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REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill (RT-680)

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Product Description

With the push of a button, your REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill will automatically light and heat to the temperature you have selected. Once your REC TEC has heated up, it will maintain its temperature throughout the cooking process.

This precise temperature control allows you to grill, smoke, sear, and bake. Since all of the heat comes from real wood, you get the benefit of all that wood flavor. Cooking over a real wood fire on a computer controlled REC TEC will make your next cookout the talk of your neighborhood.

At REC TEC Grills we strive to produce the highest quality, most convenient, and most versatile Grill on the market. This is why the RT-680 is backed by our unmatched SIX YEAR limited warranty. We want you to be able to "WOW" your friends and family with delicious food for years to come.

Our promise to you is that owning a REC TEC Pellet Grill will change the way you eat. Every REC TEC Grill is precisely calibrated to produce accurate reliable cooking temperatures when used with REC TEC Premium Hardwood Pellets.

Your REC TEC is a precision cooking instrument that will increase the repeatability of your favorite recipes by removing the variable of temperature fluctuation that plagues backyard enthusiasts and pit masters alike. Now grab the bull by the horns and take your grilling game to the next level.


1-gold-medal-72dpi100x100.png Awarded the AmazingRibs.com best value gold medal.

Check out our reviews on Amazon: REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM


Temperature Controls

      • Smart Grill Technology™ Controller
      • Automatic lighting feature
      • 180ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments
      • Xtreme Smoke feature is available from 180ºF to 250ºF to increase smoke flavor
      • Full mode allows your grill to heat more quickly and reach temperatures above 500ºF*
      • Proprietary PID algorithm maintains temperature precisely
      • Long lasting RTD monitors grill temperature
      • Auger fed fire pot with heat deflector and blower fan prevents "hot spots"
      • Drip pan catches food drippings and protects against "flare ups"


      • 10 gauge baked-on porcelain enamel lid
      • High temperature durable textured powder coat finish
      • Micro polished stainless steel bull horn handles
      • Stainless steel towel ring
      • 4 tool hooks
      • Large side and bottom shelves
      • 40 pound hopper capacity
      • Hopper lid doubles as a warming surface
      • Hopper lid has handles for easy gripping
      • Hopper lid, smoke stack cap, and side shelf are 304 stainless steel
      • Fail proof lid stoppers
      • Fail proof drip bucket clip
      • Rollerblade style wheels and locking casters
      • Stainless steel logo that won’t fade or crack
      • Probe wire access port


      • 702 sq/in (36" x 19.5") cooking area that is tall enough for turkeys and beer can chickens
      • High quality ceramic ignition system
      • Interior light with easily removed dishwasher safe glass lens
      • Grill grates made from ¼ inch stainless steel rod
      • 10 gauge stainless steel fire pot
      • 12 gauge stainless steel heat deflector
      • 12 gauge stainless steel drip pan

Construction Features

      • Seams are welded, powder coated, and caulked for triple redundant weather protection
      • Stainless steel hardware
      • Heat vents to protect electronics
      • Plug & play construction allows for individual component replacement
      • Component access panels for easy repairs

Customer Care

    • Six year warranty
    • Top notch customer service
    • If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC, just return the grill within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.  We are that sure you will love your new REC TEC Grill.

Download Manual

* Achieving minimum and maximum temperatures can be limited by pellet selection and weather conditions.

Product Videos

wood pellet grills vs gas grills vs charcoal grills (12:33)
Learn about the pros and cons of using gas grills, charcoal grill, and pellet grills. Learn more about pellet grills here: http://www.rectecgrills.com/10-things-to-know/ Call REC TEC Grills at: 855-696-0890
  • wood pellet gr...
    Learn about the pros and cons of using gas grills, charcoal gr...
Cooking Area:
702 sq/in
Pellet Capacity:
40 lbs
Temperature Range:
Interior Light:
Folding Legs:
Temperature Control:
Proprietary PID Algorithm
Fire Pot:
10 Gauge Stainless Steel
Limited Warranty:
6 Years
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Included Pellets:
Included Accessories:
Additional Included Accessories:
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Product Reviews

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  1. Best grill ever..

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2017

    I think this is the best purchase of my life.. My wife thinks I now love the grill more then her, lol... Thank you so much for this amazing grill.

  2. unbelievably easy to use its a must have

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2017

    This thing is so easy to use turns out good product you can't beat the barbecue try it you won't regret it

  3. the rec tec 680 is a great grill

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2017

    I did a lot of research on this grill and I perched it and it is the best pellet grill I have owned and so far it dose just as advertised I have grilled chicken hamburger baloney ribs and made meat loaf and corn bread and it has done a good job

  4. Better than excepted

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2017

    I am very satisfied with this grill-smoker. I actually just called them and asked about the mini, only to find out it is discontinued. Sad face

  5. great grill

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2017

    Was so impressed about the rec tec 680, first pellet grill and the only pellet grill. Cooks great and another 5 stars to all the staff at rec tec, recommend this grill to anyone. A month in and I’m still looking forward to my next cook

  6. Setup was easy. Well written instructions. Great phone support!

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2017

    This was my 60th birthday gift to myself. Was tired of guessing with my Weber charcoal grill. This is so easy to cook on. Ian very happy with the pellet grill!

  7. Setup was easy. Well written instructions. Great phone support!

    Posted by on 17th Nov 2017

    This was my 60th birthday gift to myself. Was tired of guessing with my Weber charcoal grill. This is so easy to cook on. Ian very happy with the pellet grill!

  8. very pleased

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2017

    So I’ve had my Rec Tec for about a month or so. Worked fine, cooked an amazing tri tip but noticed that the controller had some “extra” numbers when I scrolled from set temp/actual temp. Grill worked fine, but I sent an email to Rec Tec and they called me back right away. Decided that the controller was not right and sent me a new one with instructions on how to install and some tips to make it easier to install. Short order took maybe 20 mins to install and it work as it’s supposed to. Made me feel great about their service and I’ve cooked some amazing food on it. Including a reverse seat ribeye my daughter said was the best ever! Loving it !

