Meet Our New Grills

Meet Our New Grills

Posted by Jordan Johnson on 6th Feb 2019

On February 1st, 2019, REC TEC Grills had its very first REC TEC Fest.

It was an awesome day filled with friends, family, and fun, not to mention tons of delicious food! Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our event was our BIG Announcement, and let me just say we changed the game with this one... REC TEC introduced four new grills to our existing lineup! Let's take a look at these awesome products, shall we?

The WyldSide RT-A850

With this Argentina-style cooker, REC TEC has entered the realm of direct flame cooking.

This grill comes with 580 sq. in. of cooking space, making it comparable to our RT-590 Stampede in size. With tons of space for whatever it is you want to cook, this is the perfect size for you and your family. It also comes with a 304 stainless steel cooking chamber, providing you with years of reliability and deliciousness! The WyldSide features a rotisserie as well. This new dimension of grilling will create an opportunity for you to hone in on your skills as a pitmaster. We're getting back to our roots to a time when cooking was just a man and a fire. Perhaps the best part about the WyldSide, however, is the price! Our grill is priced at $1,799. This is well below other Argentina-style grills, which are usually priced anywhere between $2,000-$20,000. You won't find a similar grill with this high quality build anywhere else on the market. Get the WyldSide and experience versatility, untamed.

Unleash your WyldSide:

The BFG RT-2500

The best just got bigger!

The BFG is, simply put, a marvelous creation. I mean, come on... It's a big freakin' grill! What's not to love? With a 53lb. hopper, you're getting over 53 hours of cook time before having to refuel. Our stainless steel fire pot and HotFlash Ceramic Ignition System will keep you cooking for years to come. It also comes with a durable, stainless steel cooking chamber that protects your grill from chips, flakes, and fading paint. The size of this grill is a real sight to behold, and you can feel its quality by simply lifting the lid. Order yours and be the best freakin' griller you can be!

Feed the whole herd with the BFG:

The Chuckwagon RT-TMG

Big flavor, anywhere.

The best of the best is now on wheels: the RT-TMG Chuckwagon! This trailer-mounted grill (made right here in the USA) features custom 11-gauge steel, providing the quality you've come to expect from REC TEC Grills' products. With 2400 sq. in. grates, you'll never run out of cooking space while grilling at your next competition. It also comes with two 66lb. hoppers, giving you close to three days of cook time before having to refill on pellets. Need even more cooking space? The Chuckwagon Plus 2 comes with two RT-700 Bulls! You can even trick out your trailer with some upgraded wheels when you order from our website. If you want great flavor on wheels, this is the grill for you. Remember though, because of its custom built nature, this grill is for local pickup only.

The Chuckwagon is flavor on wheels:

The Beast RT-CMG

Unleash BIG Flavor!

If you want all the size of the Chuckwagon in the comfort of your own backyard, the Beast is what you're looking for. This cart-mounted grill is also made with American 11-gauge steel. The lid on this bad boy is lockable, keeping that delicious smoky flavor inside and giving your meat an incomparable flavor only REC TEC can provide. The Beast is, without a doubt, the premier grill for the ultimate pitmaster. This grill is for local pickup only, so head on down to REC TEC and get your hands on one!

The Beast has been unleashed:

Grill Big or Go Home

These grills are going to take your cooking game to the next level.

With the introduction of these new grills, we're eager to provide you with all new recipes, content, and fun to keep you cookin' for years to come. Visit for more details on these new products. Don't forget, we now offer financing! Happy grilling!


Jordan Johnson is the Production Specialist at REC TEC Grills. He can be seen during the behind the scenes segments of Funday Friday on REC TEC’s Twitter account, in addition to his task of managing Recs the Bull as Recs “tweets throughout the day.” Jordan is also an editor of blogs and copy within the company, and has over a decade of experience writing, directing, acting, editing, and producing. 

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