Boston Butt

Boston Butt

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  • 8-10lb. Boston butt (pork shoulder)
  • 4 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 cup molasses
  • 1/2 cup REC TEC Grills Rossarooski's Honey Rib Rub
  • 1/2 cup REC TEC Grills Ray's Front Row Master Blend 
  • REC TEC Grills Gourmet BBQ Sauce
  1. Pre-heat REC TEC grill to 225°F.
  2. Combine molasses and mustard and coat your Boston butt.
  3. Shake on rubs.
  4. Cook at 225°F for 7-8 hours until the meat reaches 165°F, then wrap tightly in 2 layers of foil.
  5. Continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 196°F.
  6. Remove from grill, and let rest for 2 hours.
  7. Pull the pork.


REC TEC Grills' Spicy BBQ Sauce can be used to add a kick.


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17 Reviews

  • Butt-tastic!!

    Posted by John Martin on 6th Mar 2019

    I have now made four of these using the recipe verbatim. Every single time they have come out amazing! Everyone that's tried it has nothing but great things to say.

  • Boston butt

    Posted by Stan on 24th Dec 2018

    I live in BBQ country but this is the best I’ve ever eaten (central North Carolina)
    My first on the Bull had it for a Christmas Dinner everyone had the same response
    Will definitely do it again

  • Boston Butt

    Posted by Rhonda Jacobs on 5th Oct 2018

    Fixing this on Sunday for game day. I'm trying to get the timing right so need a quick question answered: approximately how long does it take to get from 165 to 196 after it is wrapped in foil?

  • Dang, that’s good

    Posted by David Silver on 20th Jul 2018

    I have done this twice on the Bull. And each time I get better. I have tried different Rec Tec rubs each time, and both times have been great and the bark turns out great.

    The hostess of the party where I served the pork turned to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but these leftovers aren’t going home with you.” Awesome compliment!

  • Best Butts!!

    Posted by Jackie on 5th Jul 2018

    Wow...this is fall off the bone, melt in your mouth pure greatness!! We made 3 with some variations using the different Rec Tec spices. We did do one with the molasses and Dijon mustard and 1/2 and 1/2 spices. Every butt was awesome. We now can make better BBQ than we can go out and eat. Guest say we need to take the 680 out on the road. We also made the Rec Tec baked beans and pineapple jalapeño slaw for a big party and our guest were amazed. We love our Rec Tec and love trying the recipes on your website and on YouTube.

  • Simple and easy

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2018

    5 minutes of prep then forget it on the rec tec. Very good pork.

  • Great Recipe! Came out fantastic and I'm picky on my pulled pork

    Posted by Nick on 22nd Jan 2018

    I've researched and tried many different ways to smoke a boston butt. I like this way the best. The common theme with pork is to have it fall of the bone. Sorry, who wants mush and slime. This recipe does not allow the butt to sit in a pan covered and have the bark turn into a soggy mess. Pork should be tender but shouldn't be greasy and dripping in your hand. The pork should slowly be pulled with a little bit of work. The bark was so crispy it added a flavor and crunchiness. Great job!

  • My 1st cook on the new Rec Tec smoker!

    Posted by Rich Turley on 24th Jul 2017

    This was so simple but extremely delicious! By far this is the best pork I have ever smoked. Try it out if you haven't already. You'll love it!

  • Great simple recipe

    Posted by Clint on 24th Jun 2017

    I had looked for pork butt recipes, as I wanted to try a butt for one of my first cooks on the rectec 680 that I just got. This one is very simple, but turned out fantastic. I'll be making this recipe again!

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