  9. Good Smoker

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2017

    After being in the BBQ business for several years, I have been looking for a good personal smoker. After looking at many different brands, I settled on the Rec Tec. After several cooks with brisket, ribs , chicken, etc., I am very pleased with the Rec Tec’s performance. In fact, it’s better than I thought it would be. For a pellet smoker, I am very pleased!!

  10. Happy Customer

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2017

    My new RecTec is awesome!! My family and friends are envious but they're all jumping on the bandwagon.

  11. Best grill ever!!

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2017

    I’ve had my Rec 680 now for 3 weeks. Cooked on it 4x. It is everything and more regarding the reviews i had read! If you know what temp to cook your meat at and what the internal temp should be when done, you can’t screw it up!! Amazingly fool proof!! I love all the rec tec YouTube videos that give us new owners great ideas!! I am thrilled beyond words!!

  12. Best grille ever!!!!

    Posted by on 11th Nov 2017

    I have cooked hamburger pork loin turkey breast. Best grille I have every had. Everyone should have a rec tec.

  13. Thee Best Smoker/Grill on the market

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2017

    In my business I always say that unless you know, and have owned a business like mine, you can't tell me how to operate it. Well the same is true for my cooking and my equipment. I started smoking meats over 20 years ago. Started with indirect heat, Wood smokers, propane pill box smokers to Large scale propane digital smokers. When I stumbled on a Camp Chef pellet smoker I had major reservations, me being old school. When I started using it I thought this is cool, so I decided to step up and buy a Rec Tec. The reason I chose them was because a friend of mine has one, and I had read all the glowing reviews on them. From the moment I called and spoke to Adam till the time I received my grill there service was unbelievable !! My grill came in the time they said, with all the items I had requested. The next day when I started to put it together I got a phone call from Adam making sure I was happy with the product. By the time I had put it together my family came over to try out my new toy. WOW I made some burgers and dogs and they came out amazing. I have since cooked steaks, chicken and Brisket on it, and they've all been great. The ease of use, the set it and forget it part is great. It holds its temp very well. It comes with a great warranty, but even better customer service team. I LOVE MY SMOKER and the REC TEC crew !!! Thanks fellas.

  14. Awesome

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2017

    This is an awesome smoker. I love the feature that produces more smoke when you're cooking at lower temperatures. I would give it ten stars if it was available. Meat came out great every time.

  15. RT-680

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2017

    I've had this grill almost a month. I've gone through one 40 lb. bag of ultimate blend pellets. I absolutely love this grill! I have tried ribs, chicken, steak, kabobs, pork loins, and pork chops so far. I have slow cooked the ribs and chicken and pork loins and I have turned the temp to 500 degrees using the searing grates for the steaks and pork chops to achieve some beautiful char marks. The ease of use with this grill is impressive. The last two steaks that I bought before the RT-680 cost $135. (Rib eye dry aged 45 days from New York) so I have plenty of experience with grilling. However, I regret that I didn't have the RT-680 at the time. I have recommended the RECTEC grill to all my friends and I recommend the RECTEC grill to anyone who wants a grill which can tackle grilling OR smoking!! The only downside to the RECTEC grill is that it requires an outlet. So, in case of power outage, you would need a generator (which I'm looking into buying.) Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say. Plus, I've taken before and after pictures of everything I've cooked so far just so that I can show my friends.

  16. Love it

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2017

    After trying one of the big name brands . Rec Tec is built way better and looks awesome sitting on our patio. We use it 3 to 4 times a week and it works perfectly every time and holds temperature perfectly threw entire cook cycle unlike our other pellet grill. I see another smaller Rec Tec in our future.


    Posted by on 7th Nov 2017

    I cooked 4 steaks for the very first time on my new REC TEC 680 pellet grill. I was amazed on how tender and juicy the steaks were. I have never tasted anything like it. It was so full of taste and so easy to cut. The smokiness was unbelievable. I will never cook on a Gas grill ever again. The amazing thing was I didn't have to keep checking my temperature or having to adjust it because the temperature controller on the REC TEC 680 was steady at 475 deg and never wavered 1 deg more or less. First ever pellet grill I owned. I am very happy I did researched on the top 3 pellet grills on the market and REC TEC was always the # 1 choice do to its construction and consistency of cooking. So many positive reviews from other people who have cooked on a REC TEC. The other competitors didn't have many consistent favorable. reviews...

  18. works as advertised

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    After 8 months of research and looking at every other pellet grill out there I went with the RecTec. I was not disappointed, being in mechanical trades you can see the hardware is heavy duty. The only negative at all is the bolts that attach the legs could be a 1/4 inch longer. The grill is very easy to use and makes me look like a pro. I'm going to cook Turkey for the family Thanksgiving so I did a test run Saturday it went so well I've been told I'm also doing Christmas dinner. This grill will make you look like a rock star. Well worth the money!

  19. 1st Time Champ

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    For my first major cook on my new RecTec, I made for the 1st time ever, a smoked brisket. I live in the Southwest and good/great BBQ is everywhere. Mine turned out as good or better than anything I could buy around here. Thanks RecTec. Love the ease of use and level of constant heat. Great Looking grill also! Have a couple friends interested now too..

  20. Great pellet smoker

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    This is the third brand of pellet smoker I have used, and hands down my favorite. Well built, great flavor, huge hopper, and extremely fast and friendly service. Ordered on a Monday, and delivered on Thursday. Got a phone call the same day I ordered it thanking me for the order, and explaining how the shipping works. 5 stars, highly recommend this smoker!

  21. Accurate and easy to use, even for a beginner!

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    The quality and ease-of-use of this Rec Tec Grill has been amazing to me! It's been an adventure and fun to try different Meats, but the wonderful thing is that they've all been amazing! Hard to fail with a RecTec!

  22. THE BEST

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    Husband's Bday Gift! We love this grill. It looks GREAT and it's so easy! We've never had anything but a charcoal grill before, so we're experimenting, and so far it's all been awesome. Can't wait to entertain for the holidays and smoke that turkey!

  23. Great Product So Far!

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2017

    I have only used my Rec Tec a couple of times so far, but it has performed splendidly. It held its temp spot on and the ribs, chicken and pork belly that I have smoked so far were delicious. You can tell this is a solidly built product that will last for years to come.

