Deflector Shield RT-340

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Replacement Deflector Shield for RT-340 Pellet Grill



  • 304 stainless steel
  • Retrofits RT-300 Mini

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4/1/2016 3:00:00 pm

Best pellet smoker on the market

Kyle Christianson -

First of all I wanna commend the customer service of rec-tec for their Neverending commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction!!!!!<br> I have written many reviews on many different products over the years and, not to many get 5 stars. So with that said, let's get to the nitty gritty!!! After all, I know what I wanna hear in a review and that of course is, the truth about a product! <br>Pros: The "PID" computer system that is used to monitor and control the grill/smoker temperature is SPOT ON, of course every once in a while it will fluctuate a few degrees but it quickly corrects itself. An auger system wich feeds Wood pellets into a burning pot can only be so consistent but when a good computer is running it, it makes a HUGE difference! <br> The build qualily of the rec-tec is far superior to any other grill/smoker that I have owned, Green mountain grills, and the Traeger. And they achieve that by avoiding the "middle man".<br>With no retail markup, rec-tec decided to take that extra couple hundred dollars and stick it into the quality of the grill/smoker rather than in their pockets as profit!!! That's just my 2cents.<br> And to top it off the 6 year warranty on the large model, and 2 year warranty on the mini speaks for itself, far surpassing most if not all other brands.<br>Cons: I wish I couldn't write a single bad thing about the rec-tec but no company is perfect, <br>1st I initially owned the rec-tec mini and ended up returning it for the large model for 2 reasons. First I came to the conclusion it was going to be a bit to small for my family. Then I realized it was built un-level,<br>The right side sat higher than the left by 3/8". I contacted Ray who is one of the owners and he was totally blown away with the problem and said, send that thing back as soon as you get the new large model, because he couldn't wait to see the problem. Once I received the new full size grill/smoker<br>I packed up the old one and sent it back, they covered shipping.<br> The assembly of the full size rec-tec was quick and simple, but I did run into a problem at the very end of the assembly. When I went to put the grill grates on, I noticed that the left grate wasn't resting on the frame of the grill, instead it was hitting the drip pan. So I called Ray at 9:30 at night like the crazy guy I am and he walked me through the problem. All in all, I had to bend a little metal but it worked out just fine and looks like new! Since then I have had zero issues and even if I do, I know I'm in good hands with these guys! And you will be two! <br> P.S. The most common positive comments about rec-tec are usually about the customer service. And I was skeptical at first because the world we live in these days doesn't seem to take much pride in such things. But WOW have they blown me away!!!

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