Baking on the REC TEC

Baking on the REC TEC

Posted by Ashley Brown on 23rd Jul 2019

When people think about using their REC TEC, they're probably planning to sear up some steaks or burgers, or smoke some ribs, brisket, or pulled pork low and slow.

While all of those are great choices and the REC TEC is perfectly equipped to handle each of those go-to cooks, I feel like you are unduly limiting yourself by sticking to the classics. I tell people all the time, "The beauty of the REC TEC is the versatility." Sure, it's built like a tank; we use the best features and quality components, and the customer service is off the charts. I could brag about those aspects all day long. However, the two things I like the most about my REC TEC are the fact that it is super easy to use, and you can cook just about anything on it.

EVEN desserts, like this Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Baking on a Pellet Grill

No one likes to heat up their house, especially during the summer.

With the oven running at 400ºF to bake your sides or a main course, this is always a hassle. With the REC TEC, there is simply no reason to use traditional kitchen appliances. My wife and I cook virtually all of our meals on our RT-700. Whether you're preparing weeknight dinners for the family, entertaining a large group for the big game, or meal prepping for the entire week, REC TEC can definitely handle the job at hand. Here are a few items most of you may still be doing in the oven that you can switch over to the REC TEC with amazing results. Let me first note, however, to shy away from using disposable aluminum pans over a real baking pan. Darker pans conduct heat better and are a more suitable choice when doing these types of cooks.

You can also bake on the RT-B380 Bullseye!

Mac and Cheese

If it were up to my daughter, Kendall, we would have macaroni and cheese at every meal. 

Like most people, we used to prepare our mac and cheese and put it in the oven. For the last three years or so, we have not cooked a single pan of mac and cheese inside the house. There are all sorts of mac and cheese recipes out there. Once you've got your favorite one whipped up and ready to go, leave the oven off and head to the REC TEC. You will get a wonderful, consistent cook each time. You can even monitor the entire cook from your phone (even if you have to run to the store). 400ºF for 45 - 50 minutes will usually do the trick, depending the amount you are cooking.

Lasagna or Baked Spaghetti

My daughter may be a mac and cheese fanatic, but Italian is the way to go for me.

I absolutely love lasagna. My wife also makes a baked spaghetti that is out of this world. Again, these are dishes that people usually prepare on the stove or in the oven, but we use the REC TEC anytime possible. Of course, its necessary to boil the spaghetti noodles and brown the hamburger meat or sausage on the stove. But once the dishes are prepped, we head on out to the RT-700. The use of real wood gives the lasagna an infusion of flavor that cannot be duplicated in your oven. You can also put a little extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan on some asparagus for a perfect side to your Italian feast.

See the recipe for this Rolled Lasagna with Smoked Pork Sausage HERE

Roasted Red Potatoes

This is one of my favorite side dishes. 

If we're planning to do a pork tenderloin, my absolute favorite side item is roasted red potatoes. Check out this throwback video of Ray doing that exact dish! In the video, he mentions that you can add fresh rosemary, and I highly recommend this. Although I love it best with pork tenderloin, it goes perfectly with almost any meat.

Other Dishes to Try

If you can't tell by now, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the three recipes above, we also love stuffed salmon. We usually prepare squash and zucchini to accompany the fish, and it is absolutely delicious. To put it simply, you can prepare any dish you want on your REC TEC. So, the next time your wife asks you to sear some steaks and she offers to prepare some potatoes or corn on the side, tell her to relax and let the REC TEC handle it all. You'll get an incredible meal (and build up a few extra brownie points along the way).

Keep an eye out for NEW baking recipes coming soon, including this Pecan Bundt Cake!


Ashley Brown serves as one of REC TEC’s Sales Managers. Prior to joining REC TEC, he hosted his own sports talk show in Augusta for 19 years, and still serves as a Color Analyst for WJBF’s High School Football Game of the Week. He has written for the Augusta Chronicle, and writes his own weekly sports column in the Columbia County News-Times.

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