  24. Bad Ass !

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2017

    I've had my RecTec 680 for a couple weeks now. I've done ribs ,turkey breast , pork tenderloin , and chicken thighs. Everything has turned out de-lish ! This thing is built like a tank , looks really cool , and is so easy to use. I am so glad I did my research on pellet grills before I made my purchase .

  25. Incredible investment

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    I'm certainly not an experienced cook as far as smoking goes. I built an UDS some time ago. As hard as I tried, I never achieved the results I was after. I research and found Rec Tec. I finally got the nerve to spend the money and man I'm glad I did ! I still have a lot to learn, but I've made the best Rib eyes and burgers so far. I made my first brisket this weekend along with chicken thighs. I put the brisket on at 11 PM at 225. When I got up Sunday morning, it was running at 225. My UDS would have never been able to do that without constant monitoring. The brisket wasn't perfect,but was my best yet. The thighs were awesome. I'm excited about what I'll be able to accomplish with the 680 !!

  26. Awesome!

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    This thing is awesome. It's built like a tank and has worked flawlessly since I received it. I look forward to many years of smoking on this Rec Tec RT680.

  27. Best Pellet Grille awesome

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    Very satisfied couldn't be more happy
    Everything from customer service to getting the rec tec 680 to my front door
    Awesome company awesome staff and awesome grille

  28. awesome!

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    Great grill! Easy to use, great smoker and grill. We love it!

  29. value and ease of use!

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    Owned the rec tec 680 for 1 month now.....shipping packaging was superb, build was straightforward with great directions.....although it is a 2 person job due to the weight of the unit. First 2 smokes were amazing! Super simple to use! Best bang for the buck in my opinion! I learned to smoke on a frankensmoker I built myself from cast iron wood stove and a 55 gal drum......ran that for 12 years....now I appreciate the simplicity.
    One thing I did find right away......there are hot spots/cool spots....especially when you pack this thing with 9 racks and 2 shoulders, but all smokers will have this in one way shape or form....I just gotta learn how to utilize the hot/cold spots to my advantage.
    Awesome smoker.... recommend this to anyone!

  30. Best Cooker Yet~!~

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    Although I was initially disapointed when the box came off the truck with Made In China on the box, I got over it when I found out how easy it was to cook on the Rec Tec Grill. I've had 3 cooks so far and they all have been tremendous.

  31. Best Smoker out there!

    Posted by on 29th Oct 2017

    Having eaten some ribs and brisket prepared on a Rectec, I had to have one. The RT680 is built like a tank, but runs like a Ferrari. I am a Rectec owner for life!

  32. 680 + cusomer service = Perfection

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2017

    The 680 has worked flawlessly. It was really hard to get used to the set it and forget it system. I keep the grill in my shop at the back of my property and probably walked a couple miles going back and forth during my first cook of butterflied chicken. What a waste of good beer drinking time. Best chicken I ever made.

    I ordered the grill on a Wednesday through Amazon. They showed a 2-3 week delivery time. Got a phone call the next morning from George at Rec Tec because they needed some shipping info. George said the grill was being shipped out that afternoon. It got delivered the following Monday.

    I had a small issue with the Maverick thermometer I bought with the grill and emailed Rec Tec. Got a phone call the next morning from Adam at Rec Tec and a new probe was shipped pretty much when I hung up the phone. Adam told me to call him with ANY questions. Got a question about the grill? Give me a call. Got a question on how to cook something? Give me a call. These guys treat you like a friend, not a customer.

  33. Easy Smoking

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2017

    I've been looking at various brands for a year and decided to spend my money on the Rec Tec. It was easy to assemble and I've already put about 100lbs of meat through it and it works as advertised. Temps come up very quickly after opening the lid helping to keep temps constant. The searing kit works great on vegetables but works better on steaks when used upside-down (Flat side up, grates down). Friends, family, employees and yes, my dogs, are all happy that I got the Rec Tec!

  34. Former Traeger Owner

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2017

    Taking advantage of a local warehouse deal I became a Traeger customer a couple years ago... From day 1 my 34" Texas Elite model wouldn't operate to specifications, most notably it would never get to the higher temps called out for many of THEIR recipes!

    On multiple occasions I dealt with their customer service reps most commonly being told that their 'blend' pellets sold through Costco did not burn as hot as other hardwoods thereby justifying the units lack of performance. I tried 2 separate units with similar results before switching to the RT-680.

    The first thing I noticed was how much 'beefier' the 680 was in its steel gauge and hardware and I was super impressed to see the broad use of Stainless Steel on flame spreaders, drip trays and other parts of the grill! Completing assembly I dumped the Traeger blend pellets that I had recaptured from my last Traeger return and fired up the Rec Tec. Not only did the 680 come to temp faster, it also had no problem making it to sub-500 degrees, something the Traeger couldn't do on its best day!

    If I had any critique at all it would be that it'd be nice to have multiple color options as Ferrari red is a hard to match décor color :) I'm looking forward to years of use on this new grill!

  35. Magnificent

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2017

    In a word, MAGNIFICENT! Built like a tank and, unlike my Treager which I got rid of, HOLDS TEMP extremely well. Haven’t used the smoker tube yet but I plan on using it to add smoke at higher temps. Pretty sure it will work great. Don’t even hesitate in buying this pellet stove if you want the best, unfrustrating, grilling experience.

  36. hell of a machine

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2017

    One hell of a machine. So far have done steaks, 13 hour Boston butt, burgers, chicken and sausage on this thing. Everything turned out amazing. It is so easy to cook on.

  37. Best Grill Ever! I’d Buy It All Over Again

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2017

    After 4 weeks of research I bought a Rec Tec 680. I’ve used it over a dozen times now and absolutely love it. It delivers consistent results and makes it very easy to smoke! Their customer services is second to none!!

