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3 Simple Reasons Why REC TEC Wood Pellet Grills Are A Better Option Than Gas Or Propane

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As more people are discovering Wood Pellet Grills, Gas Grills are now inching closer to extinction. It is happening slowly, but this process will speed up as people continue to learn there is a better way...and that way is the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill. Gas Grills came along as an option to make the grilling process more expedient. However, what you gained in speed and ease of use, you lost in taste. Well, now there is a better option. The REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill simply takes the guess work out of grilling, making the Average Joe a Grill Master. You are getting a grill as easy, or even easier to use than gas, that delivers the best taste you have ever had off a grill. Okay, so why is the REC TEC Pellet Grill a better option?

Here is where I could go on and on about how well built it is, the fact that they utilize 304 Stainless Steel for the key components, or that REC TEC Grills feature a P.I.D. Controller. All of this is true, but, to me, it is all about flavor, convenience, and versatility and that is where REC TEC Grills knocks it out of the park.

Flavor - The REC TEC delivers the flavor of a wood smoker. Plus, the pellets are comprised of 7% moisture, which provides humidity in the cooking chamber. This allows you to grill a moist, juicy piece of meat, every time.

Convenience - If you can work a microwave you can be a grill master with the REC TEC. You select your cooking temperature, the REC TEC will preheat while you prepare the food, then put the food on and go relax. It is as easy as that. The P.I.D. Controller (The Gold Standard for Temperature Control) is going to hold a precise temperature for as long as you desire.

Versatility - With the REC TEC you can grill, smoke, sear, bake, or dehydrate. Simply put...If it can be cooked, it can be cooked better on the REC TEC. There is no need for charcoal and you certainly do not need to endure the flavorless food from gas grills. Whether you're cooking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Family Night Burgers, or a Championship Brisket, The Rec Tec Pellet Grill can handle the job.

Thank You!

THANK YOU!I think I speak for everyone at Rec Tec when I say that we are overwhelmed with the support from our customers. The Rec Tec Community is truly awesome. The last few months have been incredible and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for making Rec Tec the fastest [...]

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Rec Tec RT-680 > Traeger Texas Pro Pellet Grill, And It Is Not Even Close

In my first few weeks with Rec Tec Grills I've fielded a wide range of questions. Many callers wanted me to compare the Rec Tec RT-680 with the Traeger Texas Pro Pellet Grill. As I started to go through the many differences between the grills, I realized that if there were a way to get [...]

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If That's Our Biggest Problem, We Are Doing Okay

Being a newcomer to grilling I have spent the last couple of weeks reading every website, blog, message board, or social media post regarding the Rec Tec Grill and grilling in general. One story really caught my attention. It was a feature done by Larry Olmsted for Forbes Magazine. It was Forbes Father's Day Gift [...]

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Hello (Grilling) World

My name is Ashley Brown and I am the newest member of the Rec Tec Grills Team. I come to Rec Tec after 20 years in the broadcast/radio industry. After making the decision to leave the radio business I thought long and hard about my next venture. So, why did I choose RecTec? First off, [...]

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REC TEC gets some love from Forbes

Forbes has the REC TEC Mini at the top of its 2015 Father's Day gift Guide.See for yourself:http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2015/05/2...

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Prime Rib on the REC TEC

Prime Rib REC TEC Style!!!!You can use your favorite seasoning or the recipe below:6-8 lb Prime Rib Paste Ingredients: 1/4C Kosher Salt 1/4C Fresh Rosemary Chopped 1/4C Fresh Thyme Chopped 1/8C Black Pepper EVOO till ingredients make a paste Directions: Preheat grill to 500˚F. Combine paste ingredients in bowl. Rub paste on Prime Rib. grill [...]

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The founders of REC TEC Grills

Founders, Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy, discuss the origins and core principles of REC TEC Grills.It all started with a desire for a better pellet grill. We approached this project from the perspective of a backyard griller looking to expand beyond burgers, dogs and steak. REC TEC Grills are designed with the understanding that today's busy lifestyle [...]

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REC TEC wins best value

REC TEC owners know that REC TEC Grills are the best pellet grill value available and AmazingRibs.com agrees!!!!REC TEC Grills earns the AmazingRibs.com best value gold medal.... See the full review.

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Huffington Post Top 10 Smoker

REC TEC Grills makes yet another top 10 list."They are truly set-it-forget-it easy and hold the temp rock solid." - HuffingtonPost.comSee full article here.

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