REC TEC Summer with the Kids

REC TEC Summer with the Kids

Posted by Ashley Brown on 16th May 2019

Summertime is right around the corner, and that means different things for different people. 

For some, it means trips to the beach, days at the ballpark, or family cookouts. I certainly fall into that category. We take a family trip to the beach each year. My son has always played sports, so we spend plenty of time at the ballpark. As for cookouts, I love spending time at my REC TEC preparing food for family and friends. As a matter of fact, I take that last activity a step further... I use my REC TEC to create a little more family time.

Times Are Changing

Those of you that are raising kids during the technological explosion our country has experienced over the last 10-15 years fully understand that we have to compete for our kids' time and attention.

In the good ol' days, I was playing outside from sun up until sundown. Going out to eat was a treat I looked forward to all week. Today, kids prefer to spend every waking hour playing their Xbox, surfing YouTube, or texting and Snapchatting with friends on their phones. Now I'm not one of those “you kids get off my lawn” guys, but when it comes to spending time with family (kids included), the struggle is real. Thankfully, my Bull RT-700 has given me a little extra ammunition in this fight.

Bringing the Family Together

A few years ago, I found out one way to get my son to leave his gaming lair: To have him sear some steaks with me on the REC TEC. 

My daughter has always enjoyed prepping the food and playing her part. For the last few years, summertime has been our time to bond. I use the REC TEC to make this happen. One of my kids' favorite nights of the week is Wednesday, because Wednesday night is pizza night in the Brown household. I don't mean having Papa John's delivered... We've always loved pizzas hot off the REC TEC. A few years ago, we decided to let the kids get involved. At the grocery store, my wife and I pick out all of our favorite toppings and we let the kids choose the toppings they prefer. Trust me, a 10-13 year old boy's choice of toppings can get quite interesting... Then, we head home and prepare our respective pizzas. I must say, some of their concoctions are not too bad.

Ready to try a homemade pizza of your own? Check out our homemade pizza dough and Durty Gurl pizza sauce!

Convenient and Versatile

When asked about REC TEC, I always tell people the two things I love most about this grill...

Of course the build quality, superior components, cutting edge features, and incredible customer service are all worth noting. But, the two items I mention are the ease of use and the versatility. It is so easy to use that you can include kids of almost any age in your cooks. Also, you can cook anything on the REC TEC, and are guaranteed to please those picky eaters. So, if you want your kids to spend a little less time on their phones and a little more time with the family, it's just like smoking a few racks of ribs… Let the REC TEC do the work!

WISH US LUCK and look out for updates from Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest! #WCBCC19


Ashley Brown serves as one of REC TEC’s Sales Managers. Prior to joining REC TEC, he hosted his own sports talk show in Augusta for 19 years, and still serves as a Color Analyst for WJBF’s High School Football Game of the Week. He has written for the Augusta Chronicle, and writes his own weekly sports column in the Columbia County News-Times. 

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