10 Things to Know

When Buying a Pellet Grill

The main reason for owning a pellet grill is to create great food every time you grill. A well-designed pellet grill will provide years of consistent results and worry free ownership with very little effort or maintenance on your part. Since many people are new to pellet grill technology, we get a lot of questions related to knowing what features are important to have in a pellet grill. We have compiled a top ten list to make things easier for you.


Grills For Every Lifestyle

When it comes to BBQ, there are two ways to cook: low & slow, or hot & fast. All of our REC TEC pellet grills can do both!  Whether you want to smoke a brisket overnight or sear a steak at high temperatures, REC TEC GRILLS has you covered.  We’ve got grills for any size family or any size meal.


Computer & Temperature Control

The most important feature for any pellet grill is having a temperature control algorithm that will hold a constant temperature in any weather condition. Many pellet grills use antiquated timing sequences to maintain temperature. These systems will have temperature variations based upon the weather, which will cause inconsistent results. The best pellet grills use PID algorithms for temperature control. This is the same temperature control technology used by commercial bakeries, breweries, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Every REC TEC pellet grill comes standard with our proprietary Smart Grill Technology™ PID temperature controller.  PID temperature control is the absolute gold standard in temperature control. This is a factand not an opinion...  Any other temperature control system is simply inferior.



REC TEC grills feature our groundbreaking Wi-Pellet WiFi Connectivity, which means you can control your grill from virtually anywhere on the planet.  Our grills come with 4 temperature settings:  Your setpoint, your actual temperature, and the temperature for probes A and B.  Your setpoint is the temperature at which you set your grill, and the actual temperature is the temperature at which the grill currently sits.  Probes A and B monitor the internal temperatures of your meats, if in use.  When connected to WiFi, you can turn you grill off and on, or adjust the temperature on the fly.  It’s that easy.


High Quality Construction

If your internal parts rust away, your grill will be useless. We have a ceramic igniter rod that’s good for 100,000 cycles, and a fire pot you can park a dump truck on. Even though you will rarely look at your firepot, you will sleep better knowing that it was built to last a lifetime.  All of our critical components are made with 304 stainless steel; we mean it when we say our grills are built like a tank.  

Learn more about REC TEC’s commitment to Stainless Steel quality.  


Space & Size 

The REC TEC RT-700 has 702 square inches of cooking space, allowing you to cook for the whole neighborhood if need be.  If you’re not in need of all that grill space, we’ve got several other options to choose from!



Pellet Consumption

Try to learn about the pellet consumption of various models.  Some pellet grills burn 4-5 pounds of pellets per hour. The REC TEC RT-700 uses about 1 pound of pellets per hour at 225˚F on an average summer day.  We’ve even got our own blend of pellets, available right here on our website!


Beware of Smoke & Mirrors

Think about your microwave. It has tons of features that you probably have no idea how to use, because you only use it to heat things up.  Your grill is similar in that all you need is a consistent temperature to create awesome results.  Many pellet grill companies use smoke and mirror sales tactics to try and sway your opinion.  For example, some grill companies brag about having baffles and dampers.  However, having to learn about damper & baffle adjustments defeats the entire purpose of owning a pellet grill.  A well-engineered pellet grill will not require you to do anything more than select a temperature for consistent, even heat inside your grill.  Furthermore, any grill with a fire pot that is not in the center of the grill just is simply not well made.



Look at the warranty closely to know what is covered; many companies cover electrical components for very short periods. REC TEC offers a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.


Customer Service

Will you be dealing with a person reading a script on a computer screen, or a person that lives the pellet grill lifestyle? At REC TEC Grills, every employee from the bottom to the top owns a REC TEC and knows our product inside and out.  But wait, it gets even better…  Every customer has the ability to call a REC TEC founder’s cell phone if they feel the need. We take customer service that seriously!


Bang For Your Buck  

With world class customer service, 304 stainless steel critical components, a ceramic igniter rod, and our Smart Grill Technology™, you simply can’t go wrong with a REC TEC…. But don't just take our word for it! Check out these links for more info on why a REC TEC is the best choice out there:

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