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Breaking Out Your REC TEC for the First Time This Spring? Here are a few helpful steps to follow

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I am sure most of you use your REC TEC year round, but some climates are not as conducive for grilling during the winter months. So, for all of you out there that leave your REC TEC hibernating for a few cold months each year, here are a few steps you should take when breaking it out for the spring.

Clean out your hopper

It is a good idea to empty out the hopper and vacuum out any residual pellet dust that remains at the bottom. Doing this a couple of times a year will help keep the auger spinning smoothly for years to come.

Clean out the Fire Pot

We recommend that you clean out the fire pot every 4-5 cooks year round. Therefore, you should certainly make sure that any ash that has been sitting for a few months is cleared before running the grill.

Clean the ash from the barrel of the grill

You only have to do this a couple of times a year and it only takes a few minutes, so while you are already cleaning, go ahead and handle this task as well.

Clean the Drip Pan & line with foil

You should clean any excess grease from the drip pan & line it with a fresh piece of tin foil before cooking. Keeping a fresh piece of tin foil on the grill with each cook will make your life much easier. Do not leave tin foil from a previous greasy cook on the drip pan or you run the risk of having the grease ignite, especially if your next cook is at 400 degrees or higher.

Clean out your bucket

Clean the drip bucket thoroughly & then it is a good idea to place a pickle or jelly jar in the drip bucket to catch the grease. You can toss the jar when it is full, keeping your bucket clean in the process.

Check your Smoke Stack

Make sure your smoke stack is free of an excessive accumulation of grease. If too much grease builds up on the walls of the smoke stack it could possibly obstruct the grill’s air flow.

Test all grill components (especially your igniter rod)

Here is a quick video that shows you how to run a test on the REC TEC

REC TEC Test Mode Video

Do a quick burn-in

Load some pellets into the hopper, set the grill for 350 degrees and let it run for an hour with no food.

If you have done these 8 steps you are ready to go. We realize it is a little work, but keep in mind the grill has been sitting unused for a few months. Think of this as a tune up for your grill.

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