Not Your Grandad's Grilling Experience

Not Your Grandad's Grilling Experience

Posted by Ashley Brown on 18th Apr 2019

Springtime is here, and what better time to load up the grill and meet a group of friends at the lake?

In the past, when we thought about grilling, we pictured our dad in the backyard, slaving over the grill to produce even the simplest dish. Well, times have changed… You no longer have to spend countless years manning the grill to develop techniques to produce delicious food. You're also not limited to cooking in your backyard anymore. REC TEC takes out the guesswork and makes anyone an instant grill master! Luckily for you, one pair of REC TEC products in particular are perfect to take on the road. With these grills, you can really amp up your days at the lake or beach, and spring break can be taken to whole new level.

Blazing the Trail

Why struggle with dirty charcoal pits and waste time making sure the burgers don't burn? 

Instead, load up a REC TEC Trailblazer and get creative! Grill some skirt steak for some sizzling carne asada tacos, or rub down some chicken in REC TEC’s Durty Gurl Bloody Mary Rub for some spicy lettuce wraps. The Trailblazer’s legs fold up to make travel a breeze, and its PID Wi-Pellet WiFi Controller holds a super precise temperature. On top of that, you can be in charge of the entire cook from the touch of your smart phone! With the Trailblazer RT-340, you can now enjoy the day out with your friends and let the grill do all the work for you.


Another great way to take your spring get-togethers up a notch is to invest in a REC TEC Matador. 

The Matador is the premier gas wok cooker that allows you to braise, boil, fry, poach, roast, sear, steam, and stew. And, it's super easy to setup, breakdown, and transport anywhere you want to go! With a stainless steel pan and folding legs, it's a pretty durable little grill that's easy to haul around. We even threw in an integrated windscreen at no additional cost, something the other guys won't do. So, the next time a friend invites you to the lake for hot dogs or a fish fry, you can offer to prepare a mouthwatering low country boil, lakeside. Picture all your friends hovered around the Matador in anticipation of some juicy crab legs, fresh potatoes and corn, and spicy sausage and shrimp…Now that is a trip to the lake I want to take.

Enjoy Your Spring

The beautiful weather is here. 

Do not waste another year of boring cooks or packing sandwiches for your trips. Check out to find a grill that fits your needs, and feel free to call us if you have any questions whatsoever. We can be reached at 706-922-0890. Tell them AB sent you...


Ashley Brown serves as one of REC TEC’s Sales Managers. Prior to joining REC TEC, he hosted his own sports talk show in Augusta for 19 years, and still serves as a Color Analyst for WJBF’s High School Football Game of the Week. He has written for the Augusta Chronicle, and writes his own weekly sports column in the Columbia County News-Times.

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