just me and my wife for burgers, chicken, brats etc. I will however use my bull for smoking larger meats. Excellent product would highly recommend.

  • Bullseye

    Posted by Marcus Wood on 11th Feb 2019

    Best grill ever

  • Bullseye RT-B380

    Posted by Eddie on 18th Jan 2019

    Works really well and fast!. A great compliment to my RT Bull!

  • Bullseye

    Posted by Randy Laib on 10th Jan 2019

    The Bullseye is a great grill/smoker. You can cook low and slow and turn up the heat to well over 500 degrees to sear a steak. This my second RecTec and I have to say that they are both awesome cookers. Don't second guess your decision. These grills rock!


    Posted by ALAN HAUSLER on 8th Jan 2019


  • (3) Bullseyes RT-B380 Wood Pellet Grill

    Posted by John W. Cheatham, Jr. on 31st Dec 2018

    #1. "Grilled steak tonight, cooked perfect on the inside and not charred on the outside". #2. "cooked 5lb Teaxas Brisket , bark was blakened but not burnt and internal smaoker ring a perfect reddish color, meat was so good". #3. " cooked a 12 lb turkey, came out better than one cooked with oil with no steady watching of the temperatures, easiest grilling I have ever done".

  • Bullseye is Dead On

    Posted by Steve DeHart on 28th Dec 2018

    Looks like RecTec has done it again, they managed to pick pocket a few more dollars from me. This time for the Bullseye which I MUST say is another awesome cooking experience. This completes my RecTec trifecta by joining the baddest of all smokers the "Bull RT-700" and the "Matador". Beside being some of the best build outdoor cooking grills I must say their customer service speaks for it's self. Thank You RecTec

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