  38. Best Pellet Grill with best warranty!!

    Posted by on 24th Oct 2017

    We bought our 1st Rec Tec about 2 years or so ago. Best grill/smoker we have ever had. Customer service was awesome!!! Not long after we had purchased the grill, we were out of town one day and our dog got out of the kennel and went straight for the Rec Tec. When we got home he was laying in his kennel and the Rec Tec was turned over, all the wiring pulled out from underneath and it had been "licked to death!!!" Made the call to Rec Tec to buy the replacement parts and within a few days had new fan, wiring harness, etc. on my doorstep. On top of that, they didn't charge me a dime!!! Top notch folks running a top notch company! My wife and I are headed to Rec Tec Academy in May and are getting ready to order our second Rec Tec in the next month! I would highly recommend this grill to anyone!!

  39. Excellent Product and Customer Service

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    When I became interested in a pellet grill, I researched for well over a month and looked at several models, but I kept coming back to the Rec Tec. Several reasons for this (1) quality of product (2) many positive reviews from customers on the product and the customer service (3) the videos on YouTube the company has posted. I made my order for a RT-680 and when it arrived a couple weeks ago it was damaged in shipping. I called customer assistance number to relay the problems I experienced. I sent photos of the damage and they were excellent and immediately started to process sending me a new unit. They were insistent that I use the damaged grill until the new one arrived. They didn’t care that I would be returning a used grill which I found to be another example of quality customer service. For the inconvenience, they provided me the sear kit for free- Yet another example of quality customer service. The RT-680 is a great product, very easy to use and I enjoy cooking on it and look forward to many years of use.

  40. Always an experience

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    It's always an experience cooking in the RT-680. The Rolls Royce of smokers. Whether cold or hot smoking, the ease of use always renders a perfect result. Makes anyone an expert cook. Watch out Gordon Ramsey :)

  41. Awesome Product

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2017

    I have had my Rec Tec for a couple weeks and have cooked a number of things on it already. It is great! My neighbors consider it a gift for the entire neighborhood.

    Thought the advertising of the "rollerblade style wheels" was a big "so what"? However, that is one feature I really like more than I thought I would. My old grill was a pain in the @$$ to move and this thing is easy! Not that I roll my grill all over, but it is just nice that you don't have to fight it when you do.

    I did a test to see how hot mine would get and it peaked out over 550F (FYI - ambient temp was probably in the 80s when I tested). That said, not the best product for searing. I didn't buy the sear plates, but just use another grill to sear and then put my steaks on the Rec Tec to finish up with a little smoke flavor. Other friends with pellet grills do the same thing.

    So far, I am very pleased and would purchase again.

  42. Without question the best electric smoker out

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2017

    I have a vision and bge mini smokers which I can not do without for the past few years and so I decided to try an electric smoker. I have used it multiple time for fish, chicken, bbq and have been beyond impressed with the easy use and the incredible smoke flavor that this grill produces.

  43. beast

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    So far everything I've cooked has turned out great ribs salmon jerky pizza steaks chicken Popeyes had it for two weeks now

  44. Beast of a grill

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Have been cooking on this thing at least three days a week and it is simply amazing. Puts the competitors in the dirt. This grill is built like a tank and you can feel the quality. If you're in the market, don't sleep on the rec tec and get cookin with pellets!

  45. Most Bang for your Buck. Best money I ever spent.

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2017

    Rec Tec Rt-680 is the BEST pellet smoker, for the money. on the market today. The Material it is built of, is far better then any other smoker in this price range on the market today, hands down. Even with all of that, their customer service is Without a doubt the Best of ANY company sailing any product in today's market. I will NEVER regrete my purchase. The quality, material and customer service is the BEST.

  46. Never knew cooking was this easy!

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2017

    The grill was super easy to put together. Put it on your desired temp and walk away it's that simple. I'm very glad I made this purchase.

  47. Where have you benn all my life?

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    I have owned a gas Masterbuilt, and an upright off set smoker. I battled with temperature spikes and with unsatisfactory results for years.
    After much research I chose the Rec Tec . I have to admit that the co-founders sold me. I was convinced they knew what they were talking about and had literally thought of everything in the design and look.
    So my smoker arrives and I begin assembly. I recently assembled a cheap gas grill from Lowes for my brother-in-law so I actually had something to compare with.
    This Rec Tec grill was a monster. Every part was heavy gauge stainless steel. The bolts were massive. It was a beast. Assembly was simple. Enough about my new love because my wife gets jealous when I talk about this.
    Now the first cook was a 10 pound brisket. Might as well start with something challenging because I was confident this smoker could handle the task. The brisket was like butter and the flavor profile was incredibly delicious. I have cooked chicken, shrimp, steaks and ribs. Everything came out delicious. My wife now uses the grill with no problem. She never would have attempted grilling. She would normally gripe about the smoke and mess with the other smokers. I couldn't be happier and look forward to years of grilling to come.

  48. Grat Pellet Grill

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    This is a great grill. High quality materials on every part of the grill. Holds temperature as promised and looks great also. I did plenty of research before buy this grill and I think I made the best decision. I have had family over for cookouts and I think a couple will be buying this grill also.

  49. The Real Deal!!!

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    I attended the American Royal BBQ a few years back and every BBQ manufacturer was there to promote their grills/smokers. I looked at dozens of smokers and identified the Rec-Tec as the one I wanted. Unfortunately I lost the gentleman's busx card and couldn't remember the brand. Fast forward to Sept 2017 and I was at a local Ace Hardware and saw they had a big Traeger so I started watching YouTube video's and stumbled across a side by side comparison to the Rec-Tec 680...It was then that it dawned on me the Rec-Tec is the one I fell in love with at the ARB in 2013. The folks at Rec-Tec worked with me to get it shipped out the next so I would have in time to show off my family. This is a heavy duty smoker and I am confident it'll be my last one. There is significant difference in the quality of materials that go into the Rec-Tec that has to be squeezed out to sell to the big box stores to achieve a certain price point. Yes, your paying for shipping but its a one-time deal so get over it. The thermostat is spot on as my temp fluctuates by 1-degree from set temperature. I would purchase again w/o hesitation.

  50. By far the best bang for the $

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    I'm a former Traeger owner that was ready for an upgrade. I did the research and sat on it for quite a while and finally went with the RecTec. This grill is everything I wanted. It gets hotter than the Traeger, the PID temp system is the best there is ,the 40 lb hopper is a great plus and it just has an awesome look and feel. This is a $1,000 grill with a $2,000 feel. Couldn't be more pleased.

