Behind the Scenes at REC TEC

Behind the Scenes at REC TEC

Posted by Jordan Johnson on 10th Apr 2019

You may not realize it, but a lot goes into bringing you the content you crave.

The media team at REC TEC Grills is constantly coming up with new and exciting content for your enjoyment. Whether it's posting new recipes to Instagram and Facebook, shooting a video for YouTube, or producing an episode of Funday Friday, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to educate and entertain our audience. Let’s take a look at what goes into the production process, as we go behind the scenes at REC TEC!

My Background

I serve as the Production Specialist for REC TEC Grills.

Each week, the media team gets together to discuss what’s on the docket in the coming days. Whether it’s an event, national holiday, or special occasion, we’re consistently brainstorming to keep things fresh and interesting. Personally, my job involves taking our Creative Director’s vision and bringing it to life by directing and producing our segments and videos. We take key components of our world-class grills, like the stainless steel construction or ceramic ignitor rods, and insert those talking points into our videos to show that the quality of food cooked on a REC TEC reflects the quality of our products. From there, our incredible videographers and editors make the magic happen. Our social media team then delivers that magic to you via the screen of your computer, phone, tablet, or television.

Different Styles for Different Grillers

Each of our on-air personalities has their own style.

Jody is the fun-loving guy who enjoys a brewski and likes to showcase the ease of using our grills. Chef John enjoys injecting some charm and humor into his presentation, as well as using "out of the box" ingredients to put his dishes over the top. Chef Greg also has his own style, which is very informative and scientific. Ray and Stevie like to throw things to the wall and see what sticks, with their unorthodox style of cooking and big personalities! They're the Laurel and Hardy of REC TEC. We've got someone who can take you through any recipe step-by-step, as all of our on-air personalities have extensive knowledge in REC TEC and decades of experience between them. We've got some of the leading authorities in BBQ cuisine on our roster, and boy what a roster it is! 

The Classics

When choosing dishes to showcase, we obviously have to include the classics.

Ribs, briskets, pork butts, and steaks will always be fan favorites. After all, that’s what comes to mind when you think of BBQ! Whether it’s hot and fast or low and slow, our grills can do it all. This idea is important to convey because we want you to know that anything can be cooked on our grills, by anyone, at any time. Aside from providing times and temperatures so you can repeat consistent, delicious results, we also make sure to include a few other things. We always show that thin blue smoke you’ve come to know and love, as well as the flames that light your tastebuds on fire! The classics aren’t the only things we like to give ya’, however…

Check out this quick and easy recipe for classic, low & slow pulled pork:

The Innovation

Here at REC TEC, we’ve got two classically trained chefs on staff to come up with unique, new dishes to cook on our grills.

Everyone knows Chef John can make a delicious meal, and Chef Greg’s credentials speak for themselves… So, having said that, we love to utilize their experience and knowledge when considering what recipes to present to our audience. We’ve cooked everything from apple pie to octopus on our grills, and we believe that speaks to the versatility of our products. We want you to know that, aside from those classics mentioned above, anything can be done on your REC TEC! From baking and broiling, to searing and steaming, a REC TEC can do anything under the sun. If you don’t believe me, try something kind of “out there” for your next cook, and see for yourself!

Chef John's WyldSide Grilled Octopus video is coming soon! 

Grills for Every Lifestyle

The three tenants we live by are flavor, convenience, and versatility.

It goes without saying that REC TECs produce great flavor. The convenience of being able to power up your grill or adjust the temperature through our app is something that sets us apart. For me, versatility is our biggest selling point. Whenever I go into a video or photo shoot, that’s what I like to focus on the most. You can do anything you can imagine with our grills, and we’ve been able to prove that to you over the years.


Jordan Johnson is the Production Specialist at REC TEC Grills. He can be seen during the behind the scenes segments of Funday Friday on REC TEC’s Twitter account, in addition to his task of managing Recs the Bull as Recs “tweets throughout the day.” Jordan is also an editor of blogs and copy within the company, and has over a decade of experience writing, directing, acting, editing, and producing. 

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