Springtime for REC TEC

Springtime for REC TEC

Posted by Ashley Brown on 20th Mar 2019

Springtime is here!

I'm not sure if it's the warmer weather, the extra hours of daylight, or the blooming flowers, but everyone seems to have an extra pep in their step! For me, spring means the beginning baseball season is underway, the Masters Tournament is right around the corner, trips to the lake are being planned, and cookouts with friends and family will soon be a regular occurrence.

Spring = Grilling

For Augustans, the Masters Tournament is a week-long party with all eyes of the golf world focused on our little city. 

Golf fans around the world see television coverage of the tournament, but they miss out on the events surrounding the Augusta National. There are parties, concerts, and celebrity events. Many premier chefs and catering businesses in the country travel here to make sure the golf fans are well fed. In a way, it's the same for baseball season. Whether you're buying Boston butts to help raise money for a local baseball team or hosting a cookout for the Atlanta Braves season opener, a REC TEC is surely nearby. And, of course, what trip to the lake would be complete without some burgers or BBQ hot off the grill? It is simply a fact: Food grilled on a REC TEC plays a key role in everything I associate with springtime.

Grills for Every Occasion

Yes, at REC TEC we're cooking delicious food on our grills year-round. 

However, there's just something about packing up the Trailblazer for a day at the lake or loading down the BFG with enough pulled pork for the whole neighborhood. If you put your REC TEC away during the colder months, you need to make sure it is primed and ready for the upcoming grilling/smoking season.

Learn all about the Trailblazer RT-340 HERE! 

Getting Your Grill Ready

First, take out the interior parts of the grill so you can clean out the fire pot.

Be sure to get rid of any excess ash or pellets. This can easily be done with a shop vac or by hand. Next, clean your grates and put a fresh layer of tin foil on your drip pan. It's also a good idea to clean out the smoke stack(s) if you own the Bull, BFG, Beast or Chuckwagon, as built up ash can interfere with airflow. Over time, the RTD can become covered in soot or creosote, so make sure you include that in your spring cleaning as well. Finally, you need to clean out the hopper and auger tube. Once you have gotten out the old pellets and removed any dust from the bottom of the hopper, fill it up with fresh pellets and smoke on!

Cleaning your grates is a breeze with our Wooden Grill Scraper!

The more I think about it, spring truly means all of the things I mentioned above.

But the most important thing about spring is spending time with the people you care about. Whether it's family members you only see a few times a year or friends you see regularly, springtime is the perfect season to spend more time together, and it seems like a lot more invitations are accepted when they know a REC TEC will be in use! So, this spring, use the beautiful weather and the great food prepared on your REC TEC to bring your family and friends together. Happy spring!


Ashley Brown is REC TEC’s Public Relations Manager. Prior to joining REC TEC, he hosted his own sports talk show in Augusta for 19 years, and still serves as a Color Analyst for WJBF’s High School Football Game of the Week. He has written for the Augusta Chronicle, and writes his own weekly sports column in the Columbia County News-Times.

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