REC TEC Resolutions

REC TEC Resolutions

Posted by Ashley Brown on 17th Jan 2019

This time of year, it seems everyone is in one of two categories. 

They have come up with a New Year’s resolution, or they have already blown a New Year’s resolution... I have been in both groups. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter most years. This year, I decided to do two things to help me stick to my guns:

1. Come up with a totally new type of resolution. We all want to be better people... Lose weight, eat healthy, make more money, yada, yada, yada. Well, I wanted to have a resolution that was totally new and a little outside of my comfort zone.

2. Set a realistic goal and follow through for all of 2019. Like I mentioned previously, I have set and broken my New Year’s resolution plans year after year. I always come out of the gate hot, but seem to lose steam after a couple of weeks. I really wanted to think long and hard about a resolution that would be something I could maintain and turn into a lifestyle.

Making a Resolution for Myself

Now, what would the resolution be? 

I do want to eat healthier, I do want to try new things, and I do also want to get more experience cooking on all of the REC TEC products. I love my RT-700 so much, I rarely use anything else. Luckily, however, I sit less than 50 feet from one of the most highly decorated chefs, our Director of Culinary Innovation, Chef Greg Mueller. I also have an assortment of grills lined up and ready to go each day at work. The only problem I see with my plan is that I truly have no excuse not to follow through on my resolution this year!

This Year's Resolution

Each week, I will have to check off three boxes.

First, I must cook at least once on a grill I did not use the previous week. Next, I must select at least one healthy meal to cook on my REC TEC each week. And finally, I must prepare at least one dish each week, that I have never made. Now, this may sound daunting. After all, there are three separate things I have do each week. But, keep in mind, I can check off all three boxes in just one cook some weeks! It should be fun, and it will help me eat out less, gain valuable knowledge about our products, and I'll be trying new dishes in the process.

We're in This Together

If you did not set a resolution this year, or you are looking to broaden your horizons, join me in my venture. 

Create a quick REC TEC check list, make a grocery list, and look up a few new REC TEC recipes. Then you'll be well on your way to completing your resolution!


Ashley Brown is REC TEC’s Public Relations Manager. Prior to joining REC TEC, he hosted his own sports talk show in Augusta for 19 years, and still serves as a Color Analyst for WJBF’s High School Football Game of the Week. He has written for the Augusta Chronicle, and writes his own weekly sports column in the Columbia County News-Times.

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