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REC TEC Mini Portable Wood Pellet Grill (RT-300)

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Product Description




With the push of a button, your REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill will automatically light and heat to the temperature you have selected. Once your REC TEC has heated up, it will maintain its temperature throughout the cooking process.

This precise temperature control allows you to grill, smoke, sear, and bake. Since all of the heat comes from real wood, you get the benefit of all that wood flavor. Cooking over a real wood fire on a computer controlled REC TEC will make your next cookout the talk of your neighborhood.

At REC TEC Grills we strive to produce the highest quality, most convenient, and most versatile Grill on the market. The REC TEC Mini incorporates the same high quality components as our full sized grill in a lighter, smaller, portable package. We want you to be able to "WOW" your friends and family with delicious food wherever you are.

Our promise to you is that owning a REC TEC Pellet Grill will change the way you eat. Every REC TEC Grill is precisely calibrated to produce accurate reliable cooking temperatures when using premium hardwood pellets.

Your REC TEC is a precision cooking instrument that will increase the repeatability of your favorite recipes by removing the variable of temperature fluctuation that plagues backyard enthusiasts and pit masters alike. Now grab the bull by the horns and take your grilling game to the next level no matter where you go.

Call 855-696-0890 and let one of our pellet grill experts answer your questions.

1-gold-medal-72dpi100x100.png Awarded the AmazingRibs.com best value gold medal.

Check out our reviews on Amazon: REC TEC GrillsTM Mini Portable Pellet Grill


Temperature Controls

      • Smart Grill Technology™ Controller
      • Automatic lighting feature
      • 180ºF to 550ºF in 5º increments*
      • Full mode feature will feed pellets at 100% capacity reaching temperatures up to 600˚F*
      • Proprietary PID algorithm maintains temperature precisely
      • Long lasting RTD monitors grill temperature
      • Auger fed fire pot with heat deflector and blower fan prevents "hot spots"
      • Drip pan catches food drippings and protects against "flare ups"


      • Folding legs for portability
      • High temperature durable textured powder coat finish
      • 10 gauge baked-on porcelain enamel lid
      • Micro polished stainless steel bull horn handles
      • 15 pound pellet capacity
      • Fail proof lid stoppers
      • Rollerblade style wheels
      • Stainless steel logo that won’t fade or crack
      • Probe wire access port


      • 341 sq/in (22" x 15.5") cooking area that is tall enough for a turkey
      • Grill grates made from 3/16 inch stainless steel rod
      • 10 gauge stainless steel fire pot
      • High quality ceramic ignition system
      • 14 gauge stainless steel heat deflector
      • 14 gauge stainless steel drip pan

Construction Features

      • Shipping weight for the mini is 101 pounds
      • Heat vents to protect electronics
      • Plug & play construction allows for individual component replacement
      • Component access panel for easy access to components

Customer Care

      • Two year warranty
      • Top notch customer service
      • If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC, just return the grill within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.  We are that confident you will love your new REC TEC Grill.

Download Manual

Achieving minimum and maximum temperatures can be limited by pellet selection and weather conditions.

Product Videos

Ribeye steaks on the REC TEC Grills "Mini" (RT300) (01:58)
This is an awesome little version of the REC TEC Grill. Check out these steaks we cooked up at the shop and let us know what you think! Ready to own one? Visit: http://www.rectecgrills.com/rec-tec-mini-portable-wood-pellet-grill-rt-300/
  • Ribeye steaks ...
    This is an awesome little version of the REC TEC Grill. Check ...
  • wood pellet gr...
    Learn about the pros and cons of using gas grills, charcoal gr...
Cooking Area:
341 sq/in
Pellet Capacity:
15 lbs
Temperature Range:
Interior Light:
Folding Legs:
Temperature Control:
Proprietary PID Algorithm
Fire Pot:
10 Gauge Stainless Steel
Limited Warranty:
2 Years
$99.00 Flat Rate
Included Pellets:
Included Accessories:
Additional Included Accessories:
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Product Reviews

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  1. Great upgrade

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2017

    I had planned on buying a RecTec but bought a Traeger locally. I was too quick in buying and should have waited and gone with my gut and ordered RT-300 first. The Traeger is ok but not the quality or easy of use as the RecTec.
    1. RecTec holds temperature, Traeger doesn't
    2. RecTec has huge pellet hopper, Traeger doesn't
    3. RecTec has easy folding legs and can be set up by one person, Traeger can be set up by one person after cutting off a few fingers in the process
    4. RecTec quality of build is way better than you know who

    My RecTec and Primo XL work side by side for now, but I'll probably lean toward the RecTec in the future.

  2. Very glad I purchased the RecTec RT-300 Mini

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2017

    The RecTec RT-300 Mini pellet grill is the perfect size for just my Wife and me or even a family of four.

    Highly portable, having folding legs and easily rolls with the wheels extended or folded. Can be transported anywhere an electrical outlet is available. Excellent delivery service. Packaged professionally. Remove the plastic wrapping, open the heavy duty cardboard box and unpack the well protected RT-300. Move into your desired cooking area, unfold the legs and follow the instructions on initial firing and seasoning of the grill. It is that simple.

