The NEW Funday Friday

The NEW Funday Friday

Posted by Jordan Johnson on 27th Jun 2019

On June 21st, 2019, REC TEC Grills celebrated 100 episodes of our flagship program, Funday Friday.

With over two years of fun under our belt, we've strived to bring you the content you crave. Words can't express the gratitude we have to you, the REC TEC Family, for making our little cooking show a huge success. But, as with all things REC TEC, we're constantly looking for ways to do things bigger and better. With that being said, we've shaken things up and changed the formula just a bit to bring you something new and exciting! Be sure to catch the pilot episode on June 28th. For now, I'll be covering all the changes to the format and what you can expect with our new take on the funnest day of the week.

If you missed the 100th episode of Funday Friday, check it out! 

Same Old Jody Antics

Simply put, Jody puts the "fun" in Funday Friday.

An episode without Jody just isn't the same. That's why Jody is taking the reins each week with a new topic guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about the REC TEC experience. From dad jokes to backyard grilling, our fearless host has you covered! His knowledge of our grills is unrivaled, and we hope to teach you something new each Friday with tips and tricks on all things REC TEC. If Funday Friday is the vehicle in which we bring the fun to you, Jody's in the driver's seat, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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By now, you probably know all about Chef Greg's blog, CHEF TEC 101. 

However, we're taking things to the next level with an all-access pass to an up close and personal cooking experience with Chef Greg! Our Director of Culinary Innovation has a level of culinary knowledge found only in 20 people in the entire world. That's pretty impressive, right? We're now bringing that knowledge straight to you. Whether it's an in-depth look at reaching the right internal temperatures, or an exploration of how to get those perfect sear marks, Greg is there to help you along, every step of the way. Welcome to our masterclass! It's CHEF TEC 101!

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Chef John Mixin' It Up

Whenever John Pannell is in the building, a certain level of cool permeates the air.

Chef John has over two decades of culinary experience and has a unique take on all things food and cooking. Sharing some of his favorite REC TEC dishes with you each week, John's presentation is one of leisure and taking things as they come. He perfectly embodies the REC TEC lifestyle, which is why he's now the host of our Monday night program, Mix It Up Monday! While hosting, John pairs REC TEC dishes with cocktails made from Durty Gurl cocktail mixers. Be sure to catch him on Funday Fridays as he gives you the rundown on what's to come. Chef John is all smiles, and we hope his infectious charisma lifts your spirits and gets you hungry!

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Specific Topics That Cater to You

One thing we take pride in is the fact that we actually listen to our customers.

We always take into consideration what you want to see from us. Whether it's a certain dish, grill talk, or something silly you want Jody to do on camera, we've always got our finger on the pulse of what's hot. Each week, we're covering a specific topic from top to bottom. For example, our pilot episode is all about getting your new REC TEC grill. In it, we'll cover delivery, assembly, the burn-in, easy first cooks, and we'll even include videos from some of our REC TEC Family members! When we say we're covering it all, we're covering it ALL. Funday Friday is something we all look forward to each week. Changing up the formula provides us a chance to cover more information for you while still providing you with the quality entertainment you've come to know and love. We're still doing our weekly YouTube giveaway. We're still going live behind the scenes on Twitter. We're still cooking the best food known to man on the best pellet grills on the market. And we're still cracking open a cold one each and every time we go live. So grab a friend, grab a brewski, and join us in this new endeavor! We hope you enjoy, and we'll see you at the REC TEC!


Jordan Johnson is the Production Specialist at REC TEC Grills. He can be seen during the behind the scenes segments of Funday Friday on REC TEC’s Twitter account, in addition to his task of managing Recs the Bull as Recs “tweets throughout the day.” Jordan is also an editor of blogs and copy within the company, and has over a decade of experience writing, directing, acting, editing, and producing. 

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