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KG Cookers Rides REC TEC to Impressive Finish at Kansas Motor Speedway

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Usually when huge crowds gather at the Kansas Motor Speedway it is to watch the best drivers in the world race around the track at break-neck speeds. Last weekend, the 1.5 Mile Oval Track (and home of 2 Nascar Events) in Kansas City, Missouri was transformed into the barbeque Mecca of the United States. 129 of the premier grilling teams in America were on hand for the 38th American Royal World Series of Barbeque. The American Royal Association runs the Invitation Only event which attracted 129 teams this year. To earn an invitation, each team must have won Grand Champion honors at a sanctioned event prior to July 1st. As always, when great barbeque is being made there were REC TEC Grills on hand. As a matter of fact, several teams competing in the event were doing so on REC TECs.

The KG Cookers Team out of Texas has been having success on REC TEC Grills for quite some time. The team which features Carlo Casanova, Ernest Servantes, Fred Robles, Hondo Hernandez, and Jay Tinney came away with a Top 5 Finish at The World’s BBQ Championships in Houston earlier this year. Well, in Kansas City they proved that finish was no fluke. They crossed the finish line in 1st, with the Top Brisket at the event and they followed that up with a 10th Place finish in Chicken.

When the dust settled they finished 4th overall out of 129 invitation only teams at one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated cooking competitions in the country.

Congratulations to Carlo, Ernest, Jay, Hondo, and Fred on another fantastic finish. And, don’t forget Carlo and Ernest will be two of our featured instructors at the REC TEC Academy Barbeque School this spring. All the details for REC TEC Academy will be released at Noon on Tuesday, September 12th.

In addition to the KG Cookers Team, several other teams were representing REC TEC at this monster event. Here is a look at how they fared.

  • Congrats to the husband/wife team of Jeff and Julie Stout of Wicked Smoke BBQ in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The finished 64th overall and had a stellar 13th Place showing in Ribs.
  • Mark and Maris Prior of Priorville BBQ wowed the judges with their chicken as they finished 3rd in that discipline. Overall the duo from Attica, New York finished 66th.
  • Matt Barber and the Hot Wachula’s Team captured 35th in Brisket
  • Mike Spandle’s Ring of Fire BBQ Team also participated in Kansas City.

Just to earn the right to compete at this event is a huge accomplishment and we are proud of all the members of the REC TEC Family who were on hand.

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