    Like most everyone, I have had multiple name brand propane and charcoal grills over my lifetime and NONE have been as easy to use or cooked as well as this RecTec RT-300 Mini. I ordered 200 pounds of the RecTec Ultimate Blend wood pellets, which came conveniently packaged on the same pallet as the Mini. The pellets have burned as designed.

    If you are interested in a wood pellet grill and very good tasting, tender, juicy food, cooked by yourself, I highly recommend either the RecTec RT-300 or RT-680. The most difficult choice you will have to make is which size suits you best for the number of people and amount of cooking you normally do.

    Like me, I am pretty sure most of you have considered other brands of Pellet Grills. I am very happy I purchased a RecTec RT-300. With separately purchased wireless WiFi enabled temperature probes, such as a Maverick ET-733 and a Thermapen Mk4 temperature probe, my four cooks (thick cut bacon, filet mignon, pork tenderloin and hamburgers) have been as good, or better, as what we could have ordered at a fine restaurant and ... I did not do anything special other than seasoning, setting a smoking / cooking temperature and monitoring internal meat temperatures.

    I also highly recommend purchasing the Grill Grates for whichever RecTec you decide on. You can grill/sear/sizzle on either side of the grates. Upside down is my favorite so far but you do get those nice looking grill marks, right side up.

    Cannot wait to try slow smoking our Thanksgiving Turkey this year on our RecTec RT-300 Mini.

  3. rec tec 300 great grill

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2017

    Our grill was deliver over week ago. It had a small bracket inside that had come unwelded during delivery. It holds the try drip tray in place to drain. At first had to use a rock to hold in place then had a friend come out to weld.
    First test was hamburgers they cooked great and were very moist. Then Sunday did a 12 Poona brisket. It was very moist. All we used to prepare was salt,pepper and garlic salt. Everyone loved it.
    Very happy so far. Just would like some of the searing racks.

  4. Great quality and well designed.

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2017

    We've had our Mini for about a month now and are loving it. The lid was damaged in shipping and the customer service experience was quick and easy. We bought the Rec Tec meat thermometer which has made the learning curve much easier. So far we've cooked multiple chicken breasts, veggies, tri-tip, brisket, and a pizza. We use it almost daily now. Highly recommend the grill cover as well.

  5. Excellent grill! Very well designed and constructed!

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2017

    Best patio grill on the market!

  6. lives up to the hype

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2017

    Quick shipping, came w a damaged lid which was replaced in a few weeks, built like a tanks just wish they had a front shelf and stronger legs

  7. easy to use

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2017

    Right out of the box easy to use. After breaking it in i can't stop using it. Pizza is even better on it. I do wish the hopper was larger and the legs feel a little wobbly but not bad enough to worry about it falling over.

  8. 300 rec tec

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2017

    Shipped to my door ready to go. So far a great product, just have to get use to it. This is the first pellet grill I have owned. It has been easy to use. Maintains temp well. So far I love it.

  9. very happy

    Posted by on 2nd Nov 2017

    Great smoker. Nice to be able to not worry about temps

  10. Awesome

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2017

    Had some friends over and made smoked bacon wrapped shrimp. Every single person was blown away. 2 couples even asked how to order or get this grill. That was enough said.

  11. Fantastic Product!

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2017

    I will never cook on gas or charcoal again. Cooks everything better and easier. Great product, well built. Purchase experience was just as good.

  12. Turning Cheap Roast to Prime Rib

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2017

    My first cook on a Rec Tec. Took a 4 lb. sirloin roast, covered with my favorite rub, placed it on cooker at 275 with a meat prob set at 140. Never opened the lid and in about 3 plus hours the alarm went off. Let the roast rest for 15 minutes. Cut into it and it was cooked perfectly. Then we tasted it! AMAZING! Tasted just like Prim Rib! Can't wait to try other foods. I suggest you buy one!

  13. awesome grill

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2017

    Love this grill. Set it and walk away. The food turns out fantastic. Built very well, the only thing is I wish it had bigger wheels to move across gravel and uneven ground.

  14. Love My new Mini

    Posted by on 29th Oct 2017

    Mini may be in the name but it does big things. Love my new pellet grill. The mini came put together so all I had to do was unpack it and start cooking. Love the food coming off the mini - we cook at least 3 to 4 times a week on it.

    Love the fact that we can cook so many things on it and get that smokey flavor. Would buy it all over again. Love the staff and the support they give.

  15. Family

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2017

    we bought 3 rec tec mini’s , beat smoker i’ve ever had. set desired temperature and cook, rextec lifestyle

  16. Great Grill

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2017

    I like the RecTec grill the first time I used it.
    Every thing cooked on it turned out very good.

  17. Highly recommend

    Posted by on 24th Oct 2017

    When reviewing the options for wood pellet grills on the market today, I'm glad I went with a RecTec product. They really do stand behind their products and have top notch customer service.

    I was a little nervous to order something I couldn't see and touch in a store, but the quality has proven to be of high standard. It was easy to assemble and really user friendly.