  51. Love this grill/smoker!

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2017

    Best tasting brisket ever on the first try (and second). It takes so much of the guesswork out of the mix!

  52. You won’t regret it

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2017

    I ordered 2 of the 680’s about a month ago. Less than a day after I ordered the grills the customer service you constantly read about kicks in. I got a call from RecTec thanking me for my purchase and explained everything about how the shipping would be handled. It’s a nice touch that nobody I’ve dealt with does.

    Couple days go by and they show up on a truck, with some complimentary bags of RecTec’s competition blend pellets on top of the boxes. Thank you for that!!! Assembly was simple, first one took 45 minutes and the second only 30 minutes. Fired em’ up and did the one hour burn in then threw on a few pounds of bacon to get some fat spread around.

    I’ve done a little bit of everything so far. Chicken, ribs, pork, and the best brisket I’ve ever cooked. People that say you can’t get a smoke ring from a pellet popper don’t know what they’re talking about. Everything has come out amazing and both grills have performed flawlessly, the PID temperature control is spot on and the extreme smoke setting is a great feature.

    The only issue I had was a bad light fixture, after a few cooks the porcelain light socket lost connection. I called up RecTec and got to talk with Adam. Explained the issue and had a complete light assembly heading my way. Even had a tracking number before I even got off the phone, thank you Adam.

    If you’re on the fence about ordering one of their grills do yourself a favor and pull the trigger on a RT-680. You won’t regret it.

  53. Easy to seem like an expert

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2017

    Straight out of the box, I made pork bbq that was some of the best I’d had. I had never smoked anything before in my life. The Rec Tec is really a pellet fueled convection oven. So easy for to produce quality smoked meats.

    Going to try a pizza next!

    Happy smoking.

  54. great investment

    Posted by on 13th Oct 2017

    I have wanted a pellet grill for long time, this summer, I had back surgery, and had lots of time on my hands to research all the pellet grills on the market in the $1000 range. Rec Tec won after exhausting all other options, what made the decision was the 6yr warranty, who would give 6 years if their product was junk, next was the amount of you tube videos stating how precise the temp control was, and last but not least it is beautiful! Thanks Rec Tec I am super happy, and the food is amazing

  55. excellent product

    Posted by on 13th Oct 2017

    My experience wast first class. From the time I placed the order to my first smoke, it was awesome.
    I had a little trouble with the bolts being short on the legs. Only 2/16 were as long as they should be. But, I got them to work.
    The quality of the materials is excellent. The assembly instructions were great (especially considering how frustrating assembling any other product is theses day).
    RT makes updates/upgrades to its grills and considers them standard without raising the price. And they even send a letter with the instructions so you aren't trying to figure out why something is different.
    Top notch quality and customer service.
    And, it even smokes as advertised. It makes me look good. It is simple to use. The comments I have received from friends and family on the food I've made has been amazing. Everyone loves it. My wife loves it because I can do more cooking.
    It's a joy to be a part of the Rec Tec family.


    Posted by on 13th Oct 2017

    After a ton of research, and a couple of months convincing the wife (which wasn't easy with a $1000 Weber on the patio) I recently purchased a 680. My wife and I could not be happier. We've had the Rec Tec for about 2 weeks and have cooked every night it wasn't raining.
    This grill is pure quality, holds perfect temp, recovers quickly and produces awesome food. Assembly took less than an hour. Also, the customer service is second to none.
    I'm one extremely satisfied SOB. Hats off to ya Rec Tec!

  57. Top notch customer service

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2017

    Not just an awesome grill but thr best customer service I have seen in years. I live on the west coast and work long hours but Ben was available after his normal work hours to troubleshoot my grills issue. Determined the issue could not be resolved over the phone so overnighted the parts to me.
    Very impressed and now I can continue my BBQ weekly options. Three years and counting and will be a RecTec owner for life.

  58. Rec Tec makes smoking easy

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2017

    Having worked smokers with friends for years, feeding the fire box and struggling to maintain a constant temperature was always a challenge, especially during the colder New England months.

    The Rec Tec makes smoking your favorite food easy as it maintains your temps for you while still giving your food a delicious smoked flavor (I'm using the RecTec pellets)

    Very durable construction, easy to assemble, and following their recommendations about what to foil makes clean up simple

  59. No brainer best smoker-grill ever

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    I have been using an off set smoker for over 20 yrs and the RT 680 has made my cooking time so much better. Great product.

  60. Top Notch

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    This smoker delivers as promised. No issues receiving or ordering. Solid product, top quality materials and it smokes meat like a champ. My only complaint is the front shelf add-on covers the bull ring towel holder which hides the signature look this grill has.

  61. A beast of a smoker!

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    I received my REC TEC 680 ahead of schedule and what a solid built smoker it is! I went to you tube and used the set up video to put my smoker together. No problems as long as I didn't get ahead of myself. Solid as a rock and great quality!
    I cooked 2 whole chickens on it and boy, were they good!
    Great Job REC TEC!

  62. Keeps the temputure the same as you set it too.

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    Did a great job on the and my briskit. Had a Traeger that i bought two years ago at Costco and had problems the second time I used where the augur got clogged. Several other issues the last one was the one that broke the camels back. The augur kept filling fire box and ventually had a big fire fflames coming out the hole had to put fire out with water almost a fire extinguiser but did not want to ruin four briskits. It is on its way back to Costco. What a opiece of junk.

  63. Noob Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    Total noob here and let’s be clear: I bought this thing over other options because of the many excellent reviews and, of course, the horns! I bough it to replace a Charbroil gas grill.
    First off shipping took 2 days to get to the Midwest where I live frown the warehouse. That’s incredible. So that’s awesome.
    Setup took some time...Bout an hour....but instructions good. I was missing one bolt (non-essential for operation) which was shipped immediately to my door.
    Operation is exceedingly simple: You just turn it on, pellets automatically feed and soon you have smoke. I found it helpful to toss a small amount of pellets in the burning chamber on the very first startup to get it going.
    Quality of the product and materials is outstanding. This thing is built like a tank. It’s sturdy and tough and it’s not sloppily biult. It’ll last for a really long time. It’s heavy for sure but rolls around nicely.
    Overall, purchasing, assembly, quality of product, and operation are all five stars (except maybe dock a star from assembly due to missing bolt).
    I’ve done bacon, wings, burgers, dogs and spatchcock chicken so far and no complaints really. As I mentioned I’m a total noob so there’s a learning curve there.
    Other thoughts: I bought the non-stick grill mesh thingies which seem useful. I also like the maverick remote thermometer...not the most intuitive electronic I’ve ever used but once set up its nice. I bought the grill cover which is nice but fits a little too snug and it’s a big ok bulky thing that doesn’t store well when not in use. I probably wouldn’t buy the grill cover again since I have garage space to store it in anyway.
    That’s it folks. Hope that helps. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Great customer service. Great product.

