Face the Facts

Face the Facts

Posted by Ray Carnes on 27th Feb 2019

The internet is great in so many ways.

However, it does have a few drawbacks. For one, any person with a pulse is instantly an expert. If you read it on the internet then it must be true, right? Because of this phenomenon, falsehoods and misinformation are spread across the world daily. The pellet grill industry is not immune to this. If anything, a large percentage of the information posted online regarding pellet grills is simply not true. The reason is two-fold. First, pellet grills are still a relatively new technology. The market is growing so fast that companies will do almost anything to compete for the dollars available. It is extremely frustrating to put your blood, sweat, and tears into a product only to have people who, while they may mean well, lack knowledge on the topic, or to have people with ulterior motives spreading false information about your industry, company, and products. At REC TEC, we do what we can to inform our consumers on the incredible technology that pellet grills bring to the table: The ease of use, great flavor, consistent cooks, etc. Add the high-quality build, top-tier components, and incredible service that REC TEC provides, and there is no need to shop around anymore. So, I decided to set the record straight on some of the falsehoods and myths that I see online regularly. I also want to offer you some key examples as to why REC TEC Grills is the best choice in the pellet grill industry. Let me start by correcting some of the erroneous information I see online regarding pellet grills.

The Myths

1. "You need a pellet dump for your grill.”


Not only is a pellet dump unnecessary, but it is actually a bad idea to include this feature on a pellet grill. We have tested every possible way to add a pellet dump and it would be a very inexpensive addition. If it were necessary and worked correctly, we would have already added it to our models. This feature can easily result in wet pellets and/or an auger jam. The pellets at the top of the hopper will look fine. However, the pellets at the opening of the dump would get moist, expand, and harden like cement. Our grills will burn through approximately 1 pound of pellets per hour, so you can plan your cooks accordingly. Or, do what I do and pick out a good quality pellet to stick with for all your cooks.

2. “You can’t cook at high temperatures on a pellet grill.”


You absolutely can cook at high temperatures on a REC TEC. Our grills reach well above 500ºF, which is plenty hot enough to sear. We also offer a searing kit that will take your steaks and burgers to the next level. In fact, the best steaks I have ever eaten were seared on a REC TEC.

3. “You need a removable fire pot to clean out the ash.”


Like the pellet dump, this is another unnecessary feature. On a pros vs. cons list, it would definitely fall under the ‘con’ category. First, we have a 10-gauge, 304 stainless steel fire pot that is bolted securely inside the grill. It is indestructible; we have never replaced a fire pot in the history of the company. You can literally park a dump truck on it! We would not sacrifice the integrity of the build for a feature that is completely unnecessary. While I’m lining my drip pan with foil, I take the opportunity to simply scoop out the ash and toss it in the bottom of the grill… You’re done in just a couple of seconds!

Check out GrillGrate searing kits HERE!

We're Here for You

Those are just some of the dozens of falsehoods spread online each day. 

Keep in mind, each of our employees own and cook on our grills. Therefore, we have assembled a group of the most knowledgeable people in the industry to assist you with virtually any questions you may have. If you have any questions about pellet grills, just give us a call, toll-free, at (706) 922-0890. A member of our REC TEC team will gladly assist you.

What Sets REC TEC Apart?

1. Controller

Our Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology is simply the best on the market. PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is the gold standard when it comes to temperature control. Most companies anywhere near our price range use antiquated controllers that do not maintain a precise, or even reasonable, temperature. If anyone suggests that there is something better than a controller with PID technology, they are wrong, lying, or misinformed. Our controller also features WiFi connectivity which allows you to control your grill (and most importantly, your cook) from almost anywhere. As an added bonus, we provide two platinum-tipped meat probes that plug directly into the controller. These features come standard on all of our pellet grill models, with the exception of the Bullseye RT-B380.

2. Ceramic Ignition System

This is yet another instance in which our competitors know a better option exists, but still use an inferior component in their product. REC TEC is the only pellet grill under $2,800 that utilizes this new technology. Our ceramic ignition system lasts approximately five times as long as the old metal-tipped rods used by the majority of pellet grills on the market. This ceramic ignitor is rated for 100,000 cycles and is also covered under our warranty.

3. Stainless Steel Body

High-quality materials provide our customers with peace of mind. There is no paint to fade, flake, or fail. This enhancement to the REC TEC fleet is a prime example of how REC TEC uses their increased buying power (lower costs for materials) to improve our product, rather than stuff our pockets.

4. Warranty & Customer Service

In my opinion, these two items go hand in hand. A warranty is only as good as the company offering it, and REC TEC offers the best warranty in the industry. If you ever need technical assistance or, in rare cases, a replacement part, our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you. We pride ourselves on getting parts to our customers as soon as possible. In other words, REC TEC’s warranty is iron clad. When it comes to customer service, REC TEC Grills has an old school approach. Modern innovations are wonderful, but when it comes to assisting a member of the REC TEC family, we are very hands on. Our main office number is available 60+ hours per week. We return every missed call and offer an after-hours line for technical support as well. As a matter of fact, REC TEC is the only pellet grill manufacturer that offers direct access to the owners, if needed, via their personal cell phone numbers. We take the service of our products very seriously, and our standard of customer service will never change. 

For even more reasons to buy REC TEC, see our "10 Things to Know When Buying a Pellet Grill" video below:

The Bottom Line… 

REC TEC Grills is the best bang for your buck in the pellet grill industry! 

Our grills are built to last, come with our incredible customer support, and will provide you and your family with some of the best meals you'll ever have. Check out rectecgrills.com and join the REC TEC family!

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Ray Carnes is the co-founder of REC TEC Grills. He founded the company with lifelong friend Ron Cundy in 2009 and has since built REC TEC into the premier pellet grill company in the industry. Ray can often be seen on our YouTube channel, sharing delicious recipes and setting the record straight about our products. 

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