National BBQ Month

National BBQ Month

Posted by Jody Flanagan on 2nd May 2019

What do you celebrate in the month of May? 

I'll tell you what you need to celebrate… BBQ! That's right, May is National BBQ Month, baby. There are many different ways to write it: BBQ, barbecue, barbeque, BarBQ... No matter how you spell it, it all comes back to low and slow. Some folks consider regular grilling to be BBQ. I'm here to tell you that those folks are wrong. May is also a super busy month for us here at REC TEC. Grills start to fly out the door, phones ring constantly, customers fill the showroom, and we are on the competition trail every weekend. This May is also the one year anniversary of the greatest BBQ cooking school of all time, REC TEC Academy.

BBQ Origins

The phrase 'BBQ' likely came from the Spanish word barbacoa.

Barbacoa originated in the Caribbean and simply refers to the process of cooking meat over a long period of time. America's BBQ history likely began somewhere on the Atlantic Coast. It is very difficult to track down exactly where American BBQ originated. With the influx of settlers during colonial times, this style of cooking quickly spread south and planted its roots in the southeast. The four main regions of U.S. BBQ are Memphis, Kansas City, the Carolinas, and Texas. Any restaurant you visit will adhere to that specific regional style. Memphis BBQ is heavy on the hog and can be served dry, covered in rub, or sopping wet with sauce. Kansas City BBQ is always served with a thick, sweet sauce. The Carolinas are split according to sauce type. North Carolina uses a vinegar-based sauce while South Carolina uses a mustard-based sauce. Lastly, Texas BBQ uses more beef and little-to-no sauce. Did you know, BBQ was actually the first fast food? The first lobbyists held BBQs to attract people in order to sway their vote. Before McDonald's was McDonald's as we know it today, the menu was BBQ-based. However, because there wasn’t much money to be made, they shut down and reopened to serve the famous "billions served" hamburger. BBQ is now a trending topic on all social media platforms and has spread across the world. Pit masters are considered celebrities. BBQ cookbooks are outselling even the best authors. BBQ is hot, and only getting HOTTER! 

Our Gourmet BBQ Sauce is vinegar-based with a kick! Check em' out here: MILD or SPICY

We're Your Go-To BBQ Experts

Now that the weather is warming up, we are also warming up here at REC TEC.

This year, we have been preparing for BBQ season like no other. On Feb. 1, we rolled out our newest and biggest line of grills. Since then, we have ramped up production in order to keep up with the high demand. We've also been training our newest employees to continue the world class customer service that REC TEC is known for. Our staff is prepared to give you the personalized service that each and every customer deserves. When you buy a grill from us, you immediately become a part of the REC TEC family. Aside from building the best pellet grill on the market, we've grown a community of BBQ lovers across the USA. The #rectecfamily, which consists of every staff member and the hundreds of thousands of happy owners nationwide, is always here for you. Whether by email, text, phone call, or a message through social media, someone WILL get you the help you need!

Competition Season

We're hitting the BBQ trail hard this month. 

Three competitions are already on the books! If you're anywhere near the following areas, make sure you swing by and say hello! On May 10 - 11, Chef Greg will be competing with Cary Chasteen and Hold Your Horses BBQ at the Boss Hog Cook-Off in Waynesboro, Georgia. On May 14 - 18, we'll be returning to Memphis in May to defend the World Grand Championship title with Brad Orrison and The Shed! That's right, I said World Grand Championship! The big one! After Memphis, we'll be back home in Augusta, Georgia, to win that elusive Grand Champion Banjo at Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que 2019 (May 24 - 25). Many years we have tried, but it has always slipped through our fingers. Not this year! Papa Joe's is one of our favorite competitions because it's in our backyard, and we get to show out with our friends and family. Not to mention, it's also a bluegrass music and craft beer festival! Bluegrass, beer, and BBQ... That's what we call the REC TEC lifestlye! It was also voted "Best Outdoor Music Festival in Georgia During Memorial Day Weekend."

Get a taste of Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que with our 2018 highlight reel...

A Look Back

During May 3 - 6, 2018, we held the first ever REC TEC Academy. 

Some of America's best pit masters traveled to Evans, Georgia for the most comprehensive BBQ instruction classes  ever. These classes covered proper technique and preparation of chicken, pork, beef, and a few other backyard recipes. It wasn’t just a class, however. It was an event. I met more friends at REC TEC Academy than any other event I have ever been to! It was truly a life-changing experience. I couldn’t have been more proud of our hard-working staff. Everyone did their part and more. Despite the (few) issues that arose, our employees came out victorious, ensuring that every student had an incredible experience. Keep in mind that we are grill people, not event people... So thank you to the REC TEC Academy Class of 2018! You guys made it all worth it.

Laying Down the Challenge

For National BBQ Month, I want to issue you all a challenge... 

Try these 3 things:

1. Go check out a local BBQ competition and support your local BBQ community. 

2. Try a BBQ sauce that you've never tried before. If you think you've tried them all, think again!

3. Try cooking something you've never cooked before. Get out of your comfort zone, because you may just find a new menu item to 'wow' your friends and family with. 

Get the most out of May! Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms and set your notifications. That way, you know when we go live. And who knows, you may just win yourself a giveaway! Don’t forget to add me on Facebook (Jody Flanagan) and follow me on Instagram (@johndillionsr) for a behind the scenes look at all things REC TEC. I’ll see you at the REC TEC!


Jody Flanagan is our resident REC TEC Grills Expert, where he can be seen on all social media platforms, including the weekly Funday Friday program. Jody has years of experience in the cooking industry and enjoys the art of grilling just as much as he loves the REC TEC Lifestyle. 

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