  64. Awesome gril & smoker

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    I did a lot of research on pellet grills and I am so glad that I made this choice when I purchased a grill. The customer service is second to none and they were very helpful when making decisions on purchasing accessories. I love going to YouTube for ideas and techniques for cooking different items. Everything I have cooked so far has been delicious!! Thanks

  65. Great product

    Posted by on 9th Oct 2017

    Great grill period!

  66. great value

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2017

    Too bad it’s not US made, but the 680 uses quality materials (much better than Traeger), is easy to assemble and has good fit and finish. It ships on a pallet and is well packed and protected. Two people are needed to get the parts off the pallet. Ok enough of that...how does it cook? Fantastic. Very efficient use of fuel, good temperature regulation and good heat uniformity too. There’s a lot of choices out there, but pick this one, and you’ll never look back.

  67. Even Better Than You Think

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2017

    Ordered my 680 at the beginning of this summer with high expectations. Rec Tec did not disappoint. Everything is top notch, from the quality of the build to the quality of the customer service.

    I held off on submitting a 5-star rating until I cooked all summer. Everything that came off this grill was the best I've ever made. Ribs, pulled pork & chicken, steaks, roasted garlic, wings. I did a chocolate cheesecake, smoked with cherry pellets. Bacon, pork & beef tenderloin. Turkey. Everything was incredible.

    I'll be ordering a mini for next year so I can have two going at all times.

    WiFi would have been a big bonus on this grill. However, it seems like folks who are serious about smoking always have their own thermometers anyway, which generally have WiFi built in, so not really an issue for me.

  68. Best grill ever

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2017

    Tried chicken wings on my first cook after seasoning the grill. They were awesome. Did three racks of ribs the second night. Did a boston butt the following weekend. Everything came out great. All I want to do now is cook.

  69. Excellent product, i LOVE IT.

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2017

    I am very happy with my new Rec Tec 680 smoker grill. The workmanship and quality are top notch. I was very impressed at how it kept the chamber temperature to within a couple of degrees of the target temperature.. Amazing!.

    There are some little things I would suggest be considered in the future. The all weather cover is very form fitting, and a little hard to install. Maybe a video of the best way to install it. The fan is noisy, but that might be because of the volume of air it pushes. If a quieter one were offered as an upgrade, I would buy it. It would be nice if there were a door to empty the unused pellets out. However, it is really no trouble to just reach into the hopper and remove them by hand. These are minor inconveniences and do not affect the excellent qualities that this pellet smoker grill exhibits. These are just some things that would make it even better than it already is. I highly recommend this pellet smoker grill.

  70. The Evolution of Smoking

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2017

    The Rec Tec RT-680 is a brawny, beautiful piece of manhood. The thing is build like a battleship. Honestly, no expense has been spared to make this unit substantial. Nothing is flimsy or cheap. But with each upgrade the 680 has become a thing to be cared for, polished and cleaned like a vintage car. It is shiny, it sparkles and my guests gawk and gasp when I roll it out. It has luster, masculinity and it is a damn good smoker. It checks every box I can think of. Bravo!

  71. perfect & easy

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2017

    This smoker is the best. It’s ease of use is 2nd to none. You set it and forget it. And it produces world class food every time. It coooks evenly and it’s make with grade A products.

  72. The RT 680

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2017

    Being a backyard BBQ enthusiast for years, I have 4 grills. My favorite was the 48” cooker with the offset fire box. Over the years of learning how to use it, I had a baffle installed to protect the cook chamber from direct exposure to the fire box, and had the smoke stack exit relocated to the center of the end plate. These modifications helped make good Q, but the fire box still required almost constant attention to maintain the proper heat and smoke. Becoming a Grandpa tends to make a man want to reorganize his priorities, so I had to find a way to still make good Q, but also spend more time playing with my grand children.
    Much reading and research led me directly to the Rec Tec. The idea of a computer controlled, set it and forget it, cooker is almost too good to be true. I took delivery of my Rec Tec 680 in the summer of 2017. Assembly was fairly easy. My RT 680 was ordered with the stainless steel work table, which was also an easy install. The instructions recommend two people for assembly, but I did it all by myself without any problems. The first thing I noticed was how short the assembled grill was, 24” high to the steel table and 30” to the grill level. Now, I am not a tall fellow (5’ – 6”), but I found that I had to bend over to do anything with the grill. This simply would not do, so I took the thing apart, cut the legs in half and had 6” extensions welded onto the legs. The reassembled grill is now at a much better working height, 30” to the steel table and 36” to the grill level. With any new cooker, the first thing one needs is a benchmark to start from. (if you are a serious cooker, you know that you need a temperature probe inside the meat being cooked, but to learn the cooker, you need the benchmark first) The best way to get this, is to start with a known process. A medium sized chicken, spatchkocked, and cooked at 400° for one hour should produce semi firm meat with the beginnings of a crispy skin. My first such cook from the Rec Tec yielded a chicken that was not quite cooked and rubbery skin. This means that the cook temperature was too low. The digital readout on the Rec Tec said 400°. If you look inside the Rec Tec, the temperature probe is all the way on the left side of the cook chamber, about 6” above the grill, which places it more than a foot and a half away from where the food is being cooked. You need to know the temperature near the center of the cook chamber near grill level where the cooking is done. I got a high quality grill thermometer and installed it on the center of the door just above grill height. Then I fired up the RT to 400° and the thermometer read 340°. Sixty degrees of discrepancy is simply not acceptable. I talked to Rec Tec about this and was advised to bend the temperature probe a bit to position the tip closer to the inside wall of the cook chamber. This seemed to work, but the probe would not stay where it was put so the digital temperature read out was still not accurate. In order to move the temperature probe and have it stay where it was put, I designed a motion bracket that operates with a small screw and sleeve that slips over the probe rod. Now the temperature probe can be moved with a degree of precision not possible by bending, and it stays where I put it. A few little turns of the setting screw and the Rec Tec digital read out and my thermometer read exactly the same. Benchmark achieved. Now I can trust my new Rec Tec with more expensive meats. Proof of the pudding – my next cook was three racks of St Louis pork ribs which came out of the Rec Tec the best I have ever made!
    The motion bracket:
    I designed the gadget and prototyped it on my
    3D printer to make sure it would work.
    A friend of mine at a local machine shop
    made this for me out of stainless steel.
    (I was not able to post the photo in here)
    If you want to see the photo of the bracket, I am at popi1854@gmail.com.
    For me. The Rec Tec 680 is truly a great cooker. The reason it gets 4 stars instead of five is because it needed the modifications I made to be great. I use a Bluetooth temperature probe in the meat, and I can play with the grandkids and monitor my cook without having to interrupt our play time to go tend a fire. This makes the RT680 worth every penny I spent on it.

