CHEF TEC 101 - A Decade of Deliciousness

CHEF TEC 101 - A Decade of Deliciousness

Posted by Chef Greg Mueller on 7th Jun 2019

Most people know by now that 2019 is the Year of the Pig. But, more importantly, it's the year of REC TEC!

This year marks a decade of REC TEC dominance as the fastest growing pellet grill company in America! You might ask yourself, "What makes a REC TEC better than the rest?" Simply put, it's the flavor, convenience, and versatility of our grills. We didn't spend 10 years on top for no reason...

Did you see this 170 lb. whole hog on the Chuckwagon RT-TMG?


After years of working in kitchens and competing all over the world, I’m constantly in the pursuit of flavor. 

I'm fascinated by flavors. Whether I’m walking through markets tasting and smelling unique foods or reading about different cuisines, I'm inspired to combine flavors and create a unique profile in the foods I prepare. Sometimes it’s something as simple as some fresh citrus or a reduction of vinegar that adds a little bit of acid to bring out more subtle flavors. Something this simple can transform a dish from good to exquisite. One characteristic of the REC TEC that is somewhat under-explained is how it transforms hardwood pellets into the perfect kiss of flavor on your foods. Most grills are one dimensional cookers; gas grills simply provide heat with no added flavor other than the often burnt results. Charcoal grills do offer more in the spectrum of flavor, but  they still yield a very distinct flavor profile. You either love it or you can’t stand it! The REC TEC has you covered, especially if you're looking for a deeper smoke profile by cooking at lower temperatures (180ºF - 275ºF), where the hardwood pellets slowly smolder while perfectly controlled by the most precise WiFi controller in the business. The ability to give great flavor and color to your foods without overshadowing what you're cooking sets us apart from the rest. At slightly higher temperatures (300ºF - 375ºF), the pellets begin to burn more cleanly and efficiently. But, since your REC TEC is burning fresh pellets, you still get amazing flavors; less on the smoke, but more savory umami elements that give you sweet/savory notes. On the higher side for roasting and searing (400ºF - 500ºF+), the REC TEC will burn pellets quickly and yield an extremely clean flavor, like crisp pizza crust where you can taste the oak, or moist meat and perfectly rendered skin for chicken. For 10 years straight, REC TEC Grills has definitely brought the flavor!

These chicken lollipops scream FLAVOR!


In this day and age, we are surrounded by technology and everything is connected to "the cloud."

Walking into your home and asking Alexa to turn on a light or play a specific song through wireless speakers still baffles me. Cooking is the one thing a robot cannot replace or replicate. As we're away from home more every day, we need something to give us back the time we miss. The REC TEC will give you back that time. It gives you that added hour for baseball practice or spending time with your family after a long day at work and school. The REC TEC features the Wi-Pellet WiFi Controller. You can turn the grill on and off, increase and decrease cooking temperatures, and watch the cook on your smart device thanks to the platinum-tipped meat probes that come standard with your grill. You have all of the grill functionality in the palm of your hand and the ability to cook from virtually anywhere. I'll pre-heat my grill during my commute home so that it's waiting on me, not the other way around. Before work in the mornings, I'll marinate or season dinner and oftentimes I’ll have my kids put it on for me. I feel quite comfortable letting my kids using a REC TEC without being a 'helicopter parent.' There is no risk of a propane explosion and no need to use lighter fluid or matches. They can literally push a button, turn a dial, and set the temperature to the exact degree. Casseroles are cooked to perfection and leftovers can be reheated easily, all without interrupting daily activities. After all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can sit down as a family and enjoy a wholesome meal thanks to the convenience of the REC TEC. Think of all the time you've saved over the last 10 years!

Temperature control doesn't get much easier than this...


I'm often asked, "What's your favorite thing to cook on a REC TEC?"

The answer is everything. A REC TEC has the flexibility to excel at cooking anything from biscuits to briskets! A grill that can smoke, sear, grill, roast, bake, and dehydrate gives you the ability to cook with confidence and exceptional results every time. The learning curve on a REC TEC is pretty quick. All of our recipes are tested several times before we post them online. Since all of our employees own and cook on our grills, everyone is a reliable resource. We have recipes from fajitas to fatties and Italian to Indian. I love seeing customer's photos of foods they are cooking for the first time. I especially love seeing their families and friends enjoying the results. Our grills take the guess work out of cooking by giving you more time to spend with your loved ones, and that's the important thing. We're proud to say that for a decade, we've been the most versatile pellet grill on the market.

Get the most our of your grill. Increase your cooking area with the interior shelf! 

Final Thoughts

The REC TEC family is a diverse group of people from all across the world.

I love to see the camaraderie of our customers, giving advice and encouraging new REC TEC owners. I’ve never met a more helpful and supportive group of people. When you're cooking on the best grill available, it's easy to cook some of the best meals you've ever tasted. So, thank you all for joining us on this decade-long journey. Whether you bought a REC TEC in 2009 or yesterday afternoon, we appreciate your business and we are proud to have you as a member of the REC TEC family.


Greg Mueller is a WORLDCHEFS-certified master chef, and the Director of Culinary Innovation at REC TEC Grills. He has over 18 years of experience and is knowledgeable in all things food and cooking.

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