    I went with the mini because I'm single with no kids and didn't think I'd need the space of their standard size grill. It's plenty big for what I need and surprisingly spacious. I've grilled up food for 4 people: burnt pork ends, ribs, and a broccoli potato mix, all at once. I utilized the extra grill rack which I recommend if you may need the extra space. I've used the searing kit for burgers and steaks which gives a nice traditional grill mark. It easily fit a whole chicken, and seems like 2 whole chickens would fit fine. The flavor imparted on a basic burger is incredible! I was worried that the smoky flavor would be too much and overwhelm the food that I love and make often, but I've really enjoyed the flavor! It's actually on the subtle side for the things that don't take long to grill, such as a steak.

    Next I'd like to play with smoking some fish and further explore vegetable dishes. I imagine a smoked salmon cooked in my mini will be outstanding!

    All in all, I highly recommend this company and the RecTec mini!

  18. Outstanding Pellet Grill

    Posted by on 24th Oct 2017

    Sometimes when your shopping around for items.. Everyone has a sales pitch.. RecTec is everything they say it is. Accurate temps , well built , reliable and just a darn good grill.. I just finished smoking the end of year crop of Jalapenos... Wow, what an awesome job.. the grill was the key. Gave a jar to the neighbors and friends... they just want more. Thanks RecTec for a great product.

  19. great quality grill and the food cooked on this grill is superb

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    i could not ask for a better grill,mine would be perfect if it were not for what looks like about an 8 inch worm groove of rust just behind the lid on the grill body.Looks as if there was a contaminant of some type on metal at time it was powder coated.I have called regarding the defect and have been assured they will take care of the problem.

  20. Outstanding Performance

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2017

    Purchased the RECTEC Mini and could not be happier.
    It may be a mini, but it's performance is awesome. Followed instructions for a pork butt and the finished product was amazing. Truly a set it and forget it. It maintains the perfect
    temp that you set. Would highly recommend this to anyone
    wanting to purchase a high quality pellet smoker.


    Posted by on 20th Oct 2017


  22. Excellent

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Easy to use and cooks great! Had minor cosmetic shipping damage to the lid, but they sent a replacement lid immediately. Definitely recommend.

  23. No Comaprison

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Owned since early spring 2017 and must say the grill has lived up to it's billing and there can't be a comparable grill out there for the price. Needless to say I was a bit skeptical that no grill could live up to the hype. Sadly mistaken I was, do yourself a favor if you are contemplating a purchase, drop what you are doing buy one! Follow the true and tested recipes,hints, and suggestion from the usual suspects and you will be the hit of your family,neighborhood etc. Cooks to perfection!

  24. REC TEC 300

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Love the grill, finish and workability

    Recommend the cover, which is very high quality, would have a velcro opening on the right hand end, for ease in covering and uncovering.

  25. rec tec 300

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2017

    Very well made. Delivered in excellent condition. So far works great.

  26. You won't be disappointed!!

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    This grill is by far the best I've ever owned. It's very well made. It's so simple and reliable. I use it about 3 times per week and it has yet to disappoint. The food is always amazing. It cooks even and consistent. No worries about flare ups or temperature spikes. It's worth every penny!!

  27. Used my grill for first time and all went well

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    My first experience with my new grill was a perfectly cooked tri tip smoked to perfection, Used a recipe that I got from the Rec Tec web site. Everything worked well.

  28. To complete the experience

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    This is the third review I've written. I've owned my Mini for about four months now and am still constantly amazed how good this product performs. However, a few accessories will sweeten your experience.

    Bottom Shelf - a must to strengthen the grill base. Also looks great and keeps your other stuff off the ground!

    Searing Kit - makes for terrific burgers and steaks. Works as claimed and eliminates the one perceived weakness of pellet grills.

    Cooking Mat - I use for about 80% of things that aren't using the Searing Kit, like fish, chicken, veggies. Keeps things tidy.

    Rain chimneys. They pop on and off easily and really do work to keep the rain from dripping on your food while cooking.

    Grill pad - Keeps your deck clean from the spills you WILL have and looks great!

    Grill cover - A must to keep your Mini out of the weather when not using looking good over time

  29. Best grill EVER!!!!!

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2017

    If you don’t buy a Rec Tec...you’re nuts! Period!! There’s a reason everyone gives it 5 stars. Enough said. They’ve all said it already. Just buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

  30. awesome grill

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2017

    This grill is awesome. Would highly recommend it.

  31. Compact and Mighty

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2017

    Compact and smaller Version of its big brother RT-680. Nearly perfect design and very sturdy while extremely easy to use.

  32. Great product

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    We've cooked a bunch of things so far, and everything's come out great. I also recommend getting the lower shelf for stability.

  33. What a grill! WOW!

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2017

    If you're wasting time debating on what grill to get, let me help you out. This grill is freaking amazing. There's a reason why all of the reviews are five stars. I love everything about this little jewel. I agree with one of the previous folks, get the lower shelf for better stability. You won't be sorry. My neighbor is so jealous. I love being the envy of my neighborhood! Customer service is second to none. Do yourself a favor and just buy the damn thing! LOL.