  73. Love my Rec Tec

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2017

    Grill was easy to put together. Tried it out the first day with chicken. All slow cook meets are better on RecTec than my old charcoal and I was very good with charcoal. Love the size, had plenty extra room with 2, 9lb prime ribs on grill.
    Learning cooking times and temps for different foods. Thicker cuts of meat take less attention. Have done ribs several different ways and they are all good!

    My starter went out so I had to light manually for a few weeks. It was fairly easy to do. Rec Tec sent me the replacement part and I installed my self. Directions were easy to follow. The replacement works better than original, only minutes to start up.
    Glad I got the RecTec, I looked for months before deciding on RecTec and glad I did. I didn't get the cold smoker option but got everything else.

  74. Puts my Traeger to shame

    Posted by on 5th Oct 2017

    This thing is built like a tank! The quality of the product and workmanship is amazing. After assembling the RecTec I had to clean my Traeger and it just felt cheap and tinny. RecTec is well thought out (40lb hopper, center auger and ceramic igniter to name a few) and has great attention to detail. The controller holds the temp within just a few degrees and I love the super smoke feature. I wanted to buy a Timberline but with all the delays and redesigns they scared me off (and am glad they did!).
    I did a lot of research before I purchase and bang for the buck, quality and features wise, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Rec Tec!

  75. this thing is awesome.

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2017

    recently bought the rt680 and I can't say enough good things about it. anything and everything that comes off of it is great. I was skeptical about cooking a big brisket on it about enough smoke on it but it turned out the best brisket I ever cooked and the entire family agreed on it was the best they ever eat. strongly recommend buying these products.

  76. best brisket ever

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2017

    Love my new grill. I've cooked/ smoked lots of brisket, spending many hours tending to it. I just cooked one one my RecTec and I have to say that it's the best one I've ever made. Spent little time tending to it.

  77. built like a tank and top quality computet

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2017

    Spent almost 3 months shopping for a pellet grill. Retail stores, Facebook clubs, ratings, bbq competitions and after a long list decided on the Rec Tec
    Very high almost perfect ratings and so many raves about the customer service. Plus a 6 year warranty. One of the best purchases I ever made.

  78. unexpected quality

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2017

    Extremely well built I mounted legs wrong because of poor instructions. Some of us are not mechanically inclined

  79. best money i ever spent

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    This grill does all the work for you just set it and forget it.
    the hardest thing for me is to stop checking on the meat ... the best money i ever spent. even burger's taste better on this grill!!!!

  80. Awesome Smoker!

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    I've been a Pitmaster for many years, having cooked on stick burners, gravity smokers, kettles and kamados. Hands down, this Rec Tec RT-680 is the easiest, most consistent cooker I've used. The BBQ it produces stands up to any of the other smokers. I highly recommend Rec Tec to anyone considering a pellet cooker. It is extremely well made, delivery was quick and assembly was a breeze.

  81. New to Rectec

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    I purchased the Rectec RT-680 wood pellet grill/smoker based on research and customer reviews. I previously owed a Traeger, and then a PitBoss. Switching from those two to the Rectec has been great. The customer service (Travis) from Rectec has been excellent. This is best Smoker to compliment my Weber Summit!

  82. Perfect for the beginner; even better for the expert!

    Posted by on 2nd Oct 2017

    I've really enjoyed the smoker, and especially the ease of use.

  83. awesome

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2017

    One of my concerns was if a pellet grill would deliver the smoke flavor I’m looking for. This grill exceeded my expectations. I can say without a doubt I am completely happy with this purchase. Smoked chicken, brisket, pork ribs and love the taste.

    The only complaint would be the pellet blend sent with the grill. It’s pretty good, but I like a more cherry or hickory flavor, rather than the blend.

  84. very good high quality bbq i have been extremely happy with everything including excellent customer service

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2017

    The Rec Tec BBQ is the best I have ever owned and I have owned many through out my life the quality of this grill amazed me and the customer service is second to none and their wood pellets are the best I have ever used thank you Rec Tec you guys Rock !! Respectfully yours Brent Wheeler and family

  85. RecTec and Amazingribs.com, a match made in BBQ heaven

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2017

    After 3 traeger grills, did the research on “amazing ribs.com”. RecTec was hands down the best for the money. Pulled the trigger on both models (rt300 for cabin) could not be more pleased with the purchase. RecTec is spot on best product for the $$. Wish I would of known about all this earlier, oh well, like a 2nd marriage.....always better then the 1st!!!

  86. Rectec Virgin

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2017

    I recently purchased the Rectec RT-680 wood pellet grill/smoker based on a friends experience, research and customer reviews. Switching from the Big Green Egg to the Rectec has been a great decision. The customer service from the time I placed the order through the time it arrived has been excellent; the ease of use is simple yet enjoyable; and after my first pork butt on it, I am hooked! This is the best experience with Smoking to date!

