Choosing the Right Grill for the Holidays

Choosing the Right Grill for the Holidays

Posted by Jody Flanagan on 14th Nov 2018

If you plan on having family over for Thanksgiving you’ve probably already started planning...

If you haven’t, I highly suggest you get the ball rolling today! Planning your cook with efficiency in mind is crucial to executing a successful Thanksgiving meal. Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time doing something or in producing a desired result. Luckily, REC TEC has you covered with a grill for every size family...

Blaze your Own Trail

If you have a smaller family or are traveling to a relative’s house to help cook, the RT-340 Trailblazer is the grill for you. 

With 342 square inches of cooking space on the bottom rack and 171 square inches on the optional second shelf, holiday meals are a breeze! The Trailblazer can hold a 22-pound spatchcock turkey while still being able to utilize your second interior shelf for a side dish, casserole, or dessert. The 15-pound hopper gives you enough fuel for a few different cooks, burning fuel economically and saving you money in the long run. Folding, collapsible legs make transporting as easy as pie as it wheels behind you just like luggage in an airport.

Own the gold standard for on-the-go grilling:

Lead the Charge

Larger families can definitely benefit from the extra size our midsize model, the RT-590 Stampede, offers. 

With 9 inches of head room and at 30 inches wide, the Stampede can literally fit a couple of the large turkeys. Beer Butt Chickens, Turkey Cannons, and even Tacos al Pastor can all be cooked inside the Stampede. Be super-efficient and cook your turkey, sides, and desserts all at once! The sleek, stainless steel, octagon-shaped barrel will make a beautiful addition to your porch or outdoor kitchen.

The Bull is on the Loose

I personally will be cooking my holiday meals on the RT-700 Bull... 

It is my absolute go-to when I need to cook for my extended family. With the optional front folding shelf, it is the perfect grill for any cook looking to entertain friends and relatives. The shelf really helps with loading and unloading those larger dishes and holiday meats. When you’re finished cooking, the 40-pound stainless steel hopper lid doubles as a warming station and the optional smoke box is the perfect accessory to help keep all your sides warm until you’re ready to eat. I can’t forget to mention the industry-leading 6-year warranty that comes with the Bull! Why buy your next grill when you can buy your last grill with the RT-700?

Taste the Adventure

I usually like to wake up early and start my Thanksgiving right by cooking breakfast for the fam. 

My RT-G450 Matador is the perfect tool for the job. Its 2 heat zones allow you to cook your food and then keep it warm, utilizing the “Front Row” outer rim as a warming station. With a 22-inch stainless steel pan, the Matador has enough space for even the largest family and is a blast to cook on! All of your favorite breakfast staples can be cooked in the Matador. We cook bacon, sausage, eggs, and even grits… Yes, I said grits! It’s easily collapsible and comes standard with 2 carrying bags which makes break down and transport absolutely effortless. Another bonus is that the Matador pan also fits inside of the RT-B380 Bullseye! Talk about efficiency! The Matador makes an excellent gift for the holiday season with free shipping right to your door.

Tame Your Tastebuds with the REC TEC Matador:

Don't Stress It!

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be stressful. Don’t let it whoop you... 

Plan accordingly, be efficient, and make sure to always have the right tool for the job. With REC TEC, we have all the tools you need to succeed. From grills to fit every family, to a vast library of recipes and videos, you’ve got the world at your fingertips to ensure that you have success right out of the box. Live the #recteclifestyle and enjoy more time to spend with your family and friends, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!


Jody Flanagan is the Marketing Manager at REC TEC Grills. He is also our resident REC TEC Grills Expert, where he can be seen on all social media platforms, including the weekly Funday Friday program. Jody has years of experience in the cooking industry and enjoys the art of grilling just as much as he loves the REC TEC Lifestyle. 

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