  34. Great Rec Tea Grill - Exceeded all my expectations... I love it!

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2017

    I purchased the (RT-300) Rec Tec Mini Portable Pellet Wood Grill, and I absolutely love it. My previous pellet grill rusted out, and I was apprehensive about buying a new Rec Tec Pellet Grill because they were a little more expensive. I'm glad I mad the investment because it works flawlessly. I use a digital thermometer when I cook, and I get perfect results. I also had some questions, and their tech support was very helpful.

  35. Would buy again with no regrets.

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    This is built like it should be compared to the other brands. Love my 300
    Wish it had list: Clean out trap for unused pellets. To keep pellets fresh between uses.
    Drip bucket liners. Mine leaks.
    Better leg locks on legs. Mine took a spill

  36. Love'n it

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    Greatest thing since sliced bread. They are not kidding when they say it will turn a backyard enthusiast into a pit master.

  37. Very Cool

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2017

    After buying and using the BGE, I decided I wanted a more set it and forget it product as well. Easy Cleaning and adding wood was a priority and Rec Tec is very easy. Quality metals and attention to design detail are great on this product. My only improvement would be a rectangular drip "bucket" that snaps into place instead of the round that is included. It is wobbly and easy to knock off when adjusting or taking off the cover. The ants loved it when I knocked it off, though.

  38. great product

    Posted by on 2nd Oct 2017

    I always look forward to using it. Thanks to Ron C. and the company for a great product!

  39. Best multi-purpose cooking tool I own!

    Posted by on 2nd Oct 2017

    I love this grill. From smoking to roasting, to high heat searing. It your cooking ability to another level.

  40. Easy ss Sunday Morning

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    This is my first smoker and everyone at the house rolled their eyes thinking it will take months to perfect. Nope! Tri tip, chicken and a pork tenderloin came out perfect! Even made a pizza and it was the best crust we ever did. I can not say enough about this product.
    I would recommend the lower shelf since it does give more stabilization to the smoker. Other than that I wish I would have purchased sooner!
    Customer service is top notch too!

  41. The Best way to cook period!

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    It really gives you the flexibility to experiment cooking at different temps and times. I haven't had my Mini long enough to use different woods but all in good time!

  42. RT 300 mini

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2017

    So far this grill is everything I hoped for, 1st was a pork butt, excellent, next baby back ribs, great, you can turn it on and trust it will do the job.

  43. fabulous

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2017

    Just took off another pork butt. Put in on last night and waited for it to finish. Took 17hrs so I am very happy I didn't have to stay up feeding it wood.

  44. Works Great After Adjustment

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    This grill works great. The grill was sent was a code of 17 which is for the RT-680 but with the help of a video I adjusted the code to 8.6 which is the number for the RT-300. Now it is working great so far.

  45. Rec Tec Mini a Great Little Smoker / Wonderful Customer Service

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    My first mini was damaged during shipping and they immediately sent a replacement and told me to use the smoker until the replacement arrived. I smoked a beautiful ham that everyone loved. Since I've received my replacement I've only had the opportunity to smoke some catfish. Great flavor. Looking forward to doing a lot of cooking on my new Rec Tec Mini.

  46. Set it and forget it smoked BBQ..!

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2017

    The RecTec was delivered during the Hurricane, left on my front porch by UPS. My neighbor moved it for me to avoid flying RecTec. When I returned home I unpacked it , fired it up. I love nothing to assemble and ready to start as soon as you get it out of the box. Simple, set the temperature, no more worrying about flame up and ruining my BBQ dinner.

    I love it and would recommend to my friends. So far I have grilled steaks , smoked Ribs and smoked Pork Tenderloin. All great.

  47. Awesome customer service

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2017

    I purchased this unite for my wife. When I received the unit I found that it had been dropped and had damaged the lid of the unit even though it was very well packaged. The setup of the unit was easy and simple. I would however suggest that on the outside of the shipping box that you add un-packing the grill instructions. That was the most lengthy part of the setup... getting it out of the box. It would be VERY helpful. I got the unit setup in about 10 minutes. On Monday I placed a call to Rec Tec customer service to describe the damage to the lid and tray part. No one answered the phone due to the fact that Hurricane Irma was about to hit. On Tuesday I received a call from Rec Tec. They shipped out immediately a new lid and tray. I was told to go ahead and use the grill till the new parts had arrived. That night my wife cooked bacon wrapped chicken breast. Awesome! A few days later I notice one more thing had been damaged. The antenna to the wireless temperature had been broken off due to the same mis-handling by the shipping company. I sent an email to Rec Tec with a picture of the damaged item. Within about 10 minutes I had received an email showing the new unit being shipped out. The grill is simple and easy to use. Setup is a snap. The food is wonderful. Customer service is over the top! I'm just sorry that Rec Tec has to handle service calls that were caused by the shipping company.

  48. Amazing!!!

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2017

    So far I've done ribs, wings, drumsticks and I'm very impressed. Keeps accurate temp, gives good smoke at lower heat, and my the food has turned out great every time. Looking forward to my next smoke!

