CHEF TEC 101 - Christmas Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner)

CHEF TEC 101 - Christmas Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner)

Posted by Chef Greg Mueller on 28th Nov 2018

With the last bit of Thanksgiving leftovers dwindling down in the refrigerator, we can begin look forward to the plethora of holiday party hors d'oeuvres’ to come.

Lots of foods on toothpicks, and just about everything wrapped in bacon! In my family, we don’t do a large Christmas meal, but rather several appetizers and tasty snacks that we eat throughout the day so that the kids can enjoy all their new toys and we can enjoy more time with family. Cooking around the holidays has been so much more enjoyable since I’ve been cooking on a REC TEC, because now I don’t have to spend time fussing with charcoal or gas, making sure my temps are correct, and I don’t miss out on any family time.

A REC TEC Breakfast

As my kids have grown up, they tend not to wake up as early as they used to...

This gives me more time to get a cup of coffee down before they come barreling down the stairs like a herd of elephants. We typically don’t eat breakfast on Christmas, but the night before, I'll prepare a breakfast casserole, quiche, or strata in between wrapping presents that I can toss in the REC TEC the morning of. The best part about a quiche is that you can add absolutely anything in and have a hot, delicious, and filling breakfast. I often make quiches for Sunday brunch, and they are always super easy and delicious. They're also great cooked ahead of time and warmed up for quick breakfasts during the week, so I definitely recommend these for Christmas morning. You could also toss on about 2 dozen eggs for about an hour to get them smoked for some tasty deviled eggs as a quick and easy snack!

Smokin' Hot Lunch

As the day goes on and the kids begin to come down from their sugar rushes, I'll usually make some hot dips for them to munch on throughout the day. 

A perennial favorite has to be buffalo chicken dip. It has all that great spicy wing flavor without making a mess of your hands. This recipe starts out with smoking a few chicken breasts, mixing in some cream cheese, bleu cheese dressing, and a little hot sauce. This can easily be done a few days ahead and simply tossed back in the smoker to heat it up about 45 minutes before you want to eat it. This also makes a great dish for those office pot luck lunches during the holidays.

Traditional Family Dinner

If you choose to make more traditional holiday fare for dinner, the REC TEC has you covered there, too.

From delicious Crown Roast of Pork, to Prime Rib and just about everything in between, our vast library of recipes keep you cookin'. We also offer video recipes on social media for your more commonplaces holiday favorites, like ham and turkey. Our RT-590 Stampede and RT-700 Bull can easily cook meals big enough for you and extended family, which definitely helps if your family isn't tired of turkey yet come the 25th. There's plenty room for a 35 pound bird and a few sides, and I always recommend these to anyone looking for a smoker during the season of giving. 

Final Thoughts

For those new REC TEC family members that are patiently waiting for the arrival of their grills, you are only limited by your creativity. 

As you prepare for the arrival your new REC TEC, I'm curious what your first cook will be? We always encourage our REC TEC Family to share their dishes with us on social media, and we're always available for questions and tips on how to spice up your next cook. I wish all of you the happiest of holidays and the tastiest of foods for your families.


Greg Mueller is a WORLDCHEFS-certified master chef, and the Director of Culinary Innovation at REC TEC Grills. He has over 18 years of experience and is knowledgeable in all things food and cooking.

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