  87. wish that i got it sooner

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    Even though I have only had my grill a week, I'm very excited for the holidays and grilling and smoking for the whole family.
    I feel it's built to last and so far the customer service has been great

  88. first pellet grill

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    Amazing so far, love it. After researching pellet grills I'm so glad that I made the best choice.


    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    I have done a lot of smoking using a propane smoker. I would have to stay with it because the temperature would constantly change. With the Rec Tec, I set the temperature and go about whatever else I need to do and not worry about fluctuation in temperature. Best grill/smoker I have ever owned.

  90. Great product and service!

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2017

    Could not be more pleased with the product or the purchase experience!

  91. rec tec 680 is awesome

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2017

    Put together easily. Perfect ribs and chicken the first time we tried it. Set it and forget it!! Highly recommend this product. Their customer service seems amazing as well. Got a call from an actual person after ordering.

  92. Great product and even better customer service!

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2017

    I read lots of reviews and decided to get the smoker. I have made steaks, burgers, chicken and ribs so far. It is so convenient to set a temp and not have to keep opening closing vents (like my green egg I sold). Secondly the customer service is so helpful. My grill came with a couple of scratches on the lid from shipping. They said no problem we will ship a new one. The one handle wasn't coming off the old lid called them and they said no problem sending you another handle. To easy! the way customer service should be. Also a business card with the cell phone of the owner and GM's cell phone number if you have a problem. That is amazing. Grab one and stop wasting time with other smokers and grills.

  93. 1st Pellet Grill

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2017

    I have used charcoal grills for years, but stated using a gas grill for convenience. My brother had a pellet grill, and seemed to be the best of both worlds. It was a Traeger, and only went to 375 F. I was concerned about being able to sear steaks, and other meats that require a lot hotter temperature. In my pursuit to find a better pellet grill I came across the Rec Tec RT-680.

    I decided to YouTube everything about Rec Tec , and found what I was looking for. My deciding factors came from the following:
    1. Great customer service.
    2. Pit Masters used them in their recipe videos.
    3. Unsolicited customer testimonials.
    4. Temps greater than 500F.
    5. Ton of recipes on their website.
    6. Useful Rec Tec videos on How-Tos & Comparisons.

    My first weekend, I cooked up 3 racks of ribs, and a 14lb brisket. All was delicious, and my wife loved them. I love smoking steaks with the smoke tube, and cooking them with the searing grates. The grates will make you look like a pro with the grill marks, and flip them upside down to get a nice char for your steaks.

    In the end, this has replaced both my charcoal and gas grills, and couldn’t be happier.

  94. built like a tank, great quality. just underwhelmed with results

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    Perhaps my expectations were self created too high in my head, but after about a month I've been able to try several meats on the 680. I was disappointed in the long cooks as the Boston Butts lacked the "smoke" flavor I'm used to on my green egg. Tried the "smoke stick" as well and really couldn't tell a difference. On the short cooks (steaks, burgers, chicken) I was not overly impressed with the results either. Even with the searing plates, I was unable to get the results I'm used to getting with my green egg. Granted, it is a whole lot easier to start and set temperature then my green egg, And I can't say a negative thing about the quality of the grill - built solid and looks great. This is my first pellet grill as well, so maybe I just didn't know what to expect. I had set my own expectations of what to expect, and set them high given the price tag, and have been underwhelmed to say the least. Great folks, great customer service (as I had a fan go out on the 2nd cook which was disappointing but promptly handled by rectec), and a rock solid grill, just disappointed in the results I'm getting off grill. Miss the smoke flavor I'm used too and the high temp performance I'm used to from green egg. I was also surprised in length of time it takes to get to 400 degrees plus. Again, first pellet grill experience so I have nothing to compare to other pellet grills.

  95. Finally a Rec-Tec-Er

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    For the past 4 years, I've listened to my friends rave about their Rec-Tec. I've snubbed my nose and argued you can't get a good smoke off pellets. I got the whole convenience thing witht pellet smokers...but just couldn't bring myself to use anything other than "traditional" smoke. Well, I finally gave in and bought my own...and I couldn't be happier. With just a bit of practice (and my smoke tube), I'm now a believer. I love my Rec-Tec!


    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    Love my grill . Just did my first overnight smoke
    with a brisket, It was a hit. Thanks!

  97. Expensive? Yes - Worth Every Penny Triple YES !!

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    Most good things in live are expensive but worth the investment.

    Indeed the RecTec grill is expensive, however after the first few cooks it has proved to worth every penny. The grill is very well made, tight joints welded and sealed, heavy gauge metal, overall made to last. I was surprised how easy it is to setup for a cook, push the power button, set the desired temperature and walk away. Add your beef, pork or chicken, add the meat probe and let it do it's thing. One of the surprises was the shut down procedure, press the power button, nothing else needs to be done. The display shows, Cool and will automatically power down when the grill is cooled down enough not to damage anything. How cool is that !!

    Great value and a one time investment.

  98. Rec Tec RT-680

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    Rec Tec RT-680 has been great. Grilled burgers, chicken and baked pizza so far. All turned out great. Love the smoked flavor. Highly recommend this BBQ. Customer services has been A+.

    Also purchased the Maverick meat thermometer, which works great! If your looking you aint cooking!

    BBQ cover also works great and fits like a glove. Definitely a must for living in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere it rains a lot.

    Updates I would recommend are as follows:
    Hardware should be upgraded from Phillips to Torx Head. Slots for legs should be made more narrow to reduce instability.

    Thanks Rec-Tec

  99. Wood fired pleasure

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    Really accurate and easy to use wood pellet grill. This takes all the pluses of all the brands out there and combines them for a great product. I had a small issue with the lid and customer service was outstanding. They called me to see if I have received the item. I told them about my issue and a new part was on it's way before the phone call ended.


    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2017

    I'm smoking pork ribs on my Rec Tec as I sit and write this review. I have been cooking for many years and I can tell you that this is hands down the best grill that I have ever owned! I now on my RT-680 for just under a month now and my family and I love everything that is made on it! I see many early morning days in the near future out on the deck with my Rec Tec smoking everything under the sun! CHEERS!

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