  49. Outstanding

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2017

    It just plain works flawlessly. Keep temperature rock-solid, easy to use, clean and maintain. Rec-Tec also has phenomenal customer service. They have a customer for life.

  50. Greatest Grill on the Market

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2017

    This is the best grill we have ever had .
    The craftsmanship is above and beyond what we had ever thought and the burn controls are dead on .
    To top it off the service from RecTec is 5 star

  51. Great Smoker

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2017

    This smoker is the perfect size for us as we don't grill for larger groups. The optional shelf gives us more than enough room to smoke a brisket or a pork butt plus ribs or wings etc. Quality build legs seem a little light but time will tell. I've checked the actual temperature versus what is shown and it is normally right on, I haven't seen it vary by more than a degree. Customer service is exceptional.

  52. awesome

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2017

    this grill is the best

  53. Absolutely worth every penny.

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2017

    My cousin, Matt Bundy of Tolono, IL recommended this unit to me over 5 years ago. I had been cooking on a CharBroil gas grill for over 10 tears. By far, the best investment I've made in that time span. The quality of the unit itself far exceeds anything I've found at the Home Depot, Fleet Farm, Menards, ANYWHERE! I believe I'm the 7th person he referred to your product. He deserves a hat, shirt, banner or something.

  54. Awesome grill Awesome service

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2017

    Grill exceeded my expectations.If you are a griller you owe it to yourself to get a Rec Tec . Customer service is awesome . Not just one , but everyone I had interaction with treated me as I was most important to them. It made me remember what being a valuable customer feels like. Thanks Rec Tec

  55. Its a jewel !

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2017

    Perfect size for my needs. 2 butts no problem. 3 chickens no problem. 12 to 15 burgers no problem. Holds the temperature very well. Had shipping damage and was taken care of quickly and no questions asked. New piece in 5 days and that included the weekend. Only problem I have is the hopper is a little small. Would like to see the ability to buy a hopper extension so I can put more pellets in for longer cooks.

  56. Outstanding Product and Customer Service!

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2017

    This product is rock solid and well built. The quality and workmanship of my smoker are impressive. The product worked flawlessly with no issues. On top of that, the customer service is the best!!! Called a few times to address some minor issues and questions, and wow...they take all calls or emails very serious and respond immediately. A great customer experience with this company! I highly recommend.

  57. its great!!!!

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2017

    first pellet grill ..learning how to use it so far its been wonderful ...thank you


    Posted by on 12th Sep 2017


  59. Great product

    Posted by on 12th Sep 2017

    Purchased a month ago. Temperature stayed within 1 degree of desired temperature. Easy to use easy to clean.

  60. Fantastic little pellet grill

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2017

    Could not be happier with our new RECTEC mini pellet grill. After our old pellet grill finally died, I wanted one a little more smaller but with much more quality. I am spoiled with this new one. Just turn it on and set your temperature and enjoy!

  61. Simply The Best

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2017

    It's Simply the BEST pellet grill in it's price range. And it is now my go to grill for 90% of my grilling needs and I have 4 different bbq's: propane, Kamado, a portable charcoal and now a pellet grill. I've done brisket, pull pork, ribs (pork and beef) and seafood in the last couple of months. Friends have said the food was amazing. The PID temp control is a blessing to have on a grill especially when there is a long grill and you need some sleep. There was a short learning curve but after that it was easy as pie and incredibly reliable and no need to constantly check the food. I salvaged a table from a piece of equipment from work and mounted it to the grill and added a seal around the door and now she is perfect. A definite 5 stars.

  62. Instant Success

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2017

    As a first-time owner of a smoker, I was apprehensive as to the difficulty. The start-up of my new unit was easy to follow the basic steps. My first adventure was smoking chicken breasts and they turned out great with practically no effort on my part. Next time I smoked pork loin, again with success. The Rec Tec smoker held its temperature throughout. The biggest surprise I had was how little pellets were actually used--my expectation was that it would take a lot more pellets. I'm tremendously pleased with my Rec Tec smoker.

  63. Love my Mini

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2017

    The constant temperature is the key for me and I love using my "mini"! Always complimented on the finished "smoke" and makes me want to try new things. And you couldn't ask for better customer service!


    Posted by on 7th Sep 2017


  65. touch & feel

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2017

    I use this grill for camping it's the best small grill out there it breaks down and is very small and it saves me a room it's made very well and performs very well

  66. amazingly easy to cook exellent smoked food!

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2017

    I have really injoyed my rec tec mini. Easy to use and makes great food!

  67. best little smoker in texas

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2017

    Started with something simple, boneless skinless chicken breast. Seasoned then put on at 250 for 1.5 to 2 hrs. I was sure i overcooked cause didnt have a temp probe. Pulled them off covered with foil maybe 30 minutes. Meat was moist and smokey,i took some to work for another opinion everyone that tasted said it was very good. Another test wanted to try something not usually done, cook a ribeye low and slow. About one lb. 250 for 1.5 hrs. I was sure it would be chewy, was wrong. Didnt need a knife . Great smoke taste to. The cover for the mini is heavyduty just like they said. Fully assembled out of box, love that. Look forward to sunday when i just push that button and watch this baby work.

