A Very Merry REC TEC Christmas

A Very Merry REC TEC Christmas

21st Dec 2018

A Flanagan Family Christmas

Our family likes to collect ornaments from places we visit throughout the year.

On Christmas Eve, we go through all of our ornaments and reminisce on the places we have been over the years. We have ornaments from Jamaica, the Bahamas, and even a duck ornament from The Peabody Hotel to remind me of our World Grand Championship win at Memphis in May. We also hide a special pickle ornament inside our Christmas tree… After Christmas dinner we let the kids search for it, and whoever finds it first gets an extra special Christmas gift! Christmas is a time for our family to get together under one roof and just enjoy everyone’s company.

-Jody Flanagan

Holiday Vacation with the Family

Christmas is easily my favorite holiday. 

I love all the great food, planning and surprising people, and of course, it is always fun to get gifts (don’t lie, you enjoy it too). We have several traditions that our family has enjoyed for decades, but last year I started a new Brown Family Tradition that I hope will never end. My wife and I were tired of buying the same old gifts for our kids each year (toys, video games, etc.), so we decided to plan an “experience” instead… Last year, it was a trip for my son and I to attend a Pittsburgh Steelers game in Pennsylvania. To top it all off, a friend was able to get us field passes! My son loved it all; the flight, hotel stay, game, sightseeing… It was awesome! So much so that my wife and daughter joined us to see the Steelers play in Jacksonville this year. We certainly won’t go see the Steelers play every year, but there’s no doubt we’ll be planning an “experience” for our kids each year at Christmas for many years to come.

-Ashley Brown

Making REC TEC a Tradition

Christmas Eve has always been a big deal for my family.

It started with my great-grandmother, wherein each year we would gather at her house for a huge Christmas dinner. She always made sure to have everyone’s favorites, and when it was time to eat, I was tasked with ringing the Christmas dinner bell, a job that I took very seriously… After she passed away, my grandmother took on the tradition, and once she moved across the country, my mother and father kept it going. Now that my immediate family is tasked with hosting the family, I’ve decided we’ve got to bring out the big guns… With the REC TEC Trailblazer, we’re now able to put fresh spins on old classics, and you can be sure that I’m more excited than ever to ring that Christmas bell when it’s time to eat!

-Jordan Johnson

Family Favorite Snacks and Ugly PJ's

Christmas around my house is pretty relaxed compared to most.

There's no fancy meal, no elaborate decorations, and no stress! We instead choose to lay around in ugly PJ’s, and snack all day long on fresh Chex mix (yes the recipe on the back of the box)... I’ve tried to convert to the delicious Durty Gurl Chex Mix recipe, but I’ve been told some traditions just can’t change! I'll make dips and spreads, platters of cheese and charcuterie make their way out at different times of the day. A Christmas Story is normally playing in the background, as it is hands down the best Christmas movie ever; not an opinion, just fact. I’ve never owned an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot air rifle, nor owned handmade custom bunny suit pajamas. In fact, I’m quite thankful that none of my relatives sew! As my boys have gotten older, their gifts include more electronics than a Best Buy, and I'm sure the allure of Santa Claus has twinkled dim like a loose light. But, for me, it's still fun to watch them tear into meticulously wrapped presents, and half of the time, I’m not sure what’s in the box as my wife Julie is an amazing online shopper. Just after Thanksgiving, the USPS and FedEX have worn permanent tire tracks in our driveway delivering packages left and right! When the sugar rushes wear off and the batteries are dead, it's just really nice to sit on the couch with some hot chocolate and reminisce on when the kids were younger and just how fast they have grown up. I wish your family the best of Christmases, and may there be a REC TEC under your tree on Christmas morning!

-Chef Greg

From our REC TEC family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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