Smart Shopping During the Holidays

Smart Shopping During the Holidays

Posted by Jordan Johnson on 20th Nov 2018

It's that time of year once again.

The time of year to scramble around getting your loved ones the gifts they want at the best deals possible. Grilling is a growing industry in America, getting bigger and bigger every year. Premium grills and accessories can oftentimes cost some serious bucks, and Black Friday or Cyber Monday is usually a consumer's best bet when it comes to making great savings. But why sit in Black Friday traffic, struggle to find parking, and fight your way through the store when there's a better option? Why struggle to shop within a small 24-hour window on Cyber Monday when you've worked all day and taken care of the family, when there's a much better way to get the deals you need? Luckily, this year, REC TEC has you covered with our very first Cyber Sales Weekend, from 12AM on Friday, November 23rd through 3AM Tuesday, November 27th!

10% Off Accessories, Apparel, Pellets, Parts, and More!

This deal pretty much covers it all... 

If you want a bottle of REC TEC BBQ Sauce, 10% off. If you want a new drip pan, 10% off. If you want to get even more off of a hat on closeout, it's 10% off! I definitely have a few recommendations though as it pertains to taking advantage of our weekend deals. I would recommend our RT-700 Bull Smokebox. This cold smoker is attachable to your RT-700 Bull or RT-680, and adds both grill space and a heater of sorts for all your grilled dishes. Great for cold smoking cheeses and fish, it's an awesome attachment for those who want all the bells and whistles. I'd also highly recommend our Competition Cart. It's an absolute must for any Bull or RT-680 owner, with durable wheels that make transporting and moving your grills just that much easier. On top of that, it looks freakin' sweet!

Check out our Competition Cart for the RT-700 Bull and RT-680:

20% Off All Sear Kits 

For hot and fast cooks, this is a game changer.

Many people who are uneducated on our grills say that they don't get hot enough to sear... Well, quite frankly, they're wrong. Our grills can reach temperatures in excess of 500ºF, and with the addition of these bad boys, your grill can get up to 900ºF! Burger, steaks, scallops, and more can all be cooked to perfection with the sear kit sized for your grill. The Stampede and Bull kit come in the same size, with a smaller version available for Trailblazer models. We also offer a unique model for Bullseye owners, with curved end pieces that fit your grill perfectly! Each kit comes with a grate tool as well, so don't miss out on this smokin' hot offer while we're offering it!

Take your Bullseye to the max with the Bullseye Sear Kit!

50% Off Matador with an RT-700 Bull or RT-590 Stampede

Half off on the hottest gas cooker around!?

That's right. We're offering 50% off the RT-G450 Matador with the purchase of every RT-700 Bull or RT-590 Stampede. With the Matador, you can fry, poach, roast, sear, braise, boil, steam, and stew, and it's super portable! Fold those legs up and throw it in the back of your car to take camping, for those days when you've caught a nice sized catfish out on the lake and need a fryer in your arsenal to cook those delicious fish filets. 

Free Matador with Grand Champion Bundle

Could it get any better?

I certainly don't think so... If you purchase the total package, you deserve a free Matador! I simply can't speak to the versatility of this cooker enough. It comes standard with an integrated windscreen that keeps you cookin' on the windiest of days, plus, its stainless steel wok comes with 3 heat zones that help diversify your cook. You definitely want this in your cache of cooking devices, because it truly can do it all.

Don't Let These Deals Slip Away

This sale only lasts for 99 hours.

With Christmas right around the corner, this is your chance to make the grillmaster in your life the best of the best. Or, treat yourself and get some things you've had your eye on! For our veterans and first responders out there, we're making sure to take care of you all, and are also continuing to honor your 10% discount on accessories, pellets, parts, apparel, rubs, spices, and sauces. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information like this before anyone else, and become an insider on all our contests and promotions. As with all sales promotions, limitations may apply, and our 10% discounts do not apply to grill bundle. We also are not allowing any substitutions, but honestly, who needs 'em!? We've got the best deals around this holiday season, and we're spreading the cheer with our Cyber Sales Weekend! Until then, all of us here at REC TEC wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!


Jordan Johnson is the Production Specialist at REC TEC Grills. He can be seen during the behind the scenes segments of Funday Friday on REC TEC’s Twitter account, in addition to his task of managing Recs the Bull as Recs “tweets throughout the day.” Jordan is also an editor of blogs and copy within the company, and has over a decade of experience writing, directing, acting, editing, and producing. 

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