  68. RT-300 Mini -the Best!

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2017

    Having owned the RT-680 for couple years, it was with no doubt we buy the RT-399 Mini when we wanted to add a smaller unit. We are as thrilled with the RT-300 as we are our RT-680! We have complete confidence every cook, not worrying if temp will fluctuate & ruin food. Consistant every time. And you can count on the staff for any questions you have. The grills & company are the best! Would recommend this to everyone - do not waste time/money on any other brand. REC TEC is #1.

  69. best grill on the market and I should know...

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2017

    I have had many group parties on my back deck (sizes 5-35). I always receive rave BBQ reviews from my guests because of the smokey, precision temperature with no-flame pellet grill!!!

  70. Best smoker ever. highly recommended

    Posted by on 4th Sep 2017

    Highly recommended! Best smoker I have ever owned.

  71. Excellent smoker.

    Posted by on 31st Aug 2017

    Coming from the big green egg I was concerned about the amount of smoke I would get from the pellet type grills. However in the last 2 weeks or so since I've had it I've been pleasantly surprised to find that I actually end up getting more reliable smoke flavor using this grill than I ever did with the green egg. My RecTec mini (RT-300) seems to do a great job with producing it. On the RT-300 model, the Xtreme smoke feature is built into the temperature controller when set between 180F and 250F. You can hear the fan cycle into this mode and it is pretty obvious visually.
    My main reason for choosing RecTec is the build quality and the customer support. Thus far, I haven't needed to call RecTec about any problems. However, just being a part of several BBQing forums and social media groups, it's obvious that they are always taking care of their customers if there are any issues. Love the grill, thanks again RecTec!

  72. Where has this grill been all our lives!!

    Posted by on 31st Aug 2017

    We absolutely LOVE our new smoker! It's easy to use and big enough to make a huge piece of meat but small enough to take with us on trips.


    Posted by on 28th Aug 2017


  74. "Best Grilling l Have Done In 57 Year's"

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2017

    I bought this grill for smoking meat only and planned to keep my charcoal grill for grilling steaks , burgers and chops. After purchasing the grill grates I tried a steak on the Rec-Tec mini grill and was treated to the best steak of my life. I'll be getting rid of my charcoal now and I won't even miss it. All of the food I cooked on the Rec-Tec has been the jucyest and the most tender food I have ever cooked in my life. I promise you that this will be the last and only grill you own. I'm glad I gave Rec-Tec mini grill a chance because I have been into charcoal cooking for my whole life and thought that it couldn't get any better, Well it did. Give Rec-Tec a try and I promise that you won't regret it. Join the happy smoking crusade. "Thank You Rec-Tec!"

  75. Better than I expected!

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2017

    I am a BBQ judge and have seen all kinds of grills. I had a big off set smoker tha I just couldn't make work. I talked to a lot of cookers about wha to get. One of them suggested Rec-Tec. I took a look and liked what I saw. I was impressed whe I got it out of the box. I was even more impressed after I used it. Did two briskets on it that I feel were competition worthy for my first using it. I have never used a smoker with any kind of good results before. I can't get over how easy it is to use. I am traveling in my motor home for the next few weeks. My smoker is in the back of my Jeep. I plan to use it a lot. Thanks Rec-Tec.

  76. Start Smoking in 10 mins

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2017

    I bought this smoker after a friend recommended it highly. And now I recommend it to everyone :-)

    Set up took 2 mins and I was smoking a brisket in the next hour.

    I messed up once and some ash got collected in burn pot which created more smoke than usual. I contacted them and got 2 calls back. They stand behind their product 100%

  77. Mini300

    Posted by on 23rd Aug 2017

    Have had for about a month now and used every weekend. Very easy set up. Have called customer service several times with probably dumb questions I did not find on FAQ page and they are awesome, called once or twice on Sunday and there was no answer but, on Monday I had calls from two reps who were responding to their missed call log, now that is excellent customer service. Cooked pork butt turned out great, pork loin great, chicken great. Tried their meatloaf recipe one with torn bread not panco crumbs and will probably never put in oven again. Perfect size since it is only me, glad I chose this brand over the others I had been reviewing for a while. If you are thinking about it just do it you will be glad you did !!

  78. Easy, perfect grilling and smoking

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2017

    In the short time I have owned this grill (maybe 3 weeks), I have cooked 2 whole chickens, smoked a brisket, and grilled burgers. The design of the grill is awesome in its simplicity. Easy to use, easy to clean and cooks everything perfectly. The portability of the Mini has been very useful. Naturally a longer period of time will reveal durability, but construction is solid and I have no doubts this was worth every penny.

  79. Worlds greastest grill

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2017

    Simple to use, produces great tasting food, best grill you can get.

  80. RT-300

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2017

    I have owned the rt-300 for roughly a month and love it. Very efficient on pellet use. Did a 12hr smoke on some pork shoulders and never had to refill the hopper.

