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Wood Pellets


Wood Flavor in a Convenient Form

Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets are made of 100% natural hardwood. The pelleting process concentrates the wood into a very dense form, much denser than a hardwood log. The density of Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets creates the ability to store a large quantity of energy in a compact, easy to store bag of pellets. And because the pellets are uniform in size, the grill can easily automate the rate at which they are fed into the fire. This is key to a reliable and consistent cook.

Wood pellets have the added advantage of containing a calculated amount of moisture that maintains a consistent burn rate. Your food benefits from the release of this small amount of moisture during the burning process in that your food does not dry out and you do not need to add a water pan to your grill.

Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets are processed from recycled hardwood sawdust by adding uniform pressure which creates wood pellets of consistent quality. They are a renewable, environmentally friendly cooking fuel that creates great flavor. The consistency of our premium hardwood pellets makes it easy for an amateur to achieve and repeat successful cooking results time after time.


100% Hickory (Full Flavor)

Hickory is one of the most popular and recognizable woods used for smoking. It creates a smoke with a fuller body which many claim infuses a bacon like flavor into the meat. Hickory is a perfect choice for pork, ham or beef.

REC TEC Ultimate Blend (Mild Flavor)

A blend of red oak, white oak and a touch of hickory makes REC TEC Ultimate Blend a perfect combination of heat and flavor. Oak is very a popular smoking wood which produces a very recognizable mild smoke. These pellets create a beautiful mahogany color when used for low and slow cooking and have plenty of heat for grilling. Our Ultimate Blend is an excellent choice for smoking ribs, chicken, turkey and fish or grilling burgers, steaks and hotdogs.

Perfect Mix Pellets (Maple, Hickory, Cherry, & Apple)

Perfect Mix is the perfect name for this blend of woods. The subtle sweet smoke of these pellets complements any food without overpowering the dish. These perfectly balanced will wow your guests every time you grill. Try them with everything.

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