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How It Works

REC TEC Grill with a full pellet hopper

Controlled Wood Means Controlled Temperature

The REC TEC uses wood pellets instead of firewood. This means that the amount of wood that goes into the fire can be controlled. The Smart Grill processor controls the cycle rate of an auger that controls just how much wood is delivered to the fire pot. Because of this, you can pick a precise temperature—say 225 degrees—and that temp can be maintained by speeding up or slowing down the rate at which fuel is going in to the fire. Instead of cooking something over “medium coals” and all the randomness that entails, you can now cook with precision, confidence and consistency.

The Grill That Acts Like A Pitmaster

The best pitmasters know how to control temperature with air and wood. They monitor their fires to maintain a consistent cook. Now, with a REC TEC, instead of having to mess around with sticks of wood, lumps of charcoal, vents to open and close, distance of fire from food, and countless other annoyances, you can simply set a temperature. It’s like how you control the oven in your kitchen. Only instead of tasteless hot air or gas flames, you’re cooking with flavorful wood smoke. Like a pitmaster.


The Play by Play of How it Works

As soon as you turn on your REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill, the Smart Grill processor goes to work by energizing the igniter rod located in the grill’s fire pot and adding just enough fuel to your fire pot to start the fire without smothering the flames. After a few minutes you see and smell the smoke coming from your grill.  

Then the thick smoke from the lighting sequence clears and the thin clean smoke starts to roll. At this time your Smart Grill processor starts adding more pellet fuel and your temperature starts to climb toward your selected temperature.  As the grill temperature closes in on your set point temperature, the Smart Grill processor analyzes the grill’s temperature data and calculates the proper pellet feed rate needed to reach temperature and hold steady while you cook.

When you open your grill lid to add food or check your progress heat will escape. When this happens the Smart Grill processor will start adding pellets and recalculating the necessary fuel to bring your temperature back to your set point. Additionally, as your food increases in temperature or the outdoor weather changes your Smart Grill processor will compensate for these changes to maintain the exact temperature you selected.

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