  81. Amazing

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2017

    Have had this amazing pellet grill for two weeks and have already smoked pulled pork, chicken quarters, ribs and reverse seared ribeye steaks. All of them were delicious.
    Love how easy it is to cook with the RT-300, Used a propane BBQ my whole life and was worried that the smoke flavor would overwhelm the flavor when I wanted to just BBQ but was pleasantly surprised that it did not.
    The smaller size RT-300 has been fine, fit 3 racks of ribs, 5-6 nice sized ribeye steaks and 2 eight pound pork shoulders .
    Look forward to giving this to my son in a couple of years and getting the bigger one.
    Did a lot of research on the Rec Tec and Traeger and found that Traeger was having a lot of issues getting the temperature above 350° with their customer service trying multiple fixes with no success si it was a no brainer to get the Rec Tec and an so happy I did.
    Make sure you check out their web site for great recipe ideas and buy their accessories because they are very good quality and very reasonable compared to some of the stuff on Amazon.
    Happy Grillin

  82. Amazing pellet smoker

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2017

    Received my Mini on time and set up and burn-in was simple. Always been a charcoal then gas grill man but struggled with temp control on both. The amazing computer on my Mini rid me of this problem, as they say, "set it and forget it". My first meat I smoked was spare pork ribs for my wife and a friend. They loved it and friend said it was the best ribs he's ever eaten! I used the Aaron Franklin recipe on youtube. One week later I cooked 4 racks of spare ribs and dropped them off to my physical therapist and team for them to eat for lunch. I left and returned next morning for my PT session and went I entered the building I was mobbed like a rock star with compliments and praise from PT team about how great tasting the ribs were. One young lady said she never eats pork ribs unless her dad makes them cause their the best but she said mine were better. Told them I'm a rookie rib smoker and I owe it to the Rec Tec smoker ( mainly ), and franklin recipe. My PT is seriously thinking of buying a Rec Tec smoker now.

  83. Great grill

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2017

    I have cooked pork rib and a pork butt both came out perfectly I am looking forward to cooking a brisket next week I am 100 % satisfied I bought this grill because of the quality and because it is made in the USA

  84. anniversary present

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2017

    My husband loves it!! Said was best thing I've ever bought for him !! Think I scored !!!

  85. Best Smoker Ever

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2017

    Very simple to use and does an excellent job.

  86. this is the best suprise i vould have gotten for my boyfriend hos friends love our payio parties

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2017

    This grill makes cooking fun so amazing how you don't have to worry about burnt food you can't burn food with this grill

  87. Says what it does and does what it says.

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2017

    Yeah, I'm one of those guys who likes to price shop, and I've been known to listen to hucksters in big box stores pushing other brands ( like Tr****r) of pellet smokers, and once-in-a-while I make a mistake. Well, I admit it. I bought the wrong one. I tried, really tried to make it work like it was supposed to (called their customer service 4 or 5 times and did everything like they said). But it just wouldn't hold temperature, and the fire kept going out. I finally gave up, took it back to C***CO, got my money back and ordered a RecTec mini. Now, IT holds the temp dead nuts on once it reaches my desired setting.
    Now I know why it costs (with shipping) about twice as much as the competition, it actually works!
    My ribs come out perfect (I use the 3-2-1 method), the brisket isn't burnt to a crisp, and the 9 Lb. 14 hour smoked pulled pork shoulder with homemade barbecue sauce is getting rave reviews from everyone lucky enough to get a taste.
    The RecTec smoker/grill heats up to the selected temperature quickly, and the extra large (compared to the competition) pellet box with locking lid holds enough pellets for an overnight (8-14 hr. @ 220 degrees) recipe.
    The only problem I have is that there is no drop-front tray available from RecTec for the Mini. When I called the company, they said it wouldn't be practical what with the folding leg portability. No problem, I just kept the accessory tray assembly from the T***ger smoker, it fit on just fine.
    Maybe them good folks at RecTec could at least include a picture of where to drill the holes for mounting the tray brackets if they don't want to offer a tray of their own as an accessory.
    Some personal recommends: be careful what you use to clean the grill with, the painted surfaces, stainless grill grate and drip tray will scratch or dull with steel mesh scouring pads and some plastic pads. Line the drip tray with a sheet of tinfoil to save a ton of cleanup time, and change that tinfoil sheet every time if its got drippings on it, you don't want to risk a fire.

  88. Pro BBQ from a novice

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    The first thing I cooked was a brisket which isnt easy on a regular grill. I just watched a couple of Ray's YouTube vids and followed simple instructions. It came out perfect. No problems out of the grill and the mini is really efficient with pellet use.

  89. Follow up

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    I had written a review shortly after purchasing, but feel compelled to write a follow up.

    I loved this grill right out of the box and that feeling has only increased! A few weeks into owning it the temp controller starting acting weird, bouncing around reading actual temp. A quick call resulted in an overnight shipment of both a new control unit and a new thermo, with advice to replace the controller first. That was a 15 minute job and all great again without having to replace the thermometer! The advice and customer service response was exactly as you have read - superb.

    Since then have grilled and smoked a wide variety of foods from salmon to ribeyes to all forms of chicken and vegetables. I have to say, the thing I like the most is how it takes a simply dinner like barbecue chicken or burgers and with no effort makes it special.

    A buddy of mine from Texas is a bit of a smoker snob. He borrowed my Mini to do a 16Lb. brisket for a family event just to see how it would work. Well, he is totally sold! Described being able to go to bed while the brisket was smoking as "cheating"!

    You can't go wrong with a mini!!

  90. Terrific! Solid, easy to use, great results

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    I am impressed with the Rec Tec Mini. Came from a Kamado Joe, which was great, but I wanted something that was a little easier to use, plus it was hard to get good charcoal without having it shipped, which inevitably beat it up pretty bad. Using CookinPellets, and the smoke taste on ribs and pulled pork is just wonderful. The Rec Tec uses excellent materials (304 stainless, PID controller, ceramic ignition, porcelain lid, etc.). Works beautifully. I also like the clean smoke; my wife will let me in the house during a smoke now. :-)

  91. I'd buy it again!

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    I have been wanting to purchase a pellet grill for quite some time but never pulled the trigger until recently. I purchased a RecTec wood pellet grill. In the past two weeks I have grilled steak, hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, etc. and everything comes out tasting fantastic. I've played with the smoker option with good results, so easy to use. I would recommend the RecTec to anyone looking to purchase a pellet grill.

    I also had to contact customer service because there was damage to the lid in shipping; I had a replacement within the week.

  92. Fantastic "First Timer" smoker

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2017

    This is a very well designed and built smoker. What arrived at my door met all of my expectations and then some. The electronics and mechanical parts work extremely well. What you get is smoker heaven! We have used it at least twice a week since owning it and look for things we can smoke when at the store, the food is that good.
    When you go to clean the grill however the unit "wobbles" and you are afraid it will somehow hurt it. At this point it is a nit pick but stiffening the leg structure would really help. It could be easily installed by the average home handyman if Rec Tec made it available I think.

  93. Wow, just Wow, this little smoker/grill is Awsome!!

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2017

    I have had my RT300 about 2 weeks now and it works really well, first thing I did was smoke a pound of sliced bacon using Hickory along with some whole eggs, all came out smokey and tasty. Than I did a 15 hour overnight cook on a 6.6lb Brisket. 225 for 5 hours and 250 for another 5 hours. The dang thing only used half a hopper of pellets, about 7 lbs. Now that is an efficient burn rate. Used it to re-heat some leftover Pizza at 350 for 15 minutes than set to 190 to add some smoke flavor.... perfect.

  94. Warranty Replacement

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2017

    My first Rec Tea Mini 300 died after 1 year of heavy usage and many delicious meals. Customer service sent me a new ignitor rod and control unit, but still would not fire up. So they sent me a new replacement grill and prepaid UPS sticker to return my old unit. Their customer service is the BEST. They answer the phone on the 2nd ring. The new Mini 300 has some improvements over my first unit. Ceramic ignitor rod. A slide opening on the side to put a temperature wire monitor through rather then closing it under the lid. The red door feels much heavier also. There is a improved clip on the side to hold the drip bucket
    on. New grill fired right up. I'm back cooking again. Great product. Unsurpassed customer service.

  95. Awesome Pellet grill and customer service

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2017

    I bought the RT-300 about a month ago after many months of debating what to buy. The only thing I would do different if I could go back is to have bought it sooner. I love that the RT-300 keeps a steady temperature, you set it and forget it. The grill comes up to temperature quickly and provides a good amount of smoke to flavor whatever I am cooking. The grill is made from quality products and the customer support is the best. What other company gives you the phone number of the owners in case you have an issue? You will not go wrong if you buy a Rec Tec.

  96. Best investment

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2017

    I was skeptical at first but after having had it for some time i am more than please, all i wanna do is grill, and bbq....love this thing!

  97. Pleasure to use

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2017

    Was very satisfied with shipping, Grill was completely put together. All I had to do was snap the legs down. Workmanship was excellent
    Fired it up and was amazed how accurate it held the temp.
    The chicken came out great and all were impressed
    I had purchased copper mats and used them, could not ask for better.
    One of my better decisions

  98. Perfect size, function and flavor!

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2017

    Friend of ours has the 680 so we knew that may be a bit big for just the two of us and the occasional party of 8-10 people. After 3 months we've done a little bit of everything on it and it works great! After looking at several other brands of pellet smokers, you can tell by the weight of the lid, hopper etc. it is quality made. Looking forward to many more great smokes!

  99. RT Mini 300

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2017

    I've really enjoyed my RT 300. So far in the first month may have cooked let me say smoked on it every day except maybe two. Everything I have tried on it has been excellent. Love how the temperature stays whit in a degree of where I set it. So far totally satisfied with purchase.

  100. The best pellet smoker out there.

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2017

    I reviewed all the pellet smokers and REC TEC all the way. I've smoke fish, pizza, beef, chicken, everything I cook Rocks! set it and forget it...that easy, and it's built to last love my REC TEC!

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